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Angry Birds Space: Looking Into the Future is a new game coming in March 23 2017. This game is similar to Angry Birds Space, but it's different. More birds. More pigs. More everything.


  • Super Red - same as in ABS (Angry Birds Space)
  • Laser Bird - same as in ABS
  • Super Terence - same as in ABS
  • Ice Bird - same as in ABS
  • Super Bubbles - same as in ABS
  • Super Egg - same as in ABS
  • Super Mighty Eagle - same as in ABS
  • Super Bomb Bird - same as in ABS
  • Super Blue Bird - same as in ABS
  • (NEW) Future Super Red (Appearance is a Purple Super Red with a Black Cape) - Shoots 3 lasers from his goggles that can instantly destroy wood.
  • (NEW) Future Laser Bird (Appearance is a Green Laser Bird with a Purple Cape) - Shoots straight forward to any material (Except indestructible objects) and then when it lands, it sticks and after 3 seconds, it explodes in a range of Bomb Bird's explosion.
  • (NEW) Future Super Terence (Appearance is a Blue Terence with a Green Cape) - Same as Future Super Red but he shoots 5 lasers that can destroy Stone instantly.
  • (NEW) Future Ice Bird (Appearance is a Red Ice Bird with an Orange Cape) - Same as Ice Bird but it makes pigs weaker than they are frozen in normal ice, and it fires 6 red ice shards that can instantly destroy Glass.
  • (NEW) Future Super Bubbles (Appearance is a Red Super Bubbles with a Blue Cape) - Same as Super Bubbles but it brings materials to it as if the bird were a magnet.
  • (NEW) Future Super Egg (Appearance is a Super Egg that looks like an Eggsteroid) - Same as Super Egg but it has More range and it is more Powerful.
  • (NEW) Future Super Bomb Bird (Appearance is a Super Bomb Bird that is Yellow, his eyes are red, and he has a Black Cape) - Same as Super Bomb Bird but it releases 3 Super Bomb Bird that shoot in the points of a Triangle when it explodes.
  • (NEW) Future Super Blue Bird (Appearance is a Slightly larger Super Blue Bird that is Purple and has a Yellow Cape) - Splits into 5 Future Super Blue Birds. (They are as large as a red bird.)
    • NOTICE: Please add pictures to the Birds and Pigs, thank you (ASK FOR PERMISSION FIRST)


  • Small Pig - same power
  • Medium Pig - same power
  • Large Pig - same power
  • Helmet Pig - same power
  • Mustache Pig - same power
  • Helmet Mustache Pig - slightly less stronger than King Pig
  • Fat Pig - slightly more stronger than Helmet Mustache Pig
  • Helmet Fat Pig - slighty more stronger than King Pig in normal Angry Birds
  • Mustache Fat Pig - slightly more stronger than Helmet Fat Pig
  • Helmet Mustache Fat Pig - slightly more stronger than Mustache Fat Pig
  • Star Pig (Yellow pig shaped like a star) - As Strong as Helmet Fat Pig and has no Gravity and can not freeze and die while out of gravity fields (He can still float, even in gravity fields)
  • King Pig - Appears in machines such as a car, a ufo, and a submarine
  • Future King Pig (Appearance is King Pig with yellow eyes and a red crown and an orange cape) - Stronger than Helmet Mustache Fat Pig, shoots lasers from his eyes that makes the birds turn into their corpse. Has no gravity, similar to Star Pig.

Bold, Italics, And Both[]

Bold means boss.

Italics means game

Bold and Italics means final boss