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Angry Birds Star Wars rebels is a star wars type game and this was an episode of rebels idea of Angry Birds Star Wars 2.


name powers first apparition spent

Ezra bridger loose a laser 1-1 90

Kanan jarrus goes through blocks and enemies 1-5 120

Sabine wren three sticky grenades at the desired location 1-12 140

Sabine wren helmet six sticky grenades at the desired location 2-1 148

Hera syndulla a weapon in the desired location 2-3 139

Zeb orrelios explode like a bomb 2-6 154

Chopper fire d-1 100

chewbacca none r-1 200

c3-po split into six parts d-4 129

r2 d2 loose a distance d-5 134


name powers first apparition spent

Imperial Officer shoots three times three lasers at once 1-1 100

Agent Kallus calls stomprees 1-5 90

Stormtrooper five shoots lasers 1-12 140

Darth Vader force 2-1 148

The Inquisitor lightsaber 2-3 200[]

TIE Fighter Pilot throws two double lasers 2-6 154[]

AT-DP Pilot loose a laser r-1 134[]

Vizago Droid as c3po d-1 129[]

Cikatro Vizago throw three grenades at the desired r-1 300[]



reward chapter


the struggle of ties

the return of The Inquisitor

coming soon


in this game the Kanan jarrus is cheaper but Angry Birds Star Wars 2 it is more expensive

this is the second game that has the reward is the first chapter Angry Birds Star Wars 2

images []

Abswr loading screen

loading screen