Angry Birds Smash Bros. Pinga Bird Edition (acronym PBE) is a fighting game. It is coming soon...



  • AngryBirdsCrossover

    The birds roster

    Red Bird
  • Yellow Bird
  • Blue Birds
  • Black Bird
  • White Bird
  • Boomerang Bird
  • Big Brother Bird
  • Orange Bird
  • Pink Bird


  • Ice Bird(20 brawls)
  • Brown Bird(25 brawls\5 songs)
  • Super Red Bird(10 brawls as Red bird)
  • The Blues(10 brawls as Blue bird)
  • Bomb(10 brawls as Black bird)
  • Terence(10 brawls as Big brother)
  • Lazer Bird(5 brawls as Yellow bird and 5 as Boomerang bird)
  • Blu and Jewel(complete classic mode with 10 charachters)
  • Sunny Bird(complete event 12)
  • Robin Bird(40 brawls)
  • Splatter Bird(get over 50 trophies) 
  • Kami Bird(Win 20 brawls as Lazer bird)
  • Scar Bird(Complete classic mode with all charachters)
  • BlackBelt Bird(get over 100 stickers)
  • Fire Bird(complete event 4)
  • Super Orange Bird(10 brawls as orange bird) 
  • Sword Bird(get the sword trophy)
  • Gun Bird(get the rare gun trophy)
  • Hammer Bird(assist in 5 online matches)
  • Old Blue Bird(20 brawls as the blues)
  • Green Drill Bird(10 brawls as Lazer bird)
  • Blue Orange Bird(secret)


Ways 2 unlock birds by Valysteeler29!


Some stages will appear in Angry Birds games and Rio

  • Battlefield
  • Final Destination
  • Popsicle Castle (Angry Birds Space, Utopia)
  • Donut land (Utopia)
  • Clover Island (Go Green, Get Lucky)
  • Crush-mas Tree (Wreck the Halls and Seasons Greedings)
  • Rio de Janerio (Rio)
  • Smugglers' Plane (Rio)
  • Beach (Rio)
  • Darkness Dash (Trick or Treat and Ham'o'ween)
  • Doomstone's Hideout (Angry Birds Space, Pig Bang)
  • Brawl You Can Eat Buffet (Angry Birds Space, Utopia)
  • Lincoln Financial Field
  • Continental Rift (Piglantis)
  • The Belly Of Obese Pig (Utopia 3)
  • Red Spaced Planets (Angry Birds Space, Red Planet)
  • The King Pig's Armory (Danger Zone)


  • Smash Ball (Perform a Final Smash)
  • Assist Trophy (A assistant helps you out)
  • Rocket Hat (Use your special attack to launch rockets)
  • Comet (Blitz through opponents in a streak of fire)
  • Ghost Pirate Swords (Ghostly allies fight with you)
  • Healing Elixir (Damage decreases over time)
  • Sky Iron Shield (A shield barrier blocks all attacks from your opponents)
  • Winged Boots (Speed through your foes with these magic boots)
  • Sticky Bomb (Sticks onto someone)
  • Smart Bomb (Creates a massive explosion)
  • Super Seeds (Become larger, cause size matters)
  • Birdquake (Shake up the battlefield)
  • King Sling (Supreme slingshot force)
  • Slingshot (Attack in a arc)
  • Food (Replenishes health)
  • Sling Scope (focuses on the opponent with the highest damage)
  • Flash Bang (Creates a explosion, stuns opponents and creates a smoke screen)

Assist Trophies

  • Mighty Eagle (Attacks the stage with maximum force)
  • Mighty Dragon (Attacks opponents in a circle)
  • Mauro (Jumps around opponents blocking attacks)
  • Nigel (Flies around the stage)
  • Space King (Attacks with attracto-beam)
  • Rockhopper (Gets Yarr to attack)
  • Om Nom (Throws regular or exploding candies)
  • Swampy (Having a shower then gets water balloons to throw or accidentally floods the stage)
  • Professor (Picks up random opponent the drops him/her)
  • Mighty Philadelphia Eagle (Like the Mighty Eagle but with a football)
  • Space Eagles (Attacks the stage with maximum force powerful enough to scar a planet)
  • Shredbummer (Attacks like mad using lazers and plasma and punching and kicking)
  • Amazing Alex (Builds contraption to stun opponents)
  • Pipo Monkeys (Jump on opponents to deal damage)
  • Papaton (Throw spears to deal minor damage)


  • Trophies
  • Stickers


One day, the birds have noticed the eggs were stolen by the pigs, then the birds start an ambush against the pigs. The pigs including the King Pig notice this, so the King Pig threw a newspaper at the birds. The birds notice the newspaper's top headline, it was about the Danger Zone. So, the birds noticed that the pigs were escaping and off to the Danger Zone. The birds were prepared for exploring the Danger Zone, except one thing, allies.


  • Tracy Morgan as King Pig


  • Pigs
  • Seasons Pigs
  • Space Pigs
  • Zombie Pigs


  • King Pig
  • Super Pig
  • Cybird
  • Master Hand
  • Crazy Hand
  • Fat Pig
  • Obese Pig


  • This game will have only birds except the story mode.
  • Some Stages might have a play on something
    • Continental Rift = Ice Age: Continental Drift
    • Brawl You Can Eat Buffet = All You Can Eat Buffet
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