Angry Birds Space: Save our Galaxy
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May 11, 2013


Around 1,000 levels

Angry Birds Space: Save our Galaxy is a version of Angry Birds Space. This version is very difficult since there are many boss levels. Some levels are extremely hard.


Same as Angry Birds Space Original Game. But Lightning Birds have double speed as the normal game and they can cut through wood and stone! Lazer Bird can also double redirect.

Bird Ability Level Debut Gender Locations Strength Size
Super Red Bird None Level 1-1 Male Most levels Weak-Very weak Normal
Lightning Birds Splitting into three. Double speed as Super Red Bird Level 1-11 Male Most levels Strong Small
Lazer Bird Lock on target twice Level 1-2 Male Most levels Normal Normal
Firebomb Bird Exploding Level 1-4 Male Many Strong Large
Ice Bird Freeze all objects Level 1-21 Male Many Weak Normal
Incredible Terence None Level 1-20 Male Many Strong Large
Atomic Bird Inflating for three seconds Level 2-2 Male Many Normal Small


Same as Angry Birds Space Original Game. But Boss levels are much much much harder than the original ones. All bosses are immune to Firebomb Bird and Incredible Terence.

P.S. Some bosses can kill your birds!

Major Updates

1.0.0 (May 11, 2012) Released Date. Crazy Cluster, Icy Caves, Munchy Moon, and Deadly Dessert were released.

1.1.0 (October 24, 2012) First eight episodes were released.

1.2.0 (January 10, 2013) Released power-ups.

2.0.0 (May 4, 2013) Cosmic Carnival, Frosting Fiesta, and Sweet Showdown were released.

2.1.0 (July 4, 2013) Rover Party was released.

2.2.0 (September 26, 2013) First 20 levels of Minefield Mayhem were released.

3.0.0 (May 6, 2014) Space Sunrise, Sparkle Sphere, and Sugary Sweets were released.

3.1.0 (June 26, 2013) Another 20 levels of Minefield Mayhem were released.

3.2.0 (July 24, 2013) All levels in Minefield Mayhem were changed. Levels after M-24 will be released every Thursday. All levels after M-24 probably all insanely hard.


This game having more levels than most games have. There are 628 story levels (include trophy levels), 131 bonus levels (exclude trophy levels), and 60 Minefield Mayhem levels. There are many episodes. The first 12 episodes have 40 story levels, 1 trophy level, and 4 Space Egg levels in each episode. The later episodes have fewer levels than the earlier ones.

Episode No. Episode Levels Difficulty Released Date Star Birds
World One
1 Pig Planet 45 Medium October 24, 2012 Red Bird
2 Dangerous Drifts 45 Hard-Very Hard October 24, 2012 Black Bird
3 Lonely Lunar 45 Considerably Easy October 24, 2012 Red Bird, Lazer Bird
4 Candy Castle 45 Hard-Very Hard October 24, 2012 Black Bird, Big Brother Bird
World Two
5 Nasty Nebula 45 Hard October 24, 2012 Lazer Bird
6 Fat Pig's Palooza 45 Hard October 24, 2012 Red Bird
7 Moon Madness 45 Considerably Easy October 24, 2012 Red Bird, Blue Bird
8 Pastille Planet 45 Insanely Hard October 24, 2012 Black Bird, Blue Bird
World Three
9 Crazy Cluster 45 Easy May 11, 2012 Blue Bird
10 Icy Caves 45 Very Hard May 11, 2012 Black Bird, Ice Bird, Lazer Bird, Blue Bird
11 Munchy Moon 45 Medium-Considerably Hard May 11, 2012 Ice Bird
12 Deadly Dessert 45 Insanely Hard May 11, 2012 Lazer Bird, Big Brother Bird
World Four
13 Cosmic Carnival 37 Considerably Easy May 4, 2013 Red Bird, Blue Bird
14 Frosting Fiesta 39 Considerably Easy May 4, 2013 Red Bird, Lazer Bird
15 Sweet Showdown 38 Hard-Very Hard May 4, 2013 Ice Bird, Orange Bird
16 Rover Party 37 Easy July 4, 2013 Orange Bird
World Five
17 Space Sunrise 39 Considerably Easy May 6, 2014 Red Bird, Blue Bird
18 Sparkle Sphere 38 Medium May 6, 2014 Ice Bird, Red Bird
19 Sugary Sweets 35 Very hard-Insanely hard May 6, 2014 Lazer Bird, Orange Bird
20 Sticky Star 37 Considerably easy July 25, 2014 Orange Bird
World Six
21 Galactic Gardens TBA TBA TBA TBA
22 Moonshot Madness TBA TBA TBA TBA
23 Underworld Abyss TBA TBA TBA TBA
24 Sunken Ziggurat TBA TBA TBA TBA

Minefield Mayhem

Yes! we have Minefield Mayhem levels. It had released in September 26, 2013 with 20 levels. See more at Minefield Mayhem.


Of course! This game has Golden Eggsteroids like the original game. There are four Golden Eggsteroids per level. (six for Crazy Cluster and Munchy Moon)


Currency in Angry Birds Space: Save our Galaxy is coins like Angry Birds Friends. You get 300 coins for starting coins. You can earn coins by:

  1. Buy in App-Purchase
    100 coins for US$0.99
    520 coins for US$4.99
    1,050 coins for US$9.99
    5,560 coins for US$49.99
    12,570 coins for US$109.99
  2. Complete the level (first time that you get each star only)
    first star for 1 coin
    second star for 2 coins
    third star for 4 coins
  3. Defeat boss (first time only) to get 50 coins.
  4. Daily Rewards
Days in a row Rewards
1 1 coin
2 2 coins
3 4 coins
4 8 coins
5 30 coins

Note: It's reset after day 5 and if you play 30 days in a row, you earn 500 coins for bonus coins.

  1. Earn all stars each episode. Episode 1-12 for 2,000 coins each. Episode 13-20 for 1,500 coins each.
  2. Total Destruction in Minefield Mayhem. Part 1 for 500 coins, part 2 for 5,000 coins, and part 3 for 10,000 coins.


Power Ups have arrived in Angry Birds Space: Save our Galaxy in the World Three Update on January 10th, 2013. Here's what we have in our disposal now, besides Space Eagles, of course.

1. Flock of Birds

Enables the bird on the slingshot to split into a flock of 5 birds for a "Flock of Destruction"!. The original bird will be normal size while the other 4 copies will be smaller in size. This resembles Lightning Birds' ability but the current bird splits into 5 birds when launched.For maximum damage.Use The Lightning Birds with this power up then split them into 3.This will make a total of 15 birds launched!

2. King Sling

King Sling is back now! The King Sling is a metal slingshot with stronger rubber bands that provide a lot more power for bird launches, allowing them to fly further and faster. Once activated, the King Sling remains in place for the rest of the level. 

3. Super Seeds

Super Seeds cause all birds in the level to grow larger and much more powerful: capable of defeating more and stronger walls before losing energy. It's biggest flaw is that it causes all the birds in the level. 

4. TNT Special Delivery

Three TNT crates appear in random areas near the structure. It causes more destruction to the structure.

5. Missile Bird

This power up replaces your current bird with a Missile Bird, who rides a missile, which happens to be a radar homing system. When launched, the Missile Bird will change its trajectory upon detecting the first pig on its radar and the missile will explode. No matter what bird is in the Slingshot, Missile Bird will always look like Super Red Bird. (Note: Explosion does not affect to boss health.)

6. Hammer

Use this hammer to smash one pig, like Lollipop Hammer in Candy Crush Saga.

7. Free Swap

Use this power-ups and click another bird which is waiting for fire to swap the position of two birds, like Free Switch in Candy Crush Saga.

8. Splodey Birds

Use this power-ups to enable all birds to explode theirselves when impact.

9. Mystery Bird

Use this power-ups when you run out of birds and fail to pop all pigs. This power-ups will give you a random bird.

10. Ice Bomb

Freeze all objects in entire level, so Lightning Birds will easily clear the level. (except popcorn and kernels)

11. Sweet Teeth

Destroy all sweets and popcorns from level and release popcorns from the kernel. You can only use this power-up when you play the Candy CastlePastille PlanetDeadly DessertSweet Showdown, and Sugary Sweets. All of them are hard episodes.

12. Lucky Shot

If you use this, system will shoot the next bird with the best shot, so easier to get three stars

13. Shredder

Use this power-ups to clear the bottom side of the level.

Space Eagle

Of course, Space Eagle is now here! Space Eagle in this version is same as the original game, but it cannot hurt all boss, so some boss levels are still extremely difficult to win though you use this. This power-up is limited use, so use wisely.

Mighty Shop

See Mighty Shop

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