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Rivals is the Angry Birds Fighting Game

Playable Birds[]

  • Red Bird
  • Blue Bird
  • Yellow Bird
  • Black Bird
  • White Bird
  • Boomerang Bird
  • Big Brother Bird
  • Orange Bird
  • Skunk Bird
  • Fire Bird (unlockable)
  • Ice Bird (Fanon) (unlockable)
  • Laser Bird (unlockable)
  • Atomic Bird (unlockable)
  • Drill Bird (unlockable)
  • Cob Cannon Bird (unlockable)
  • Gatling Bird (unlockable)
  • Cactus Bird (unlockable)
  • Big Cactus Brother Bird (unlockable)
  • Spore Bird (unlockable)
  • Doom Bird (unlockable)
  • Cherry Bomb Bird (unlockable)
  • Cabbage Bird (unlockable)
  • Kernel Bird (unlockable)
  • Melon Bird (unlockable)
  • Winter Melon Bird (unlockable)
  • Brown Bird (unlockable)
  • Midnight Bird (unlockable)
  • Loki Bird(unlockable)
  • Lazer Bird (Unlockable)
  • Ice Bird (unlockable)
  • Terrance Bird (Unlockable)
  • Mighty Eagle (Always fight with 3 birds and only playable in Multipliplayer mode)
  • Goggles ( Only Accessable after Defeating Big Brother Bird)
  • Blu (Special)
  • Jewel (Special)
  • angel bird (unlockable)
  • Pink Bird


Angry Birds starting a World Tournament and each birds have to fight each other and win all battles to be Champion and In the end the champs were Goggle Birds.

How to unlock Birds[]

Fire Bird : Win Blue Bird with Boomerang Bird in 1st battle

Ice Bird (Fanon) : Win Red Bird with Yellow Bird

Laser Bird : Win White Bird with Black Bird

Loki bird : Win Yellow bird with White bird in 1st battle

Drill Bird : Boomerang Bird with Black Bird

Atomic Bird : Win Black Bird with Big Brother Bird

Angel Bird : Win Red Bird with Boomerang bird in 2nd battle

more soon!

Multipliplayer Mode[]

The modes in Multipliplayer modes are:

  • Juumping
  • Fighting
  • High Jump
  • Defeat Pigs
  • Goggles Batter


  • This game did not see the slingshot in the game
  • This game is the game that Pig did not appear in Story Mode