While venturing Utopia, the members of the flock have been captured - twice. The first time, Powerbomb Bird blew up the cage, releasing all birds that ended up in space. The second time, Super Red Bird and Ice Bird ran away before they could be captured with the rest of the flock. Luckily, Super Red Bird used his Uber Mask to contact the birds left behind, and he gets a message back saying they recruited a new bird: Aqua.

After the events of Cane Bars, the space pigs got angry themselves and captured the entire flock - besides Orange Bird, because they knew about his inflating ability, which could break the bird's prison. Orange Bird sets out to free the rest of the flock from the outside, but he's sure he needs help. Luckily, another alien bird comes to assist Orange... but this one is half bird, halk skunk.

After the birds are freed, Lazer Bird accidentally torches Utopia with his super-speed. The Orange, Ice, Aqua-Ice, and Skunk birds are chosen to undo this accident.


  • Super White Bird - Generates a Bomb Egg below itself and continues its normal flight path.


The strength of the pigs is ranked by a 1-100 scale.

  • Pink Pig - 1 (super weak).
  • Small Pig - 5 (very weak).
  • Large Pig - 6 (very weak).
  • Helmet Pig - 19 (really weak).
  • Large Helmet Pig - 25 (weak).
  • Small Moustache Pig - 41 (weak-normal).
  • Moustache Pig - 54 (a bit strong).
  • Large Moustache Pig - 60 (strong-normal).
  • Fat Pig - 86 (really strong).
  • Obese Pig - 96 (very strong).
  • King Pig - 100 (super strong).


Each episode has 25 levels.

  1. Sugarshocks. Some breakable candy in each level.
  2. Cane Bars. Lazer Bird is freed in this episode.
  3. Orange Bird's Quest. All levels in this episode have at least 1 Super Orange Bird and tons of breakable candy.
  4. Smackdown (Golden Egg Levels). One of each pig and three of each bird in each level.
  5. Freezer. Contains the volcanoes from Angry Birds Space 1's Red Planet.
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