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Angry Birds Redbird07 is a new game to be released in October 1 2013.


It is about Noise's (Redbird07's) flock. It features all birds in his flock. It is the first appearence of Noise Jr. and Zoom, and also Soundwave.


  • Noise - Leader of the flock, he can scream really loud. Not as loud as his father, of cource!
  • Blue Ones - Split, Splitter and Splitty are not only good brothers, but good friends! They love to split into 3.
  • Speeder - Not the fastest, but still great.
  • Bomb - What do you think he does?
  • Egg - Drops a fake egg...though he once had a real egg.
  • Boomerang - You get confused when he turns.
  • Terence - The 3rd oldest of the flock. He can destroy lots.
  • Balloon - What do you think? He inflates, like a balloon.
  • Matrix - 2nd leader. He makes pigs shoot themselves, by hypnotizing them.
  • Angel - Not so powerful, but still good with making pigs join us.
  • Cubeon - Pigs are getting cube-shaped.
  • Firespark - The reason you can't be near fireworks.
  • Corney - Pieces of corn CAN break things.
  • Crazy - He can go crazy. He can't explode yet.
  • Zoom - Fastest ever.
  • Noise Jr. - The younger version of Noise.
  • Soundwave - Louder than Noise.


  • Baby Pigs - Some of the baby pigs. Weakest pigs.
  • Small Pigs - A little stronger than babies.
  • Medium Pigs - He's even stronger.
  • Large Pigs - The oldest an original pig can get...almost.
  • Biggest Pigs - Almost as big as the king.
  • Helmet Pigs - 2 medium pigs are chosen to earn helmets.
  • Mustache Pigs - The large pigs that grow mustaches get stronger.
  • King Pig - The boss of all pigs.
  • Little Fat Pig - Fat Pig's son.
  • Fat Pig - The fattest pig; and biggest.

Game Modes[]

  • Story Mode - Play through as normal.
  • Bloopers - Play through completed episodes, with crazy stuff going on!
  • Survive - Pigs are attacking. Look after an item (Babies or Eggs) for up to 10 minutes.
  • Attack - Attack the pigs as they look after baby pigs, then kill the baby pigs as a bonus if you can win before time is up.
  • Cooking Birdie - Make food for the baby birds, while killing pigs who come to eat. Trust me, it's hard.
  • Angry Birds - Play and create levels.


  1. 2 New Birds
  2. Attacking

More soon.