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This is a product made by AngerTech INC. Please do not edit the article unless you are a member.

For David Ganon's version, see Angry Birds Ultimate
For the (discontinued) Japanese version of this game, see Angry Birds Ultimate: Special
For the sequel to this game, see Angry Birds Ultimate 2

DISCLAIMER: This is not a fighting game like Super Smash Bros Ultimate. It is a classic slingshot game like any classic Angry Birds game.

Angry Birds Ultimate is a game developed by Rovio Entertainment, Combo Games, Nevrade Entertainment, AngerTech INC. and Nintendo. It (tries to) include(s) all of the birds. Progress on the game is slow, but this has to be the ultimate Angry Birds spin-off game ever! The levels are very challenging and this game is meant for people who are expert at Angry Birds. The game is released for beta testing on Android devices, and it will be released on iOS, Android, Switch, Xbox and Windows. No news yet for other devices. The game uses Toons-like sprites.


The Flock were enjoying happily on Piggy Island, All except Red, he was busy protecting the eggs from the exceeding danger of the pigs. But suddenly, a Big Portal came: and took the eggs with a giant machine. It was Riba laughing! It appears he took every minion pig and the birds' biggest enemies with him! The whole flock was angrier than ever before! Now they are calling the help of every single bird! Can they get the eggs back before King Smoothcheeks gets his tingling tastebuds on them?


The gameplay uses the classic slingshot concept from most AB games and it is similar to Angry Birds 2. There are cards and also the Arena only this time, there are several modes: Adventure Mode, Arena Mode (PVP), Construction Mode, and Event Mode. The Cards use a different system compared to Angry Birds 2. Instead of showing only three cards at a time, it shows all cards on a board. And since the flock is so big, you can select the cards you want (This doesn't happen until you have more than eight birds). Turns are also introduced. When it is your turn, you can sling your bird, and once you've done that, it's the pigs' turn. In this turn, pigs will use any of their respective abilities. Now, two of the same bird cards can appear at once. In this game, like spells, you have powerups that you can pick as well. Some pigs have abilities to move and jump, but some pigs prefer to stick around.

Birds and Allies

Main article: Angry Birds Ultimate (ComboLuigi2000)/Birds and Allies

Pigs and Enemies

Main article: Angry Birds Ultimate (ComboLuigi2000)/Pigs and Enemies


Material Name Function
GlassAlt Glass A weak material that can be shattered easily by all birds. The Blues are best used against it and can break it without hesitation.
Wood Wood An average material that can be broken by most birds. Chuck is best used against wood and can just zap straight through it.
Stone Stone A very hard material to peck through and not many birds can break through those tough cookies. Bomb and Silver are experts at bombarding stone.
TNTCL2000 TNT TNT will cause havoc all around it by exploding when a bird touches it. Useful for destroying structures around it.
PigInABoxCL2000 Pig in a Box Once the crate is broken, the pig will break out of it. You can get extra points for both the crate and the pig.
Gold Block Sheet

(This is just a placeholder for now)

Gold Gold is pretty sturdy. When hit by a weak bird, it gives you 1 snoutling on every hit, when hit by an average bird, it gives you 2 snoutlings, and when hit by a strong bird, it gives you 3 snoutlings.
Sand Sand Sand is a weak material, even weaker than glass that all birds are able to break it. Appears in mostly sandy levels.
SnowCL2000 Snow Snow is similar to sand, but in appears in snowy levels.
AB ULRTIMARE BRICKS!!!!!!! Bricks This is stronger than stone and only very strong birds like Terence and Metalbird can destroy it. Most birds would only be able to make cracks in it.
Downloading Coal Coal is very flammable and can easily start fires. Birds like Blaser and Cameron can set it on flames. Other birds can break it too since it is the strength of wood, but it is best destroyed with fire-type birds.
DeadWoodSprites Deadwood It is less durable than normal wood and almost every bird can break it. It just takes two hits from the Blues to completely demolish it. Even Red's scream can shatter it. The only bird that cannot destroy it is Deadly.
Platinum Pig Platinham Platnham is one strong ham that is quite tough to destroy, it takes four hits, and he can really roll!


Picture Name Description Crafting
WoodCL2000 Wooden


A basic wooden log. It's wooden! And it's a log! Mostly found in forests! Pretty useful! And that's all really... It is a basic resource, so it has no crafting recipe.
StoneCL2000 Stone Plain ol' rocks that you can find commonly in rocky areas. There's many useful stuff you can do with it, for example, headbutting one when you're angry, thus giving you a severe headache. It is a basic resource, so it has no crafting recipe.


Picture Name Description Crafting
Seeds (Transparent) Seeds Just practical bird seeds that you can usually find in grasslands. A bird's best friend especially when their tummies may grumble! It is a basic ingredient, so it has no crafting recipe.
RedBerryCL2000 Red Berries Red Berries are used for refreshing berry juices, they are found mostly in grassy levels. Birdy! It is a basic ingredient, so it has no crafting recipe.
SandCL2000 Shiny Sand Shiny Sand is found very commonly in beach locations and you can smelt it to make glass vials. It is a basic ingredient, so it has no crafting recipe.
WaterCL2000 Water Water can be found from places with lots of water...Wait, how in the world is that thing floating in the air?! JUST HOW?! It is a basic ingredient, so it has no crafting recipe.
Cabbage Cabbage is a normal crop growing in Piggy Island. This is used in many different ways like for cooking, and for weapon ammo. It's a basic ingredient, so it does'nt have a crafting recipe.


Foodstuff will be able to give your birds various effects before the level. They can be crafted in the kitchen.

Picture Name Description Crafting
BerryJuiceCL2000 Berry Juice Soothing and refreshing berry juice can give the birds a boost, especially on a hot day. What's better is that it's easy to craft as well! 2 Red Berries + 1 Water + 1 Vial
Charge Fruit Charge Fruit Nothing Like A Charge Fruit Can Give You Energy! It Can Give Your Birds A 50% Strength, Speed!, And Ability Power! An Energetic, Nutritious Charge Fruit! You Need More Ingredients To Create This Energy Fruit! 5 Red Berries,

2 Shiny Sands, 3 Seeds, 2 Water

Rage Chili The Rage Chili isn't an original chili pepper... it's used by birds to make their anger level rise so that they can destroy almost everything! It's hard to find, however. See here to see all of the rage abilities. 3 Chili Seeds + 2 Magic Water


Picture Name Ability Description
King sling
King Sling Makes the birds fly very fast. Slingshot of Speed

The King Sling is one of the finest slingshot models ever made, as it is made from a platinum-titanium metal alloy, a sturdy golden handle for extra stability, and an extremely comfy elastic band for your birds to relax on. Somebody mentioned that a genius invented these, no wonder whenever you sling a bird from one of these puppies, they have a golden trail of pure light and energy following them.

AngelABUCL2000 Angel Turns a pig into a a nice pig, doesn't work on bosses. Good Piggies

Angel Birdla is a mysterious bird and the "adoptive" son of Noise, one of Red's lookalikes. Despite being able to change bad piggies into good piggies, he was full of mischief when he was much, much younger, as he annoyed everyone he knew with loud noises, sneaked food into his room, and even once tortured his cousin, Firespark. Eventually, he grew out of his habits and started living up to his name, at least for now…

PigPumperABUCL2000 Pig Pumper Inflates pigs to a big size, making them destroy everything in it's way. (TBA)
Lightning Shocking Ability (Credit to Yoshifan1219 for the picture) Zaps pigs which can pass on electricity to other pigs, you can move the zapper, this lasts for 5 seconds. Shocking Results!

This power-up looks like a lightning strike, but it is much more than just a lighting strike. It will shock all pigs that are not in a structure. This power's recipe was first created by Professor Pig when he was finding out how to create electricity, but Shade went to the King's Castle to save the eggs and on the way, he swiped the recipe, combined it with gunpowder, and loaded it in a laser gun and boom! That's the secret of the Shocking Ability...


IMG 5044.PNG
Postman Pig Gives you daily gifts without having you watch an ad. Gifts include feathers for birds (except Gelatin and Lukie) and prizes for unlocking birds.
BillyABUCL2000 Billy Billy teaches you the basics of the game, you can skip it. He also appears as a cameo.
OzzieToons Ozzie the Mechanic Pig Ozzie is found at the end of Level 2-3. He upgrades your slingshot for some materials and snoutlings. It takes 2-3 minutes for him to do this, but after that, your slingshot is as good as new!
Eraser 2019-05-05 11-06-08 Ghoul Ghoul gives you daily quests, on each level of the quest you can earn feathers to level up birds and on the end level, you can get very special rewards. After a quest, Ghoul will sleep and wait til' tommorrow to give you your next quest. Ghoul is unlocked on 6-5 after fighting him as a miniboss.
ProfPigCL2000 Professor Pig Professor Pig can be found at Pig City, he unlocks new food-items that can be eaten by birds in game to boost them. The food-items cost snoutlings or lucky coins.
CerdanNewCL2000 Cerdan Swiningston Cerdan acts as the storekeeper in the arena. Before starting, you'll need to battle him to test your arena skills, after that, he provides stamina drinks to make sure your birds can win and he can also provide a good amount of food!


Name Location Number of Levels Island Birds Unlocked
Birdlands Cobalt Plateaus 15 Piggy Island Red (At the start), The Blues (Level 1-4), Chuck (Level 1-9), Bomb (Level 1-14)
Swine Vines Bamboo Forest 15 Piggy Island Matilda (Level 2-3), Silver (Level 2-7), Terence (Level 2-10), Hal (Level 2-15), Bubbles (Level 2-17)
South Beach South Beach 20 Piggy Island Stella (Level 3-5), Ruby (Level 3-15)
Pork-th Pole Crown Mountains 20 Piggy Island Tony (4-1) Icey (4-6) Chet (4-8) Dodo (4-15)
Pig City Pig City 25 Piggy Island
Gold Sand Beach Gold Sand Beach 25 Golden Island Poppy (Level 6-1), Luca (Level 6-10), Willow (Level 6-17)
Snout Seawater Lake Lily Lagoon 25 Golden Island Dahlia (Level 7-10), Garretto (Level 7-18)
Fun Forest 25 Golden Island Plum (Level 8-8), Gary (Level 8-12)
Castle Gale Castle Gale 25 Golden Island Sasha (Level 9-5) Volt (Level 9-11) Gale (Level 9-25)
Magma Plains Volcano 25 Golden Island Wind (10-3) Psy (10-7) Arctic (10-12)
Space-Time Continuum The Middle Of A Wormhole 30 Space-Time Continuum


Diamond Beach 25 Diamond Island Dane (Level 12-2) Blake (Level 12-21)

Tally (Level 12-24)

Long Lost- Friends Diamond Beach 30 Diamond Island Elict (Level 13-15) Spade (Level 13-18)

Crash (Level 13-21) Detray (Level 13-29)

Missing Ability Shards Shining Forest 15 Diamond


None Yet.
The Islands Under

Water Temple

Under Diamond Island 15 Diamond Island
Hideout Blue Bird Village 15 Bird Island
Palms District Bird Village 10 Bird Island
No-Bird Zone Steep Snoutains 30 Bird Island
Riba's Lair Snout Volcano 40 Piggy Island Mario (Level 19-18), Luigi (Level 19-30)
The Milky Way Cow Castle 25 All Terra
*Bonus Level*

Cardinal City

Cardinal Island 94 hidden levels in total Cardinal Island None. It's a bonus episode.


Runes are used to power up birds. They cannot be crafted but can be found in loot chests after unlocking Garretto.

Class-Specific Runes

Class specific runes power up all birds in the related class on your deck.

Picture Name Description Class Used On
(Coming Soon) Rune of Outrage Boosts strength by 15% and rage(filling up a rage chilli by defeating pigs) by 35% Anger
(Coming Soon) Rune of Alliance Boosts score receival by 20% and strength by 10% with the bird currently used and the bird used later. Teamwork
(Coming Soon) Rune of Speed Boosts speed by 50%. Speed
(Coming Soon) Rune of Strength Boosts strength by 50%. Strength
(Coming Soon) Rune of Tranquility 15% of defeated pigs turn into good pigs. They will appear as a new card in your deck. Peace
(Coming Soon) Rune of Aerodynamicity Boosts air resistance by 25% and aerodynamicity by 25%. Aerodynamics
(Coming Soon) Rune of Sugar Boosts speed by 35% and aerodynamicity by 15%. Sugar


  • Get more than X points.
  • Use X flock
    • Main Flock (Red, The Blues, Chuck, Bomb, Matilda, Terence, Silver, Extra bird (Hal, Bubbles or Stella))
    • Stella's Flock (Stella, Poppy, Luca, Willow, Dahlia, Gale + Extra 2 birds)
    • Bubbles' Flock (Bubbles, Hal, Logan, Gummi, Holly, Callahan, Hallow + (Red or the Blues))
    • Terence's Flock (Terence, Hal, Gelatin, Lukie, Computery, Metalbird, + Red or Bubbles)
    • Chuck's Flock (Chuck, Bomb, Bourke, Karla, Damian, Junior, Anton + Extra bird)
    • Unique Flock (Reece, Rainbow, Cloudifer, Bounci, Piggy + Extra 3 birds)
    • Baby Flock (Josh, Speedsty, Grenade, Madelyn, Beako, Luca, Stripes + Extra bird)
    • Barry's Batch (Barry, Sasha, Volt, Cameron, Lily, Presto + Extra bird)
    • Wind's Flock (Wind, Artic, Psy, Ray, Puffy + Extra 3 birds)
    • Dane's Flock (Dane, Blake, Crash, Elict, Tally, Spade + Detray And/Or Tornadowind)
    • ABFW Users (Combo, Lach, Icey, Noise, Luigi and Dave)
    • The Legion (Shade, Myusix, Plantus, Evangelion, Array, Lilith + 2 extra birds (Sarah, Terminus, Hello, Puyolin, or Elline))
    • The Blues' Flock (The Blues, Bubbles, Matilda, Silver, Garretto, Plum, Tony + Extra bird (Any other member of the Blues' Flock)


Egg Defender! - Defend the lost egg from attacking pigs either on foot or riding contraptions!

Dodge the Danger! - You have a limited number of birds, and you need to dodge all of the obstacles like spikes and cannons in order to hit the pig.


Main article: Angry Birds Ultimate (ComboLuigi2000)/Cutscenes


You can buy birds that aren't unlocked yet for gems or real life money. Some seasonal birds get discounts. Such seasonal birds are:

  • Matt (Valentines)
  • Mallard (St. Patrick's Day)
  • Stripes (Easter)
  • Firespark (4th of July)
  • Blaser (Halloween)
  • Icebomb (Christmas, Winter in our Summer)
  • Tony (Christmas, Winter in our Summer)

Leveling Up

Leveling up is a way of improving your birds' status. You do so by collecting feathers from treasure chests that appear on various levels. Leveling up can improve ability damage, arena health/damage and speed and resistance. When you've leveled your bird at a certain level, it will be at Mastery level. You can only upgrade knockback, arena status and recharge to prevent overbuffing the birds.

Arena Mode

Arena mode makes it able to battle players in real life. You can unlock Arena Mode after beating level 10 Pig City. First of all, pick a team leader. You need to have enough stamina to fight. You have to try to get score by beating endless levels til' time runs out. Once done, your team leaders will fight each other until one is defeated. More score means more attacks, extra attacks come in while the team leader is used.

Starting Off

To start off; Billy will teach you the basics of Arena Fighting, if you already know, you can skip this. You will first of all, fight with an example player, and that example player is Cerdan. After defeating him, you will unlock the arena store.

Arena Store

Cerdan provides items such as stamina drinks and foodstuffs. Stamina drinks will help you to get more stamina. Remember that these items will cost snoutlings. Some even cost lucky coins or real life money.


Cerdan: Welcome, to The Arena!

Red: Whoa! This is amazing!

Chuck: I agree, Red.

Matilda: Let’s fight!

Reece: We can! I know we will.

Callahan: Sweet!

Chet: Let’s battle!

Volt: This is amaz-(BZZZT!)-ing!

Jake: Alright.

Jay: Yes we can!

Jim: Okay.

Red: Alright guys, let’s go!

Construction Mode

A fun mode that can be unlocked at level 9-15. You can make structures with the blues using toys! Not just any toys, but magic toys that come to life. Make your own piggy contraptions with the Blues and share them online with your friends and challenge their flock. Unlock more toys as you go and add bosses to your level to make the game harder...

The toys use the same sprites as their normal counterparts. Give the toy an item to change it's attribute.

  • Pigs can be stacked up to make a Pig Tower.

Night Mode

Only exclusive to Construction Mode, Night Mode unlocks exclusive features, like:

  • In Swine Vines, Waters become poisonous.
  • In Pig City, Pigs are asleep, you wake them up by hitting them, to pop them, just hit them again.


Like Angry Birds Epic, there is an event portal that you must go to in order to parcitipate in the event.

Winter in our Summer

Winter in our Summer is an event that takes place in the release of Angry Birds Movie 2. It includes most winter birds as event birds. The main villain here is Zeta. Your objective is to find Zeta, most of the places in Bird Island are already frozen and you have to get to Zeta's Hidden Castle.

The Ultimate Space Race

The Ultimate Race to Space is an event on March 22nd, celebrating the anniversary of Angry Birds Space. Hekto Porko and King Pig stole the golden eggsteroid and you have to compete with other players to find it. You get to battle with others in real time by popping the most pigs. There is a timer so you must try to be quick about it. There are atmospheres that surround planets and there is zero gravity. In the end of the event, the one who pops the most pigs will be given the golden eggsteroid as a reward that gives you a bunch of lucky coins.

Happy Valenswine's 2020!

The birds were happy celebrating valentines' day and the air is filled with love. Bubbles was busy eating bon bons in a heart shaped box while the blues were... using the slingshot to send lots of love. Literally. The pigs however, had different plans, whatever day it is, the King Pig still wants to eat them eggs. The pigs took the eggs (with silly hats on them) and like always, they run away and the birds chase them. Will this valentines' day be ruined for the lovebirds or will they be able to save it?

Save Jamaa!

Save Jamaa! is an event as a collaboration of Rovio and WildWorks. It takes place in Jamaa. The pigs and phantoms are causing trouble again as they take over the city of Jamaa and trap all of the animals. The birds start to get very angry over this and to save the animals of Jamaa, you'll have to venture through Jamaa to stop the pigs and phantoms and restore peace in the city.

Bird York Event!

The birds have constructed a new modern city named "Bird York". It basically has about everything, restaurants, hotels, theaters and so much more! King Pig is not happy that their city is more advanced than theirs, so they steal the eggs from the egg vault and try to escape. However, Bird Security knows about this and asks all the birds to attack the pigs.

Spoilerworthy information

SpoilerAlertSpoiler warning!
This article contains spoilers for Angry Birds Ultimate (ComboLuigi2000).


Cutscene after Riba Soul boss fight

Riba: (weakly) Where am I?

Riba: (Weakly) ...Reece?

Reece: Welcome back... old friend.

(All birds cheer)

Garretto: Uhh.... guys, we have a problem.

Gummi: And what, exactly is that problem?

Volt: The ceiling is shaking!

Jay: We might want to run.

(Someone comes down from the ceiling and magnets the Dimensional Emerald)

Red: Who are you?

King Cow: It is I, the Cow King, and I've come for my revenge!

Callahan: Oh wait, now I know you, you’re the ones who defeated me, but I was revived! Now what do you want?!

Riba: You?! Oh no you don’t. Take that Emerald and you’re gonna wish you never crossed paths with me!

King Cow: Riba, for many years we've been battling over control of the Emerald, and now that I have it, I can manipulate the whole universe! Hahahaha!

Reece: Wait, you know him?!

Riba: Unfortunately. My ancestors wanted that Emerald from the very start, and so did the Cow King. They’ve battled for it for centuries until things settled down. But since the King ordered for it to be taken, I knew that would be a mistake and now the war has begun once more.

Reece: But why?

Riba: I tried to tell the King but that fool wouldn't listen!

King Cow: Yes, now it will be I who wins!

Riba: Grrr! We must get him!

Bounci: Ha! And how are we going to do that?

Blake: Yeah, Bounci's right? How?

Riba: As much as I hate to admit it, we’re going to have to...ugh, join forces.

Rainbow: Hm, I’d hate to admit it but Riba is right! We have to team up, for not just our sake, but for the sake of our worlds! Who’s with us?!

(All birds cheer "me!")


(This will be redone)

Music Suggestions

Music What it sounds like Location
Doomsday Battle against Riba. Full of tension, energetic, sense of danger. (and it sounds cool.) Riba’s Lair

(Unofficial Name)


Mods (Short for modifications) can improve the ulimate experience in a whole new way. You can add birds, pig, worlds and many more to explore. An inexperienced coder can go to ABU's mods and addons page.


Producers are users that help with ABU, they can:

  • Help make art
  • Edit without permission
  • Add without suggesting

Producer Rules


  • Make sure that what is added is sensible.
  • Don't vandalize the article.
  • Make bird art from scratch, you can use any art program you like, just make sure it's good quality.(Unless you want to let me make it)
  • Do not disorganize the page too much.
  • Add information that's only Angry Birds Related.
  • If I(Combo) say that something is going to be added, then let me add it, please.
    • You can ask me if you really want something to be added, however, just don't slap it in the article without my permission.
  • Do not act like you're the boss of everything in the article, I'm the owner.
  • Do not create any more crossovers. The crossover amount is going bananas now.
  • Do not delete any of these rules!
  • Do not add anything extra without my permission.

I'm being stricter on the rules this time, so if you don't follow the rules, I might have to remove you from being a producer. The rules apply to all versions of ABU (This one, the Special Version and the World of Light)

Team of Producers

Website Which you can find on the Angry Birds Website( and the Combo Games website (

(P.S. Do not try this. It's fanon. You could do so for experimental purposes, still)

Trivia and Easter Eggs

  • Like Angry Birds Heights, This game uses SI prefix symbols.
  • If you look closely in the Pig City, you can see a milkshack, with a pig outside of it.
  • This used to use Angry Birds Fight! sprites. But after adding Chet, Rovio decided to change the sprites.
  • Piggy-llusionist is a combination of the words "Piggy" and "Illusionist"
    • He is based on Minecraft's unused mob, the Illusionier. Due to the fact that he can copy himself.
  • Blossom Stella, Buttercup Poppy, and Bubbles Luca are in a flock named the "Powerpuff Birds" and this is an obvious reference to Cartoon Network's "Powerpuff Girls".
  • if you look through the game files there will be a barking noise and sprites of Luiz from Rio because he was originally going to be in the game
  • Gabi the mid-boss is the only character in the game that is not bird or pig
  • Diamond Island Is Named After DanTDM's (Famous Youtuber) Island In The Game (Tomodachi Life)
  • Cerdan, Dave, and Icey are the only users from the wiki that appear in the game.
    • Combo and Omega make small appearances/cameos but never actually get implemented.
      • However, because of an update, Combo is now unlockable on April the 1st.
  • In this game, when Bomb explodes, he doesn't dissappear like in Angry Birds Toons, and he has a corpse sprite.
  • Bird Pork from the Bird Pork event is based off Bird Pork from The Secret Life Of Hatchings.
  • Phantom's quote "Phantom of the Night Skies" is based off Phantom's name from Minecraft when it was in development.
  • Deadly's size has been greatly reduced to the size of all the birds in this game combined. The reason for this is because it is unnecessary for a bird to be that big.

Combo Unlocking Manual!

1. Make sure that Mario and Luigi are at least levels 7 or higher.

2. Three-star all levels on South Beach.

3. On Porkth Pole, start Level 4-1.

4. When the cutscene turns to Rovio HQ, click on Combo's nose.

5. You've unlocked Combo! The game doesn't tell you so but you can go to your character selection to check this.

(Versions 0.6.3 - 0.9.0)

1. Fight King Cow using only Blaser, Plum, Garretto, Janet, Dave, Icey, Mario and Luigi and try to aim for three stars on the level without using any items.

2. Alternatively, use the same birds mentioned above on the last level of an event without any use of items.

(Versions 0.9.0 - Current)


Announcer: Every Bird has a Story...

(Red gets slung on the first level of Angry Birds)

Announcer: ...An adventure...

(Garretto drills into a structure in Angry Birds Blues: The Game)

Announcer: ...An obstacle...

(Barry sucks in all blocks like a tornado in Angry Birds Legends)

Announcer: ...A goal...

(Callahan dives into a structure in Angry Birds 3: The Final Flocktier)

(gelatin bouncing on a structure in angry birds Terence)

Announcer: All leading up to this... final... moment...

(Intense Drum music plays)

(Screen shows a bunch of birds that appear in the game, all recolored in pitch black)

Announcer: Angry Birds Ultimate, coming soon in January, 12, 2026.

Cannon Reveal

Announcer: Bootlegs, a sincere form of flattery that has been passed on for generations.

(Multiple screenshots and recordings of bootlegs like Somari, 7 Grand Dad, and Super Mario World 4)

Announcer: But what if the bootlegee trys to bootleg the bootlegger?

(Shines light on Cannon)


(Footage of Cannon ingame)

Angry Birds Ultimate!


Special thanks to 5xGame for the premission of adding Cannon.

2nd Trailer

Announcer: Did You Know?

(Shows Dane Yelling In Colleague Reunion Episode)

Announcer: That There Are.

(Shows Garretto Drilling Through Bricks In Snout Seawater Lake Episode)

Announcer: More.

(Shows Chet Ricocheting And Crashing Into Structures In Pork-th-Pole Episode)

Announcer: More!

(Shows Wind Creating Wind To Knock Over Structures In Magma Plains Episode)

Announcer: MORE!

(Shows Red Flung in The End Of Angry Birds And The Mighty Eagle Video)

Announcer: New Birds, New Bosses, More And Just More Features!

Announcer: Get The ABU Bundle Now!

Announcer: Coming Soon In January, 2026!

Red: See You Later!

All Fanon Birds: BYE!

3rd Trailer: Fusion Machine!

(Camera starts up)

Plum: Hey you!

Plum: Yes, YOU!

Plum: Have you ever wanted to take two birds and use their abilities at the SAME TIME?!

Plum: Well I've this new machine that allows you to do that!

Plum: All you gotta do is take two bird cards of your liking, mmmhmm, and click the magic button, and...

Plum: Boom! We have a brand new bird card that we can use in our levels!

Plum: Check this out, Rack can speed up with a scream! Whilst Blastella can blow fire bubbles along with fire itself!

Plum: And oh, by the way...

(Camera stops recording)

Plum: I wasn't finished yet!!!

(Coming soon)

Gallery and Commercials


It was just a normal, sunny day on piggy island, when Red was just walking back from the store.

Chuck: Oh hey there, Red!

Red: Hello, Chuck!

Chuck: What's that you have in your wing, Red?

Red: It's the new Angry Birds Ultimate/Smash Bros Ultimate Bundle for Switch.

Chuck: Cool!

Red: Buying the bundle is worth it and cheaper than both prices of ABU and SSBU.

Red: It's for a limited time only! Don't miss it before it's gone!

Chuck: Well I'd better be running quickly to get the bundle before anyone else gets it, bye Red!

Red: See ya Chuck!

-Angry Birds Ultimate and Super Smash Bros Ultimate Bundle: Get it til' it's gone!-

Chuck: Why is there such a long queue?!

"The last copy"

Intercom: Attention shoppers, we're down to the final copy of the ABU/SSBU Bundle.

Icebomb and Blaser: WHAT!? THE FINAL COPY!?

Icebomb and Blaser: (running)

Icebomb: Gotcha!

(Blaser tackles Icebomb)


Garretto: It's all yours!

Icebomb: YAY!

Blaser: Aw, man!

Icebomb: Hey, we can share!

  • info*


Blooper 1:

Combo: And... action!

Red: I was looking everywhere for you boys! Where've you all gone?!

Jay: A hoard of pigs were trying to catch us!

Jim: Thanks to our braveness, we were able to clear the path!

Jake: Yeah! It was like... whoops, I forgot my line.

Combo: Oh, man... (Laughs)

Red: (Laughs) Nevermind, let's do that again!

Blooper 2:

Combo: And... action!

Red: Guys, let's sneak quietly and see what the pigs are up to...

Red: ...Where's Chuck?

Chuck: Sorry I'm late for this, I was just making a rock costume to hide.

(Hambo sneaks up behind the birds in a bush with some other pigs) Hehehe... *snorts*

The Blues in a low whisper: What was that?

Minion Pig with Hambo: Achoo!

(Everyone looks at Bomb)

Bomb: What?

Jay: (Laughs) Bomb, you were supposed to blow up!

Bomb: Like this? (Blows up)

Chuck: Exactly! (Laughs) From the top!

Blooper 3:

Combo: And... action!

Bomb: What a fight!

Red: Just wonderful! Our slingshot looks just as bad as a...

Ozzie: (Falls down from the sky) Aaaaaaah!!! Ow!!!

Chuck: Hey piggy, listen up! What are your plans!

Ozzie: (Getting up) ...Agh... Relax, I'm not with Riba. That porker double-crossed me...

Matilda: Oh dear, what happened?

Ozzie: Riba's been getting suspicious of my activity and friendly... who's that eating?

(Camera turns to Blaser eating an oversized baloney sandwich)

Blaser: What?! I was hungry!

Red: Yeah, but bro, (laughs) don't eat so loudly!

Blooper 4:

Volt: Let's get out of here before it's too-


(Camera turns to Shade drinking lemonade)

Shade: Oh hey guys.

Blooper 5:

Combo: ACTION!

Recce: we got ya king pig!

king pig: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh (kinda dark voice) ahhhhhh

king pig: its some where in my throat but i can’t get it

Combo: CUT!

Blooper 6:

Riba: I Hate To Admin It-

Blake: ADMIN!?

Bounci: OMG! (laughs)

Volt: Why?

Jay: HEHE!

Riba: hehe.. Opps i messed up my line there... Hehe...

Gelatin: Hey Why Are You Still Rolling This!?

Combo: Oh Yeah... I Just Died Of Laughter XD Anyways CUT!

Blooper 7:

(One note on a piano is playing)

Shade: And probably- and-.

Shade: (Acting like he's happy) one second guys.

Blooper 8:

Combo: ACTION!

Garretto: Uhh.... guys, we have a problem.

Gummi: And what, exactly is that problem?

Volt: The ceiling is shaking!

Jay: We might want to run.

(Someone comes down from the ceiling and magnets the Dimensional Emerald)

Red: Who are you?

King Cow: It is I, the Chow King, a-

Gummi: Wait Chow King?


King Cow: OMB I'm a idiot

Combo: CUT! Cu-Hahaha-t OH My Gosh!

Blooper 9:

Unknown: So, dad... I was thinking...

Red: Yeah?

Unknown: Ever since I got kidnapped, You never got a chance to name me.

Red: Well, I guess... Wait... Who's playing that theme?

(Camera rotates to Riba, playing "Dawn of the Swine" on piano, along with other pigs using other instruments)

Riba: Don't mind me! Just spicing things up a little.


(Red, Unknown, and the pigs laugh, while chuck screams)

Combo: CUT! XD

Blooper 10:

Combo: and... ACTION!

Dane: (in cage) Darn those pigs! who knows what'll happen to the gem..

Blake: (in cage) (breathes in) i forgot my line....

Tally: (in cage) SERIOUSLY!?


Chuck: hey guys! check this out! (playing Megalovania in piano)

(Sans crashes through the wall)



Blooper 10:

Pixel: So, You guys saving me? (Guzzles down on ketchup)

Red: Yeah. Wait a... Pfft...

Pixel: Wha... Oh... (Ketchup is smeared on the floor) DANG IT! I MISSED!

Pyro: Check this Out! (Burns the Ketchup)

Pixel: No... Not my ketchup... WHY DID THE KETCHUP GODS BETRAY ME!?

Pig: Because they thought that your name was SANTIAGO!


Pyro: ...Whoops. XD

Cut! CUT! LOL, *laughs*.

Blooper 11:

Combo: And Action!

Starstorm Flock: Oh hi there Legion!

The Legion: BUUURP

Starstorm Flock: Oh...

Computerbirdy: WHAT?

Hal: Haa... I'm seasick

Combo: CUT!

(All flocks meet Hal, The Legion and Starstorm Flock)

(Puyolin falls into the black hole)

Puyolin: FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All Birds: yAAAAAAAAY!

Blooper 12:

Combo: And Action!

Callahan: Destiny?! We couldn't think about that...


Callahan: *blows the bottle quietly*

Holly *blows the bottle which is very loud*

(The camera breaks)

Callahan: What just happened?

Holly: The camera broke! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! (Runs away quickly)

Callahan: (Runs away quickly and turns himself into a ghost)

(The camera starts to move)

(Broken TV starts playing and then turns black)

Blooper 13:

Combo: And action!

Hokk: Ha! Try out this Rage Chilli! It's sooo spicy!

Ray: Uh... ok.

Ray: (Eats the rage chilli)

Ray: AAAAAAAAAA! MY EARS ARE POPPING! IT'S SOOO SPICY!! (Burns his mouth) (Playing train sounds) GIMME ALOT OF MILK!!

(Hokk gives the milk to Ray)

(Ray drinks all of the milk)

Ray: Wow!, I feel as if I'm at the beach!

(Hokk and Ray teleport to Gold Sand Beach)

(Artic, Hello, Red and Hal appear out of nowhere)

Hello and Artic: Have an ice cream.

Hokk: Whats the Magic Word?

(Artic turns into a vanilla ice cream cone)

Hokk: Yummy!

Blooper 14:

Plantra: Ah, the sun is shining, the birds are singing...

Pixel: Ahem?

Plantra: dang it, I just made it ironic...

Sans: Actually, that was my line.

Luigi(offscreen): HEY! Everyone says that!

Plantra: Uhhh... I'm confused. Who's line is this?

Pixel: Lemme say that I wanna have some ketchup right now.

Sans: Same here son!

Pixel: ...Father?

Sans, Plantra, and Luigi: ._.

Combo: Doesn't the line say "Birds are singing, flowers are blooming"?! Anyway, cut.

Blooper 15:

Red: Don't worry Icey, I have a key!

Icey: (Is playing on switch)

Red: -_-

Icey: WHA?

Red: Hatchlings these days....

Icey: I'M NOT A HATCHLING!!! (Rams out of cage)

Red: Oh, no.

Combo: CUUuUuuUuUuuUuUUuUT!!! Cut, cut, cut, cut, cut!

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