Angry Birds Smash Bros: Brawl Of The Enemies is a fighting game. The Bosses are from the Angry Birds games. Also Special Effects are here and they are the birds' ablity in Angry Birds. As its name would imply, this game is similar to Super Smash Bros.


There is 3 orignal modes: Story, Melee and Challenge. The secret mode is All Stars.


The mode is a story and the birds goes on a adenvture to beat the enemies after getting mad that one of the enemies stole their eggs.


The Mode is a Mulitiplayer game. You can customize the battle in this mode up to 4 players.


The Mode is when you have to complete a challenge. If you win, you will get a star. Complete all of the challenges to get a secret mode "All-Stars"

All Stars

Unlockable Mode.


You can add birds.

Real Birds

  • Red Bird+
  • Yellow Bird+
  • Blue Birds+
  • Black Bird+
  • White Bird+
  • Green Bird (Bommerang)
  • Big Bro. Bird
  • Orange Bird
  • Ice Bird

Fanon Birds

  • Indigo Bird
  • Slam Bird
  • Metrix Bird (Aparnaa)
  • Sliver Bird (Aparnaa)
  • Mud Bird
  • Midnight Bird

+ = Starter Character

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