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Angry Birds Star Wars: Fett's Adventure is the third game in the Angry Birds Star Wars Bad Guy Adventures series. It will be released on June 25th, 2020. It was originally titled Angry Birds Star Wars: Boba's Delivery. A fourth game, Angry Birds Star Wars: Maul's Adventure, is in the works.


Boba Fatt has always wanted to earn a bounty of 10 million Imperial credits, and Jabba the Hog (coincedentaly), Boba's boss, gives him one. He has to deliver frozen Chuck Solo to his palace. Boba takes up the offer and heads to Cloud City. But on the way back to the palace, his ship takes a wrong turn. He crashlands on Coruscant, where he meets Lard Vader. He said that he was given an offer, and he successfully completed it. He agrees to help Boba get to Jabba's Palace. And so, the adventure begins......

Unlokcable Characters[]

  • Boba Fett Pig
  • Darth Vader Pig
  • Stormtrooper Pig


  • Rebel Trooper Bird
  • Imperial Traitor Pig
  • Rebel Pilot Bird


The gameplay is like normal Angry Birds, except in the Slave 1 Mini-Game and the Feed Jabba level, where you feed Jabba for credits that can get you power-ups.


The episodes are names of things that happen in the game.

  1. Crashland on Coruscant
  2. Meet Lard Vader
  3. Rebel Attack
  4. We Have A Tratior
  5. Fixing Slave 1
  6. Tatooine, Here I Come!

Slave 1 Mini-Game