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Angry Birds Titanic is a 1912 Game.  The game resembles the Titanic movie. It has 2.5 Dimensions per episode.  It Has 10 Unique Episodes and 12 Birds. It was released on July 15, 2013.


  1. First Class
  2. Second Class
  3. Third Class
  4. Engine Rooms
  5. The Lookout Deck
  6. Smoke Stacks
  7. The Stern
  8. Get in the Lifeboats!
  9. Ghost Ship
  10. Golden Ships


1.Red Bird = Unlocked in Episode 1-1

2.Yellow Bird = Unlocked in Episode 1-34

3.Blue Birds = Unlocked in Episode 2-25

4.Firebomb Bird(Body Same to Bomb Bird) = Unlocked in Episode 3-39

5.Boomerang Bird = Unlocked in Episode 4-41

6.Ice Bird = Unlocked In Episode 4-54

7.Terence = Unlocked in Episode 4-69

8.Orange Bird = Unlocked in Episode 5-6

9.White Bird = Unlocked in Episode 5-17

10.Fire Bird = Unlocked in Episode 5-67

11.Killer Eagle = Purchase 150.99 Dollars

12.Killer Dragon = Purchase 500.99 Dollars


Main Menu: Titanic Song (Titanic Angry Birds Remix)

Ending Music (Ipad) :Titanic remix (With Angry Birds Titanic tune)


  • This is the first game that is a reference to a movie.


Angry Birds Titanic teaser

Angry birds Titanic Teaser.