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Update from Angry Birds Star wars... Sides Swap! in this Update you get to play as the Pigs and fight the Birds!

Pigs and Birds[]

Tusken Raider - swings crowbar around 2 times

Pigtrooper - shoots blaster bullet once

Imperial Officer - shoots 3 blaster bullets

Death Star Officer - Summons Darth Vader to help you

TIE Fighter - Shoots 5 blaster bullets

Grand Moff Tarkin - shoot 4 blaster Bullets

Lard Vader - uses Force

Darth Vader Fighter - Locks onto Targets and zooms over to them

General Veers - Breaks all iron blocks when clicked

AT-AT Driver - Throws Mini AT-AT That makes big Impact

Snowtrooper - throws snowballs (that only break glass)

Probe Droid - says the Imperial code and 3 snowtroopers will be added to your slingshot Lineout

Boba Fett - spins around crazily 3 times in a circle

Darth Vader with Lightsaber - Uses Lightsaber that makes Huge Impact

Princess Leia - she will pull you in while your launching yourself so look out!

Rebel Trooper - shoots a blaster bullet once



Luke Skywalker - uses lightsaber to deflect blaster bullets

Han solo - shoots 3 blaster bullets at once

Yoda - Jumps to a different platform every 2 seconds

Ben Kenobi - Uses Force

Lando - shoots 3 blaster bullets that go in different Directions

Jawa - Stun Blaster freezes you

Bespin Guard - Follows Lando Bird



Death Star


Cloud City

Return of the Jedi

Bonus Levels