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Angry Birds Trivia Time!
How much do you know about Angry Birds?
Vital statistics
Participants Sign-ups are available until July 14th.
Date July 14
Location This page

Welcome to Angry Birds Trivia Time! An event hosted by ComboLuigi2000. The event consists of various questions you need to answer about Angry Birds itself, and the Angry Birds Fanon Wiki! For every question you answer correct, you'll get points which turns into HP. (Of course, you'll have starting HP) Then you'll have to battle with the pesky pigs. Will you fight to the end?


The pesky pigs are at it again! And they've kidnapped Plum! The flock didn't know until they noticed that Plum suddenly went missing for quite a while. In his lab there's a special robot with a note saying: "Hey birds, I NEED YOUR HELP! Use this robot to strengthen yourselves. This robot will only do it's work if you can answer his questions." So the birds went on with the robot to fight the pigs! Will they fight to the finish?


  • No cheating. (Using Google or any search engine, this wiki, e.t.c.)
    • This goes with the battle part.
  • Do not type attacks for other birds/pigs. The only attacks you type are yours.
    • Furthermire, we(me and Cerdan) will play as the pigs.
  • Think of your own answers and do not simply copy from others.
  • Try not to leave the battle in the middle and suddenly go inactive often. Others might have to wait a long time


The prize is a custom colored name tag! Only admins have this feature, but it's a one time only prize. Whoever answers the most questions correctly will get it.


Character Name Description Attack (Example) HP (Example)
CL2000 New.png
Combo Luigi Combo's an adventurous guy from a Mushroom Land with a shocking power, and is a great host. He's friends with Cerdan, Dave Icey, Omega, Gestro e.t.c. Combo knows lots about the flock and helped Plum with the questions for TriviaBird. Supershock: Combo zaps an enemy with hot and fresh electricity, dealing 4 damage. 13 HP
Cerdan Swiningston Cerdan is a young minion pig scout and is a part-time cashier at the Milkshack, a store on Piggy Island, and is the grandson of its founder. Cerdan usually helps Combo and Plum with questions for TriviaBird. Milk Spill: Cerdan spills spoiled milk that has gone waaaaay over the expire date, dealing pigs 5 damage. 13 HP


You can play as yourself, or you can play as a bird/pig. When playing as yourself, put your username. If you're playing as another character do <your username> as <the character you're playing>. Also, your attack must be at a limit of 5 HP. (P.S. You only have one attack) Birds over 12 HP will gain an extra side attack.

Character Name Description Attack HP
Gestro as Neda Gestro Likes To Be Sneaky And Pull Out Pranks With A Fake Screenshot. He Has A Sense Of Humor Too! But How Can He Control Neda You Ask? See. Neda Is A Television-Like Bird. He Got Those Static Powers When He Stayed In The Void For A Couple Of Days After Red And Chuck Rescued Him By Pulling Him Out. Gestro Uses One Of His Old Game Controllers So He Can Control And See Through Neda. Static Deletion

Neda Will Create Static That Will Delete Anything And Send It To The Void. Deals 5 Damage.

Forgettable Void

Neda Will Create A Void Of Static, It Can Deal 3 Damage.

16 HP
Dave thw Bunting.png
Dave the Fave Dave is just an adventurous fellow who loves to draw! He's got good friedns on the wiki and will do anything to save the eggs or his pals if they are in danger (like Plum). Mystery Box!: Dave hits a box and an animal comes out to aid him in battle. A crab deals 3 damage to an enemy over 3 turns and has 1 HP, a penguin deals 2 damage and freezes an enemy, making it akip it's next attack and has 2 HP, and a T-Rex deals 5 damage and has 4 HP. 16 HP
Omega as Plantus Plantus is a Piranha Plant Bird binded by a curse held upon the Cursed Birb Belt. A mysterious item that turns the user into a bird. He's a helping and caring bird and may be curious. Along with Shade they traveled across the land to make The Legion. Piranha Power: Ptooies will make Plantus fly both Plantus and the Ptooies will shoot long range projectiles. The leaf blades (Plantus' attack) deal 4 damage each and the Ptooie spikeballs (Ptooies' attack) deal 1 damage each.

Side Attack: Lush Landscape:

Plantus will summon a patch of grass on 2 enemies, it deals 3 damage.

16 HP
Icey Icey is a really really special bird from being the son of frosh (or icebomb) and silver and his aunt and uncle being bomb and Matilda and really dose some weird and random stuff like go to a place that is probably 100 miles away from bird island Blizzard Boost!:

Icey will make a big blizzard effecting everyone and taking away 5 damage from everyone!

13 HP
Koopa as Hal Hal is a sociable bird with a long beak. His long beak affects aerodynamics, and after flying to a certain point, he boomerangs back around. Hal was once trapped by the pigs, but the birds freed him, and they got Hal's eternal trust. Boomarung: This does 1 damage to the attack thing, but every 3 times it's used, it will go up in 1 damage, much like the rungs of a ladder. The Boomerang part is only there because he's Hal, and known for that (I decided to add some change to the typical "boomerang" ability) 16 HP
Squidy Squidy is not a bird, but a squid! He has created some stuff. He is quite clumsy and he knocks around stuff with his cup he usually sits in. Clumsy Charge! He attempts to hit the enemy with a bat, but trips and falls over causing a total amount of 1 damage. Eventually on the fifth time this attack is used he has a chance to land the hit and deal 4 damage. 17 HP
D0gemasteronScratch as Guapo the KleptoCat (INACTIVE) The KleptoCats fearless leader! He's not a bird, nor a squid, but a thieving cute cat! After the events of Angry Birds KleptoCats, Guapo has had a massive hating against the pigs, and is ready for a fight! Like all KleptoCats, he caqn travel through interdementonial portals and steal things. Call to Arms. Guapo summons either Nube, Pixel, Neal D. ,Bowtie, or Sandi, who are all KleptoCats. 11 HP (Himself)

4 HP (Nube)

5 HP (Bowtie)

6 HP (Neal D.)

7 HP (Pixel)

8 HP


Porkchops-Hammer throwing pig.png
Yoshipea as Porkchops (Currently replacing Guapo) He's the bird side equivalent of Corporal pig! Wait... He's actually related to him, but they're not the same. Porkchops is a rather laid back pig, throwing hammers and using his trusty mic. Homeland defense

He buffs his allies by simply screaming "TO ARMS!" This will provide regeneration, a small damage boost, and one extra turn to an ally of his choce(besides himself). The extra turn lasts one turn, while the other buffs last 3 turns.

17 HP
Screenshot 2020-05-02 at 14.49.03 (1).png
Lock After the world was saved in the lock-verse he decided to take a break from saving the world and do this competition. Feather Fling:

deals 3 damage but deals 1 damage to himself

13 HP


Character Name Description
TriviaBird1000 Happy.png
TriviaBird 1000 TriviaBird is a robotic quizzing bird made by Plum, Combo and Cerdan. His ability is to heal birds. Just so that dumb piggies don't use it to their advantage, he has some questions about the flock that only the smartest birds can answer. Now that Plum's captured, TriviaBird is helping the others to get to him and save him.


Character Name Description Attack HP
Minion Pig Minion Pigs are the lowest of the low in the pig army. Those pigs may be dumb and not that strong, but when there's lots and lots of them, you'll be in big, pig, trouble. Headbutt: Deals 1 HP of damage. 6 HP
Rogue Pig With big bats can cause big trouble. These nasties are not to be messed with, if you do, then they'll hit you with their wooden bats of trouble. Backstab: Deals 2 HP of damage to the participant with the highest health. 6 HP
Helmet Pig.png
Soldier Pig They have protective helmets and they serve Corporal Pig. Soldier Pigs are still dumb as regular porkers, though, and they can be a bit reckless. Tackle: Deals 2 HP of damage. (Dice chance: 1-4)

Helmet Up! Absorbs 2 HP of damage for one round. (Dice chance: 5-6)

8 HP


Item Name Description
Red Berry Sweet and refreshing, red berries heal you by 3 HP!


  • Course 1(Trial Level) - Course Finished!
  • Course 2(Trial Level) - Course Finished!
  • Course 3 - Now Open
  • Course 4 - Coming Soon
  • Course 5 - Coming Soon
  • Course 6 - Coming Soon
  • Course 7 - Coming Soon
  • Course 8 - Coming Soon
  • Course 9 - Coming Soon
  • Course 10 - Coming Soon
  • Course 11 - Coming Soon
  • Course 12 - Coming Soon
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