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Angry Birds The Lord of the Rings

Release Date

November 1, 2019


iOs, Android, Holopads, PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, Kindle Fire, other tablets


Singleplayer, Challenge

Created by

Stark Industries™, Warner Bros.




Angry Birds The Lord of the Rings


Guitar Hero: Birds of Rock

Angry Birds The Hobbit is a new game by Stark Industries™ and the second to happen in the middle-earth universe.


When the hobbird Bilbo Birdins is visited by the wizard Gambombf and some dwarves, his life changes, when he goes in a journey to defeat the Dragon-Pig King, Smahog and also investigate a mysterious feather in the north, known as the Necromancer.

New Features[]

The birds can evolute for new visual and new special attacks, telepods can be used and so do holopads. Pork Side Mode is also playable, similar to Angry Birds The Lord of the Rings.


Thorin's Company[]

  • Bilbo Birdings - Red (Bilbo Baggins) - disappears with ring and attacks with Sting
  • Thorin Hogenshield - Chuck colored dark grey (Thorin Oakenshield) - lots of breaking with dwarven sword
  • Balin - hal - spins lots of times, blocking everything on its path.
  • Nori - unknown bird - Lots of attack with his mace
  • Bifur - unknown bird - Attack with Boar Spear
  • Gloin - bubbles - Throws axe
  • Fili and Kili - blues - split in two
  • Fili - blue - Dwarf sword
  • Kili - blue - Shoots three arrows
  • Dwalin - brown bird - big head knock
  • Óin - chuck colored yellow-grey - screams high "WHAAAT?" as he is deaf
  • Ori - brown bird colored grey - Slingshots
  • Bombur - Fat terence - massive destruction
  • Bofur - grey bird - pixcake
  • Dori - hal colored orange - Flail
  • Gambombf the Grey - bomb - push away setting fire to everything