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    Angry Birds TV will have all the canon birds(Except for Rio and Star wars)and all canon pigs(Except for Star Wars)

There will be an episode every Sunday.

You can buy a TV circle for one dollar in any angry birds app except for bad piggies.
Red One


  • Red(Red bird)
  • The Blues(Blue birds)
  • Chuck(Yellow bird)
  • Bomb(Black bird)
  • Matilda(White bird)
  • Hal(Green bird or Boomerang bird)
  • Terence(Big brother bird, maroon bird, or Big red bird)
  • Bubbles(Orange bird or Globe bird)
  • Stella(Pink bird)
  • Silver (Silver Bird)
  • Mighty eagle
  • Mighty dragon
  • Minion pig
  • Corporal pig
  • Grandpa pig
  • Young grandpa pig(Has a chef hat and a brown less bushy mustache)
  • Queen pig(Only in the past)
  • King pig
  • Prince pig(Young king pig)
  • Chef pig(With his mustache)
  • Fat Pig
  • Freckled pig
  • Mustache mechanic pig Professor pig
  • Chronicler pig 
  • Ice bird
  • Ruby(Female red bird)
  • Super Red bird
  • Lightning birds
  • Lazer bird
  • Bomb(Space)
  • Terence(Space)
  • Atom bird
  • Space eagle
  • Eggs
  • Space egg
  • Boy egg
  • Girl egg
  • Golden egg
  • Eggstroid
  • You can also add any of YOUR fanon birds or pigs as long as it's not strange birds like Pig bird

Episodes and the plot P.S. if you don't add a plot I will and no changing a plot.

1.Matilda's Birthday It is Matilda's birthday. But then the pigs take the eggs, cake and presents. Red, Chuck, Bomb, Matilda and Bubbles go after the pigs. First Chuck gets back the eggs and presents back. Then Bomb explodes and then Corporal pig gets knocked out. Next Red bonks Chef Pig on the snout and then he escapes. Then Bubbles scares King Pig and then he flees and then the birds celebrate Matilda's birthday and then Bubbles pops out of the cake. THE END

2.Pigs Are Big One day Hal was doing the jumble in the newspaper. Then he saw a FAT PIG in front of him. Chuck was looking around so he saw the Fat Pig taking HAL. Chuck screams and runs to the nest. Nobody was there. He went to Red and Ruby. Nobody was there. He went to the Mighty eagle. There was a sign that said on vacation. So Then Chuck knew he would have to do this by himself. Chuck barged in to King pig's castle. Fat Pig and all the other pigs were there. First Chuck got the slingshot. Then he destroyed Ruby's wooden cage. Next Ruby destroyed Terence's wooden cage. Then Terence got Bubbles's iron cage. Then Bubbles broke The Blue's stone cage. Then The Blues Broke Bomb's, Matilda's and Red's glass cages. Then Red destroyed Stella's wooden cage. Next Matilda blew up Hal's iron cage. Then the pigs fled. Then the birds came back relieved that their eggs were okay. THE END

3.Minions on strike part 1 One day Grandpa pig was reading his grandson a story about his time when the minion pigs went on strike. It started when a younger version of grandpa pig was making some soup. Then he gave it to a minion pig and then a pig gasped. Then the young grandpa pig ran up. Queen pig gasped because the minion pigs were ON STRIKE. Prince pig threatened to hit the minions with his wooden sword. So the minions fleed. Queen pig told prince pig to do the minions things. But declined and went with the minions. But young grandpa pig volunteered to do the minions and prince things. TO BE CONTINUED.

4.Minions on strike part 2 Young grandpa pig was being so busy. Then an explosive egg dropped. Then the minions fleed to the castle. Then another one was flying down right on Prince pig. Then Young Grandpa pig charges right to Prince pig. Then Prince pig ran to get help. After a while Young grandpa pig woke up. He was congratulated. So that is the end of the book. THE END

5. Kidnapped Chuck One day Chuck was not watching the eggs like he was supposed to. So then he sees the eggs gone. Next Corporal Pig jumps on Chuck and gets knocked out. Corporal Pig then runs holding Chuck. Bomb notices him and then hits a hidden button. All the other birds are teleported to Bomb except Chuck. They get the slingshot and went to Pig City. Hal got a map of Pig City and King Pig's castle. Then Ternce breaks into the Throne room. He sees Chuck in a cage and King Pig laughing. Then Matilda jumps out on the right of Terence. Then Red on the left. Stella on top of Red. Bubbles on top of Matilda The Blues on top of Terence. Bomb by Red and Hal jumps in the front of them and breaks Chuck's wooden cage. Red then distracts King Pig and is then crushed by Terence. THE END

Specials and the plot 1.On the ice planet One day Red, The Blues, Chuck, Bomb, Terence and Bubbles were sunbathing but then Bomb notices a WORMHOLE. The Blues and Bubbles just GO IN. So the others chase them. And they transform into their space form and then they see Lightning birds and Atom bird and Ice bird by a bright yellow oval. The others get closer and notice it's an EGGSTROID. Then Grandpa pig in a UFO takes it. So the birds fling after the UFO. They are on a snowy and icy planet. Then Grandpa pig is floating above a structure. Then Chef Pig comes in a UFO with the Eggs. Then Bomb destroys the top. Then Lazer bird breaks Chef Pig's UFO's engine. Next Terence scares the other pigs except Grandpa pig. Then the pigs flee. So the birds follow. THE END

2.The Swine Circus One day a Minion Pig was walking in the castle but activates a strange trapdoor and landed in a chamber full of chains, Afro wigs, cages, Clown makeup and an already set up trapeze. The minion pig saw 2 levers. He pulls the right one. A garage door like wall is pulled out. He sees a cannon, gunpowder, a conveyer belt, magic mirrors that say magic mirror and fake lion hair. Then, he pulls the left lever 30 MINUTES LATER the pigs assign their circus parts. Here they are. Clown= Fat Pig (Bright Yellow Afro) Human cannonball=Corporal Pig(New Yellow and Green helmet) Magician= King Pig Tied in chains and are caged= Grandpa Pig Trapeze artists= A minion pig and Chef pig Lion= Freckled pig lion tamer= A minion pig Mirror jumper=A minion pig Later, the circus was held. Later, Chuck was sleeping when he heard cheering he woke up. Brought TNT and threw it at the left trapeze end which made Chef Pig fall. Grandpa pig is still in his chains in the cage King Pig made both of them disappear. The audience and the other acts except Corporal Pig who hid in the cannon. IN 2020 Red is reading an old Bird Times made in 2013 about Chuck invading the circus and was laughing.

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