Angry Birds Soda is a natural flavor sparking drink, you can get them at any supermarket or store.


  • Red Bird - Strawberry
  • Blue Bird - Blueberry
  • Yellow Bird - Lemon
  • Black Bird - Cola
  • White Bird - Soda Water
  • Boomerang Bird - Ginger Ale
  • Big Brother Bird - Rasberry
  • Orange Bird - Orange
  • Pink Bird - Pomegranite
  • Brown Bird - Root Beer
  • Ice Bird - Ice Cream
  • Lazer Bird - Grape
  • Mighty Eagle - Tonic Water
  • Mighty Dragon - Apple (skin color is gold)
  • Pig - Lime
  • Green Terence - Lime Flavoured Rasberry

TV and Radio Commercial Transcript


  • (Angry Birds Year of the Dragon theme song plays)
  • Announcer: Introducing... Angry Birds Soda! The latest drink from Angry Birds!
  • Red Bird: Strawberry! (opens)
  • Blue Bird: Blue! (opens)
  • Blue Bird: Berr!
  • Blue Bird: RRy! (opens)
  • Yellow Bird: Le~mon! (opens)
  • Black Bird: Cola! (Explodes and opens)
  • White Bird: Soda Water! (opens)
  • Boomerang Bird: Ginger Ale (open)
  • Big Brother Bird: Ruff~! berry! (open)
  • Orange Bird: Orange! (inflates and opens)
  • Pink Bird: Pomegranite! (Blows a Bubble and Opens)
  • Brown Bird: Root Beer! (opens)
  • Ice Bird: Ice Cream! (opens)
  • Lazer Bird: Grape! (opens)
  • Mighty Eagle: Tonic Waterrrrrrrr~! (opens)
  • Mighty Dragon: Apple! (gong sound)
  • Pig: Lime! (Soda hit pig and the pig pops 5000 points text)
  • Mighty Dragon: (Drinking Sound) ROOOOOAR!
  • Voice: All products from Angry Birds Soda! Available now from Rovio Mobile!
  • (Rovio Mobile Logo)

Extra 1

  • Voice: Buy now!
  • Brown Bird: I get one!
  • Black Bird: Me Gusta!
  • Voice: What the....
  • (BEEP)
  • Orange Bird: (inflates)
  • Pig: Let's go to Utopia!
  • Space Eagle: Why not me?
  • Voice: Angry Birds Soda, available on Bottle!
  • Red Bird: Hello, miss amigoes.

Extra 2

  • Voice: Buy now.......
  • (BEEP)
  • Black: To get Angry Birds notebook...........
  • Mighty Dragon: Apple is from Fuji!
  • (Angry Birds Space theme song plays)
  • Voice: Yes, apple soda is made from Fuji apple!
  • Mighty Dragon: I come from Asia!
  • Voice: Angry Birds Soda, fresh and natural! (Soda hits pig and pig pops 5000 point text)
  • Orange bird: Gets excited

Extra 3

  • Big Brother (Terence) Bird: Get me!
  • (Purple lightning hits Big Brother (Terence) Bird)
  • Green Terence: In SPACE FORM!
  • Voice: Limited Edition Green Terence!
  • Green Terence: (Leaving)
  • Text :Angry Birds Soda: Lime Flavoured Rasberry!


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