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Angry Birds Space: Operation X, Or simply ABSOX (pronounced Ab-socks), Is the tenth game in the AB: Space franchise.It is expected to launch by 2052. It is the latest game which is actually proper unlike some games in the Space franchise which have no plot, just the photo of an episode, only the birds, or only this common line- Angry Birds Space 47 is an Angry Birds Space game.


The Birds are back at Piggy Island, but a Vortex pops up on the nearby island and is sucking in the ocean, the island, Piggy Island too! But..if the vortex doesn't close, then the whole Universe could be in danger! Help the birds stop the pigs from keeping the vortex open. For those asking, even though the pigs will meet thier doom eventually, atleast they will get all the eggs on Earth!


Original Space Birds (All)

Fanon Birds-

Tsunami Bird- Makes a tsunami rise around the planet he is closest to and the tsunami will circle the planet.

Electric Bird- Will release a purple-blue beam of electricity which goes in the direction clicked or tapped. It will burn any material except for stone,steel or floating rocks.

Aerolite Bird- When in the gravity of a planet, if you tap or click he will charge at it at the speed of sound with green and blue flames around him, shaped like an aerolite. He will not be affected by gravity, unless he turns into a corpse. The aerolite can easily break glass and wood and it can damage stone enough for a single blue bird to break it in one hit without splitting.

Pre-release Updates []

31 March 9:36PM IST- First episode idea - Chillz' up and "The Shiny One"

2 April 3:34PM IST- Idea for two more episodes called "Sweet Sheetz" and "Burnin' Star", also thought of order of episodes.

9 April 6:35PM IST- Removal of "The Shiny One" and menu ideas. New Episode called "Blue Storm"