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Please don't edit this page without my permission first. This game is created by Xenonbird.

Angry Birds Space: The long journey home is a sequel to Angry Birds Space. It takes place in our solar


system. It was released on July 15, 2015. It is also Xenonbird's first game. It costs $1.99 US and Canada and £1.27 UK.Template:Infobox game


The story begins at the Angry Birds Space solar system. The flock sends a message to Piggy Island that tells Mechanic Pig to help them home. When he arrives, he builds a ship. Him, the Flock, and Ice Bird then fly to Earth. Meanwhile, Space King Pig finds out that the birds left, so he sends an army (including him) to chase the birds. Back on Earth, Ice Bird detects the pigs coming. When he finds out they're trying to take over the Solar System, he sends Bubbles and the Blues to ask the earth pigs for help.


1. Home Sweet Home (Earth)

2. Lunar Lard (Moon)

3. Solar Power! (Sun)

4. Crater Covered (Mercury)

5. Cloud Canopy (Venus)

6. Return to the Red Planet (Mars)

7. Rocking Rocks! (Asteroids)

8. Teeny Tiny Icy (Ceres)

9. Big Red Spot (Jupiter)

9 1/4. VOLCANOES!!!!!!! (Io)

9 1/2. Ice Ocean (Europa)

9 3/4. Big Moons (Ganymede and Callisto)

10. Ringleader! (Saturn)

10 1/4. Frozen Geysers (Enceledus)

10 1/2. Methane, Ethane, Haze, and... HAM? (Titan)

11. Biiiiig Tilt (Uranus)

12. Stormy weather.... FOREVER (and ever). (Neptune)

12 1/2. Liquid Nitrogen + pig = cold cuts (Triton)

13. Pluto is cool! (Pluto & Charon)

14. Big Egg. We must defend it! (Haumea)

15. Mak-uh-mak-uh, not Make-make (Makemake)

16. Last Planet (Eris)

17. Big Icy Peanuts (Comets)

18. Final Boss!

BONUS: Eggstroids

More Coming Soon...(Maybe)


All canon space birds

Solar Bird

Lunar Bird

Mercurian Bird

Venusian Bird

Martian Bird

Cererian Bird

Jovian Bird

Saturnian Bird

Uranian Bird

Neptunian Bird

Plutonian Bird

Haumean Bird

Makemakean Bird

Eridian Bird


All canon space pigs

Chef Pig

Laser Pig (Like the Pigtroopers from Angry Birds Star Wars, just without the mask)

Exclusive Features[]

The game also has several exclusive features. You would find out about them below.

Pig re-invasions[]

Occasionally, pigs will re-visit planets. For example, say I finish the Episode "Return to the Red Planet". Eventually, pigs will visit the planet and leave a level, so I must return to the episode to beat the level. The game also tell you when pigs are re-visiting a planet. How does it tell you?, you might ask. Well, with the piggy-tracker!


The Piggy-Tracker is a simple device that alerts you when a re-invasion takes place. It makes a beeping noise when a re-invasion happen. As you get closer to the the invaded planet, the beeping will get louder.


The Piggy-tracker at work

Space Ship Shop (S.S.S.)[]


The store


Super-Red Coin

Like other Angry Birds games, this game has a shop. Things you can buy from it include Birds, Power-ups (Same as Angry Birds Space's), Mighty Space Eagles, and more. The game's currency are Super-Red coins which are found in many places.

How to get Super-Red coins[]

Here is a list of ways to get Super-Red coins

1. Got by completing levels and episodes.

2. Found in levels.

3. Acquired as a daily award.

4. Won by getting achievements.

5. Can be bought in the store for real money.

6. Can be awarded for watching videos (20 coins a video, you get 3 videos a day).

7. Awarded for liking the game on Facebook, following the game on Twitter, or whatever you do.


Like many fanon games, this game has achievements. They come in five kinds: bronze (easy, 10 Super-Red Coins), silver (medium, 50 Super-Red Coins), gold (hard, 100 Super-Red Coins), platinum (very hard, 500 Super-Red Coins), and osmium (extremely hard, almost impossible, 1,000 Super-Red Coins).

List of Achievements[]


Bird Watcher- Get the game

Basic Bird Flinger- Complete a level

Basic Bird Flinger +- Get three stars on one level

Good Player- Get three stars on five levels

Space Explorer- Complete a space level

Piggy Popper- Pop 100 pigs


Bronze Champ- Get all bronze awards

Goodbye, Earth- Complete Home Sweet Home

Lunar Lard- Complete Lunar Lard

Boss Bomber- Destroy a boss

Boss Bomber 2- Destroy another boss


Silver Champ- Get all silver awards

Awesome Episode- Three star one episode

Three Very Warm Bodies- Complete Solar Power, Crater Cover, and Cloud Canopy

Grand Tour- Complete Big Red Spot, The Ringleader, Pig tilt, and Stormy Weather... FOREVER (and ever)


Gold Champ- Get all gold awards

Very Elite Player- Complete the whole game

Gamer- Play the game for 3 straight hours


Platinum Champ- Get all Platinum awards

Very Very Elite player- Complete whole game with three stars

Achievement Master- Get all other achievements (worth 5,000 Super-Red Coins)

Other Stuff[]

1. Like in Angry Birds Star Wars, there is two types of levels -- ground and space. Ground levels are like "normal" levels which take place on a planet's (or moon's) surface. Space levels are like the levels in Angry Birds Space, with zero gravity, gravity fields around planets, and stuff like that.

2. Moving planets, used as moons.

3. Instead of comics, the cutscenes are short videos


Rovio has announced that this game will have a sequel about the birds leaving The Solar System and stopping the pigs from conquesting the entire Milky Way Galaxy. An official title is yet to come.