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Angry Birds Revolution is taking place after the original game left off. The pigs found a way to get the eggs again, and now it's up to the birds to save their eggs.

The Birds[]

Red - Normal Bird

The Blues - Click and turn into three

Chuck - Goes very fast

Bomb - Click and explode.

Matilda - Launches an egg.

Hal - Acts like a boomerang

Terence - Can support more damage then the Red

Bubbles - Click and Inflates

Stella - Blows bubbles

The Pigs[]

Minion Pig - Normal Pig

Corporal Pig - More resistant on the head.

Foreman Pig - Bigger, and can still be killed

King Pig - Bigger and need more damage to be killed.

Fat Pig - Very big and need to be touched 5 times to be killed.


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