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A brand new 27  minute cartoon series starring The Angry Birds and The Bad Piggies!


Season 1.[]

1. Busy Red. Red is "fed up" with looking after the eggs. Meanwhile the pigs nab the eggs in a giant crane.

2. Angry Blues. The Blues go missing from Bad Wolf Rock and land in Piggyland. The pigs use them as a trap.

3. The Remains Of Ancient Bird. Red, Chuck and Stella get trapped in Bad Wolf Rock with Minion Pig,Corporal Pig and Mechanic Pig.

4. The Fight of King Pig. (Part 1) King Pig kidnaps The Mighty Eagle and The Blues teach the other birds Kung Fu.

5. Wolla Ding. (Part 2) All of the birds go to fight except Al. When they get imprisoned too Al has to fight hard!

6. Crash Pig. Freckled Pig lands at Bad Wolf Rock and uses forces to get the eggs but the trick backfires.

7. The Wind And The Snow. Snow comes to Bad Wolf Rock and the Birds have to keep hard watch on the eggs.

8. Don't Fall Egg. An egg falls off Bad Wolf Rock and Red and Chuck have to find it.

9. The Death Of Stella. (Part 1) Stella leaves Bad Wolf Rock to collect the slingshot and King Pig kidnaps her.

10. Stella Rides Again. (Part 2) After the other birds have a funeral for Stella, it turns that Stella is alive but in The Scary Woods. Red goes to find her.

11. Robot Chuck. Chuck builds a robot clone of himself but The Clone breaks during its shift. The Pigs steal the eggs.

12. Birdy Thief. (Part 1) Tiny Thief and The Princess from the game Tiny Thief come because The Sheriff has teamed up with King Pig.

13. Thiefty Birds. (Part 2)  After an epic battle King Pig finally surrenders. Meanwhie,Tiny Thief captures The Sheriff!

Season 2[]



Season 1 Volume 1[]

Contains the first 3 episodes of Season 1.