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Angry Sponge is about when the Angry Birds are taken to Bikini Bottom.

Thay see that Squidward helps the Pigs steal the eggs.

Angry sponge

Angry Sponge

So, they save Spongebob,Patrick, and Sandy.

The Angry Birds turn them into Angry SpongeBirds.

The worlds are SpongeBob's Pineapple, Squidward's House, Krusty Krab, Chum BucketMr. Krabs' Anchor, Sandy's Treedome, Patrick's Rock, & more coming soon.

Instead of Golden Eggs there will be Golden Krabby Patties



Chuck - SpongeBob

Red - Patrick

The Blues - Plankton

Matilda - Pearl

Bomb - Mr. Krabs

Terence - Karen

Hal - Squidward

Bubbles - Gary

Stella - Sandy

Eggs/Former Fish


Minion - Plankton/Squidward

Helmet - Plankton/Squidward

King - Plankton/Squidward

Moustache - Plankton/Squidward