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Former name

Clearwater Studios


Animation of Angry Birds Seasons TV, Angry Birds Space TV, Angry Birds Rio TV and Angry Birds: Television




Unknown; Possibly None


September 15, 2001


Red Bird and Fanon Birds


Unknown; Possibly None


Helsinki, Finland


5th Anniversary (2006)
10th Anniversary (2011)
15th Anniversary (2016)

Angry Birds Studio was an animation studio located in Helsinki, Finland.

The studio was founded on September 15, 2001.

In addition to animation, Angry Birds Studio is a creative resource providing script writing, directing and producing for animated series and features.

The TV shows are Angry Birds Television, Angry Birds Seasons TV, Angry Birds Rio TV and Angry Birds Space TV, four of the shows of the television series where released.

The studio celebrates its 5th anniversary on September 15, 2006. However, the studio celebrates its 10th anniversary on September 15, 2011.



These movies are experimental, and were created to test basic animation. They were made and released before the name was converted to Angry Birds Studio. It used to be called "Clearwater Studios".


As Clearwater Studios

As Angry Birds Studios


  • Main (Helsinki, Finland)
  • USA Branch (New York, USA) (Empire State Building)
  • UK Branch (London, UK)
  • China Branch (Shanghai, China)
  • Japan Branch (Hiroshima, Japan)
  • Canada Branch (Halifax, Canada)
  • France Branch (Paris, France)
  • Netherlands Branch (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • Italy Branch (Naples, Italy)
  • Russia Branch (Sochi, Russia)


The pig was named Paul for the following catchphrases of Paul. Paul is said to be AB Studio's biggest running gag.

  • "Hi! I'm Paul!" (Classic Paul)
  • "Hi! We're Paul!" (Double your Pressure)
  • "¡Hola! Estoy Pablo!" (Spanish Paul)
  • "luaP! m'I iH!" (Reverse Paul)
  • "Hāi! Wǒ shì bǎoluó!" (Chinese Paul)
  • "Kon'nichiwa! Watashi wa pōruda!" (Japanese Paul)
  • "Don't You Want To Say Me Now?" (Paul Blooper #1)
  • "Hi! I'm... Line." (Paul Blooper #2)
  • "Hi! I'm? Sorry." (Paul Blooper #3)
  • "Did You Mean: Frogmaster? That's a bad search For Google!" (Paul Blooper #4)
  • "Ghost! Ahhhhhhh!" (Paul Blooper #5)
  • "I am on a seafood diet! I take seafood, and I eat it!" (Paul Blooper #6)
  • "................Paul?" (Coffee Break)

  • We see the Birds and Pigs moving around
  • The music is the 1997 Porchlight Entertainment theme.

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