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Angry Birds Star Wars: Grievous's Adventure

Release Date

January 25th, 2019


AllanofAmerica Productions


All Platforms


Regular, Telepod

Number Of Episodes


Angry Birds Star Wars: Grievous's Adventure is an all-new game from AllanofAmerica Productions. It is the second game in the Angry Birds Star Wars Bad Guy Adventures Franchise. The first game was Angry Birds Star Wars: Vader's Adventure. A third game, Angry Birds Star Wars: Fett's Adventure, has just been released.


The game starts out with General Grievous Pig throwing lightsaber darts at a picture of the Jedi Temple. Then, Count Dooku comes into his room with great news. He has been hired to hunt down all the Jedi Birds in existence! But since Dooku obviously can't do it alone, he brings Grievous, along with the MagnaGuards. Then, of course, Dooku chickens out, and Grievous goes alone. Later, he tells Grievous to kill Asajj Ventress before killing Anakin Skywalker.


The normal levels are like Angry Birds, except you get to choose your character. But there are also other levels, like Souless One bonus levels. And, the final boss of each episode is a level where you battle the Jedi the episode is named for. In these levels, however, you have to use Grievous.

Unlockable Characters[]

There are 6 unlockable characters, like General Grievous and MagnaGuard.

  • General Grievous Pig
  • MagnaGuard Pig
  • Battle Droid Pig
  • Super Droid Pig
  • Droideka Pig
  • Vulture Droid Pig


  • Clone Trooper Birds
  • Clone Pilot Birds
  • Jedi Birds
  • Asajj Ventress Pig


The episodes are given the names of the Jedi (or Sith) that you fight, except the Souless One Mini-Game.

  1. Ahsoka Tano
  2. Kit Fisto
  3. Luminara Unduli
  4. Mace Windu
  5. Asajj Ventress
  6. Anakin Skywalker
  7. Obi-Wan Kenobi
  8. Yoda

Souless One Mini-Game