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Angry Birds Super Mario is a game were the pigs team up with Bowser to try to steal the eggs and Princess Peach.There are lots of new pigs in the game that Bowser upgraded and old ememies as well.There are new birds like the Shell Bird. Mario helps the birds get the eggs back and the angry birds help Mario and luigi save the princess. It will be released in July 30th on the NES. Only The NES was playable to play this game

  • The Loading Screen
  • The Main Menu
  • The Level Select.
  • Red Bird in the Kart mini game
  • Galaxy Episode


We're In NES! (NES portal-20 levels.)

Mario,Unknown Character.(World 1 and World 3 of Super Mario Bros-15 Levels)

Golden Shells (A Sequel of Golden eggs.)


The Video is in a preview of Angry Birds:Super Mario. This is telling you that you have to defeat the brick wall with the powerup. This is the design for Episode 2-15. (Mario,Unknown Charater Level 15.)

Angry Birds VS Mario (A fan made Animation)

Angry Birds VS Mario (A fan made Animation)


  • It was going to also be in the SNES but Rovio cannot redo this in 16-Bit style.
  • This is the first game to be on a NES.
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