Angry Birds Stella Bubble Gum Is Part of The Angry Birds Bubble Gum Series. It Is Made By Rovio, Wrigley's, Extra, Icebreakers, And Orbit.

Pack Types

  • Diet Pack - 2 Sticks, Plus 1 Mystery Flavor.
  • Slim Pack - 4 Sticks, Plus 2 Mystery Flavors.
  • Thick Pack - 6 Sticks, Plus 3 Mystery Flavors.
  • Crazy Pack - 8 Sticks, Plus 4 Mystery Flavors.
  • Hungry Pack - 10 Sticks, Plus 5 Mystery Flavors.
  • Selfish Pack - 12 Sticks, Plus 6 Mystery Flavors.
  • Dahila's Lifetime Supply - 250 Sticks, Plus 125 Mystery Flavors. (Only Availible In Summer, Cost 300$)

Pack Variants

TV Advertisement

(Angry Birds Stella Theme Plays) Announcer:Introducing... The Flock:Angry Birds Stella Chewing Gum!

  • Stella: Bubble Gum! (Chews) (Blows A Bubble And It Pops And Covers The Screen) YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMM!
  • Poppy And Dahila: Lemon Lime! Peach Mango! (Both Chew, Spit, And A Bubble Pops) Nice!
  • Willow: Blue Raspberry! (Chews And Spins Of Exitement) (Breaks The Screen) Oops!
  • Luca: No! Mine Is Blue Raspberry!
  • Willow: Yours Is Blueberry...
  • Luca: Oh. Blueberry! (Chews) (Screams) YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM!
  • Gale: Grape. *Paints It Gold* Gold Grape! (Chews)
  • Balloon Pig: Sour Apple! (Chews) (Flys Away) Help!
  • Piggies: It's A Taste Sensation!
  • (Luca Starts Screaming Everywhere About Gum)
  • Dahila: Make It Stop!
  • Announcer:(Interrupts Dahila) Angry Birds Stella Chewing Gum! Now At These Fine Retailers!
  • Dahila: I Wasn't Finshed-
  • (Ends)
  • (All Logos)


Blooper 1

  • (Stella Chews Gum)(Stella Bounces Around And Willow Does Too)
  • (They Crack The Screen, Then Bounce Off-Screen, Shattering More Glass)
  • Stella (In Background): Hey! This Isn't Your Part! MANAGER! WILLOW'S CAUSING STUPID FUNNIES!

Blooper 2

  • Dahila: I Wasn't Finished You Pig-Head!
  • (Ends)
  • Dahila: no! You Were Supposed To Close On Me-
  • (Ends)
  • Dahila: Oh NOW You Listen!
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