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  • (The rogue pigs beside him are sleeping)
  • Garretto: Psst! Guys! Over here!
  • Dave: Don't worry! We'll save ya!
  • Combo: Guys, there are 3 waves. How are we gonna get thro-
  • Porkchops: Aaaah! (Falls out from a zeppelin)
  • Cerdan: There's our answer! We need another raw recruit!
  • Porkchops: What a fall, anyway... hey, people! I need your help.
  • Icey: Sorry, we need to fight those pesky porkers.
  • Porkchops: Exactly what I was going to say! They captured Plum!
  • Plantus: Exactly. That's why we need to fight them!
  • Porkchops: Also, they're trying to capture Garretto too!
  • Combo: Yeah... but why?
  • Porkchops: I don't know! Someone must be behind this...
  • TriviaBird 1000: So what are ya waiting for? Let's do this thing!


Welcome to Round 3 of Trivia Time! Hate to break it to ya but the last two were just TESTS. Now you cannot edit your answers, and you must answer all the questions in one edit. Anyway, let's start!


Location: South Beach

Question Number Question Answers Correct Answers
Q1: StellaAB2CL2000

Stella was originally going to be red, just like Red. True or false?

  • Neda: False?
  • Dave: False.
  • Plantus: False
  • Icey: False
  • Hal: It is a trick question; Her color was a red very similar to red's color in early concepts, and she's still (light) red (pink). I'm going to go with false, but just know it's a trick question.
  • Squidy: False
  • Porkchops:Ahem. False, unless we count the fact that Stella was covered in red feathers one time. But still, kinda false.
FALSE, but Stella was once considered having a blue color.
Q2: The pigs don't really hate the birds, neither do they care about capturing the eggs. True or false?
  • Neda: FALSE!
  • Dave: False
  • Plantus: The first statement was true but the other statement is false so I'm counting it false
  • Hal: False
  • Squidy: False
  • Porkchops: Definitely false.
TRUE, they really only do it because their king tells them to.
Q3: RedToonsCL2000

Before Angry Birds 2, Red didn't have any abilities at all. True or false?

  • Neda: Full- on False
  • Dave: False, Angry Birds Space, Angry birds Star Wars (though not directly Red himself) and Red's Mighty feathers.
  • Plantus: FALSE! (Grabs a red and white feather)
  • Icey: False
  • Hal: Again, trick question because Red himself had no abilities, but in the original game he had his mighty feathers, and I'm not sure if that counts or not
  • Squidy: False, because of Red's Mighty Feathers
  • Porkchops: I would say false, but count the fact that Red used to have his mighty feathers, plus the Telebird and that time he was in Star Wars. The result answer would be True.
FALSE, Red had his mighty feathers in Angry Birds Classic and played as the Samba Bird in Angry Birds Rio.
Q4: TerenceToonsCL2000

Red and Terence are known to be brothers. True or false?

  • Neda: True in the past, but now? i dont know so imma say its True
  • Dave: People thought so. This is a false thing that they thought.
  • Plantus: True. In the past Terence was known as Big Brother Bird.
  • Icey: I did belive this so yeah it is true
  • Hal: False
  • Squidy: False, people just thought that because they looked similar.
  • Porkchops: False.
FALSE, he is noticeably very similar to Red in appearance, but it has been confirmed that they are not related in any way.
Q5: Stella's flock consists of herself, Poppy, Luca, Willow, Dahlia and Gale. True or false?
  • Neda: Pure AB Facts, Gale is not in Stella's Flock so FALSE!
  • Dave: Gale was once a member, but she quit. So false.
  • Plantus: Once was a member so I'm saying false since I watched the show and played the game before meeting you guys.
  • Icey: Even though Gale is playable its false
  • Hal: False; Gale's not a member
  • Squidy: Gale was in the flock, although she left.
  • Guapo:
  • Porkchops: Being the one who played the game before and seen the animated series numerous times, Gale USED to be part of it until she found the crown and turned her back against the flock. I'll just stick with False, due to the betrayal being a backstory.
FALSE, Gale HAD been part of the flock, but she had betrayed them being in search of the Golden Egg.


  • Neda: 3/5 (+3 HP)
  • Dave: 4/5 (+4 HP)
  • Plantus: 3/5 (+3 HP)
  • Icey: 3/5 (+3 HP)
  • Hal: 3/5 (+3 HP)
  • Squidy: 4/5 (+4 HP)
  • Porkchop: 4/5 (+4 HP)
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