Angry Birds Space 7 is the seventh game in the Angry Birds Space series.


  • Star Bird (Red) - Sends a shooting star that descends to the nearest planet and does minimal damage.
  • Sky Bird (The Blues) - Lowers the atmosphere on the nearest planet for 5 seconds, causing towers to get crushed, and pigs to suffocate.
  • Sun Bird (Chuck) - Becomes hot like The Sun, making nearby pigs melt.
  • Fire Bird (Bomb) - Creates fire that burns wood, as well as pigs.
  • Moon Bird (Matilda) - Makes gravity in the surrounding area go away for 10 seconds.
  • Planet Bird (Hal) - Makes the nearest planet explode.
  • Rumble Bird (Terence) - Makes the tower it touches rumble.
  • Puffy Bird (Bubbles) - Inflates.
  • Ice Bubble Bird (Stella) - Blows ice bubbles.
  • Asteroid Bird (Silver) - Loops downwards and explodes when touching the ground.
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