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This game was going to be released in June 10th 2020,a month after Angry Birds Space, but then, it was chosen for the release date to be July 8 2012. After that, it was coming June 15. But because of technical reasons, it was changed back to July, but on the 1st instead, which would be July 1, 2012, obviously.


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Welcome! Here, you will be told about all the announcements and any other things for Angry Birds Space 2!

"Doughnut" Name Revealed!

Another food-related planet in Space is one you may recognise...Utopia was seen in Angry Birds Space, and it has returned for another attack! Rovio has said the name is "Return of Utopia" and it is a doughnut. Broken, doughnut.

"Orange Circle" comes to Space soon

The new Bird that is unknown. Who is Orange Circle? What Bird is it? Is it even a Bird? All will be answered soon...for now, we can wait for the mystery of Utopia levels.

Utopia Return Level 1 Revealed!

Redbird07 has (sort of) drawn the level! Be ready for this level to come!

Explosion World announced as First Update!

The Red Planet (Known as "Mars" to most people) has come in ABSp, and ABSp2 has had it's own version. The Explosion World.

New Pig Look!

In addition to this new planet, this exclusive new Pig Look has been put in. Firey Pigs. They will be explained soon.

New Pig Look Info.

These Firey Pigs can be dangerous to touch. If they were frozen when they burnt, they unfreeze the second they get firey. They stay firey in the gravity, but melt if in gravity for too long. If they are outside gravity for too long, they freeze again.

Weird drawn planet

There is a new planet that is originally known as the "Weird Drawn Planet". The reason is it's a drawing. Though the planet is coming soon, the game's images (seen on PC) have announced the look.

This may be the reason Coming Soon is on the bottom.

And There Will Be A new Menu made soon.


Original Birds

  • Power Super Red Bird
  • Power Lavender Lazer Bird

Coming Soon/Purchase



Do not add episodes.

  1. Big Pigs
  2. Frozen Pigs
  3. Return of Utopia (Coming Soon)
  4. Explosion World (New)
  5. Eggsteroids (Coming Soon)
  6. The attack on mars (new)



Teaser 1

They were in there 8 times...(photo of Cold Cuts)...they are going again...Angry Birds Space 2...Coming Soon...(photo of Cold Cuts)

Teaser 2

He is back...(Photo of Red Bird)...He is basic...Angry Birds Space 2...8th July 2012...(Photo of Red Bird)

Teaser 3

He is the newest...(Photo of Lavender Lazer Bird)...He has not been in any other Angry Birds Space...Angry Birds Space 2...15th June 2012...(Photo of Lavender Lazer Bird)


  • Somewhere in Space...
  • Person 1:! did this get here? (Looks at Slingshot)
  • 10 Minutes Later...
  • Person 2: Move right.
  • Person 1: Ok. (Moves Left)
  • Person 2: NO! RIGHT!
  • Person 1: It is right!
  • (Red Ball is launched)
  • (Crashing Noises)
  • Angry Birds Space 2
  • 15 June 2012
  • Person 1: Let me show you how to do it!
  • Announcement Coming Soon


  • (Angry Birds Space Theme Music plays)
  • Angry Birds Space 2
  • Announcement
  • Person: Hi
  • Person 2: This is the announcement for Angry Birds Space 2!
  • Person: ...
  • See below for pictures
  • Person: It is the same as Angry...
  • Person 3: Angry Birds Space!
  • Person: Angry Birds Space 2 is the same as Angry Birds Space.
  • Person 2: Now Birds has powa!
  • Person: Powa!? POWA!? YOU SERIOUS!?
  • Person 3: Power.
  • Person: ...
  • To be continued in Announcement 2

Announcement 2

  • (Angry Birds Space Theme Music Plays)
  • Angry Birds Space 2
  • Announcement Part 2
  • Person 3: Power
  • Person: ...
  • To be continued...NOW!
  • Person 4: POWA powa Powa powa POOOOOOOWAAAAAA!
  • Person 2: Powa.
  • Person: IS THAT ALL YOU SAY!?
  • Person 5: No!
  • (People 2-5 leave)
  • Person: Now, the Birds have better powers because of what they look like in these pictures.
  • See Gallery for pictures 3-6.
  • Person: That's good. So, we have the birds with more power.
  • To be continued in Announcement 3.

Announcement 3

  • (Angry Birds Space Theme Plays)
  • Angry Birds Space 2
  • Announcement Part 3
  • Person: The Birds have more power, so destroying items is like they are ALL Terence.
  • Person: Thanks for watching!
  • (Ends)

Teaser Gallery

Game Teaser Gallery

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