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Angry Birds Resort is a new hotel/casino in Las Vegas, USA. Construction began on July 26, 2011, and was completed February 4, 2015.


The rooms in the Angry Birds Resort are basically like any other room. Except that the room is all Angry Birds Style. The flatscreen TV has an OnDemand-like channel, where you can watch any movie or any TV seiries produced by Angry Birds Studio.

Angry Birds GO! Ride


NEW! Angry Birds Go! in Real Life

Testing the ride in Barcelona, Spain.

In 2017, a ride was added to advertise Angry Birds GO!. The ride goes on top of the building, and from there you can get a clear view of the Las Vegas Strip. Rovio also said that the ride was to challenge the New York-New York Hotel's roller coster. So far, the ride at the AB Resort has been more popular. Only people 12 and older are allowed on the full ride. Kids from 8 to 11 can go on half the ride only.

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