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Season 1[]

  • Speedster Chuck (Chuck Time)
  • Missing Your Crown? (Where's My Crown?)
  • Chuck's Training Course (Full Metal Chuck)
  • Little Piggies Birthday (Another Birthday)
  • Musical Eggs (Egg Sounds)
  • A Very Pig Talent Show (Pig Talent)
  • Food Feud (Cordon Bleugh!)
  • Is That A Bird? (True Blue?)
  • Matilda's School For Birds (Do As I Say!)
  • Vacation All I Never Wanted (Off Duty)
  • A Lesson On Slingshoting (Slingshot 101)
  • Scared Of Thunder? (Thunder Chuck)
  • Please Move, Terence! (Gardening with Terence)
  • Dopes on Ropes (Dopeys on a Rope)
  • Wooden Egg (Trojan Egg)
  • Egg After Egg (Double Take)
  • Rocket Science Pigs (Crash Test Piggies)
  • Another Invension Reuned (Slappy-Go-Lucky)
  • Sneeze, Please (Sneezy Does It)
  • Chuck vs. Terence (Run, Chuck, Run)
  • Let's Have Some Fun (Hypno Pigs)
  • Egg Go Bye (Egg's Day Out)
  • Smash & Bash (Gate Crasher)
  • Fire On The Loose (Hog Roast)
  • Planning Piggies (Green Fingers)
  • Bird On A Date (Matilda In Love)