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ABTT Trailer

NoteThis game is finally playable! Click the link to play! This was made on Scratch and there are still a few bugs, though.

For AllanofAmerica's version, see Angry Birds Time Travel.

Template:Infobox game Angry Birds Time Travel is a game where the birds go to different times, chasing the pigs. They go to various different times in history. They face the Time Villains. The game itself was released August 16, 2015.




Time Villains


  1. Stone Age
  2. Ancient Egypt
  3. The Great War
  4. American Revolution
  5. Eiffel Tower Construction
  6. Viking Era
  7. Anceint China
  8. Ancient Greece
  9. Typhoon Haiyan
  10. Titanic
  11. Anceint Japan
  12. Middle Ages
  13. Space Race
  14. 1960s
  15. The Future!
  16. Salt Lake City 2002
  17. Wild West
  18. Old London

Theme song


Badge Shapes

The shapes of each badge.

(Note: Only Redbird07, SpongeTechX, or Orangebird763 can make achievements.)

Like some other Angry Birds games, ABTT has achievements. All achievements are stored in ScoRovio. The achievements are the same shapes as those in Angry Birds McDonald's. Some achievements are also based on those from that game. See here for the different types of achievements.

Game Sprites

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