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Angry Birds Star Wars: Vader's Adventure

Release Date

May 25th, 2017


AllanofAmerica Productions


All Platforms


Regular, Telepod

Number Of Episodes

No information

First Episode

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Last Episode

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Angry Birds Star Wars: Vader's Adventure is the first game in the Angry Birds Star Wars Bad Guy Adventures feanchise. The second will be Angry Birds Star Wars: Grievous's Adventure. A second sequel, Angry Birds Star Wars: Fett's Adventure is also in the works.


Emperor Piglatine wants Lard Vader to track down Red Skywalker and bring him in. Vader can't seem to make up his mind about capturing his own son, but then Piglatine offers 10,000,000 Imperial credits. He decides to set out on adventures throughout the galaxy.

Unlockable Characters[]

  • Darth Vader Pig
  • Stormtrooper Pig
  • Snowtrooper Pig
  • Sandtrooper Pig
  • Emperor Palpatine Pig


  • Jawa Bird
  • Rebel Trooper Bird
  • Rebel Pilot Pig
  • Chewbacca Bird
  • Han Solo Bird
  • Leia Bird
  • Luke Bird


The gameplay is like normal Angry Birds, except the Vader's TIE Mini-Game.


The episodes are given their names from the locations they are in, except Skywalker Captured and the Vader's TIE Mini-Game.

  1. Desert Cantina
  2. Back To The Executor
  3. To Hoth
  4. City In The Clouds
  5. Hutt Palace
  6. Forest Moon
  7. Skywalker Captured

Vader's TIE Mini-Game