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Angry Birds Rio 2 now exists in the official Angry Birds series as of 2014, but this page was made before on April 7 2012
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Prior to the update to Angry Birds Rio Angry Birds Rio 2 is the sequel to Angry Birds Rio.


All of the birds got captured by Nigel, then sent to Rio de Janerio. After that, Nigel flew away to Tokyo, Japan. All of the birds got angry, but Nigel made Mecha Nigel. Along with the caged birds, you have to free them. They go to another place to kill the monkeys, kill Mecha Nigel, and Nigel came back to kill him and then we get back home.


  • Red Bird - Screams
  • Blue Bird - Splits into 3
  • Yellow Bird - Speeds up
  • Black Bird - Explodes
  • White BIrd - Drops an egg bomb
  • Big Brother Bird - Moans
  • Boomerang Bird - Goes backwards
  • Orange Bird - Inflates
  • Pink Bird - Traps objects in bubbles
  • Blu - Shakes
  • Jewel - Flies straight