Angry Birds Revolution is taking place after the Blackhole who destroyed 50% of space (And puted many ruins of the pigs contructions). Now, they need to find the switch to active the portal to get back in their world. But pigs is still attacking EVEN if the king pig died from the black hole.

The Birds

Red Bird - Normal Bird

Explosive Bird - Click and explose.

White Explosive Bird - Explose on impact.

White Bird - Click and launch a egg.

White Girl Bird - Click and launch 3 eggs. (Three explosions)

Big Brother Bird - Can support more damage then the Red Bird

Big Brother Explosive Bird - Can support more damage then the Explosive Bird

Big Brother White Bird - Can support more damage then the Explosive Bird

Fire Bird - On click, light up the bird and burn every wood planks it touch. (And burn pigs!)

Ice Bird - Enemy of Fire Bird, will freeze the blocks and pigs who is 6 meters from him.

Big Sister Fire Bird - Can support more damage then the Fire Bird

Big Sister Ice Bird - Can support more damage then the Ice Bord

Angry Pig - Friendly with birds and kill pigs.

The Pigs

Pig - Normal Pig

Soldier Pig - More resistant on the head.

Dad Pig - Bigger and need more damage to be killed.

Fat Pig - Very big and need to be touched 5 times to be killed.

Super Fat Pig - Super big and need to be touched 10 times to be killed.

Teleporter Pig - Teleport to a random area every 10 seconds.

Walker Pig - Walk around the place and jump.

Hardon Collider Pig - Like a black hole!

Cuts from the Retail Release

Snapshot Pig - Take photos, and after 10 seconds, the building in the photos re-apperear if destroyed.

Baddie Pig - Use a slingshot to jump on the birds. Like the angry birds, but bad side.

King Pig - He died on the release. In the pre-releases, king pigs did not died.

Boomerang Pig - Once touched, jump and do a entire turn of the area. Deleted because it could help the player to make score. (In few levels, he make a background appareance. And this pig is still findable in the game file and can be implanted in the level editor.)

Cyan Bird - Nothing was explained about it.

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