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Pig Name Ability Scrapbook Description
MinionPigToons Minion Pig These pigs don't do anything, they come in three delightful sizes, small, medium and big. Totally Clueless!

Those porkers are citizens of the Pig City and the servants of King Smoothcheeks, Minion Pigs are the most cheerful cannon fodders you will ever meet!

StickPig2 Stick Pig (Credit to DavetheFave11 for the picture) Pokes your birds continuously with a stick, It has a 25% chance to knock them back slightly. Stick-y Situation!

One day, this pig wants to be the leader of a pig army, Stick piggy won't leave his precious wooden stick behind, he uses it to battle birds, but he has forgotten the fact that the birds are very strong.

RoguePigCL2000 Rogue Pig Rogues spank your birds with a big bat, knocking them out. Destroy the structures instead of the Rogue to defeat him. Scoundrel Swine!

The thieving Rogue pigs are not to be messed with. They are known for stealing eggs from nests, committing crimes for their crime boss Jailbreak Rogue, and cooking you out with a bat.

Wealthy Rogue (DaveFave11) Wealthy Rogue (Credit to DavetheFave11 for the picture) Wealthy Rogue doesn't bat your birds and is found rarely, but once you defeat him, he will drop a lot of snoutlings. You need to be quick with this 'cause after three turns, he will zip away like a scaredy-pig. Rich Robber!

Wealthy Rogue is one of the most successful Rogues in the house. He steals from the richest birds in town. (especially for those who have a pool of Lucky Coins that they dive into) He always shows off the amount of money to other rogue pigs and he has a bat bigger than Jailbreak Rogue's used for whacking pigs on the head if they dare touch his bag of riches!

RocketPigCL2000 Rocket Pig Rocket pig takes to the sky to fly out of incoming danger (and birds) and slowly land on the ground with a parachute. Launching Legend!

This pig has practiced a lot in flight and uses rocket science to get out of danger. Rocket Piggy here wanted to go to space since he was a little piglet. And now he is...using his rocket to fly away from the incoming danger of the flock.

Helmet Pig Soldier Pig Has a 10% chance of the bird being knocked off the helmet. He will also have more health than an average minion pig. Supreme Soldiers!

Those piggies are the trained soldiers of the Corporal Pig who always yells in their ears. Although, 30 of them vs. The Flock and they would never win.

GoldenPigCL2000 Golden Pig Golden Pig appears rarely on levels. When popped, this pig will instantly fill up the destructo-meter. Shiny Swine!

This pig is made out of real gold, literally. Ten years ago, he found a random nugget of gold that he found in a cave, he touched it and he turned into gold! He may look different to other pigs, but hey, he's still your plain ol' easy going pig.

AngryPigCL2000 Hothead Pig After he is popped, he will explode in your birds' face... and other pigs' faces too. Has Some Pig Issues!

The pig hates everything. Friendly pigs, Friendly Birds, Attacking Birds, Being ordered by King Pig and Bills, just to name a few.

SpringPigCL2000 Spring Pig Bounces continuously to dodge attacks. If a bird hits it, it will bounce off and send the pig flying, making it extra bouncy. I promise you will get annoyed by him. Da Bouncing Swine!

This jolly pig has over nine-thousand stacks of springs, he uses those springs to travel everywhere he wants. He has impressed the King Pig by showing him 100 unique spring tricks in Pig Theatre.

BeachballPigCL2000-0 Beachball Pig When a bird is nearby, he throws a beachball at the bird, flinging him back. Once he throws the beachball, he can't use it anymore. Sandy Piggy

This pig just loves going to the beach! He will go to the beach every season of the year! (Despite the fact that the beach is closed in winter) Beachball Pig is one of the superb beachball players. He just needs to watch out for those sharks... or pigs in shark disguises scaring the ham out of them.

MerpigCL2000 Merpig Merpigs swim well in water and will try to attack birds in the water if they have a trident. On land, they act like normal minion pigs. Fishy Legend?

Back in the older pig days, there were tales of creatures called "merpigs". They would try to attack any bird who approaches their land. Well apparently, here they are, but they look kinda...fishy...and for some reason, they like...eggs? Hmmm...

PigletSquidCL2000 Piglet Squid This pig has weird behavior. Piglet Squids will swim around, and when a bird comes near, they will shoot up and try to capture the bird with their tentacles and drown them. Weird and Aquatic!

Piglet Squids are really weird! They're the most dumb of the aquatic creatures of the Merpiggy Seas and they hardly know how to do anything right. They have this really weird behavior to just shoot themselves into the sky. Yeah... things get really messy when you have them around. But hey, they're really good at attacking birds and drowning them, so Hogtopus made them his servants! Beware birds!

DopeOnARope Ropig Ropig hangs on a rope that is used to swing away birds. It makes it harder for the player to pop Ropig on its own, to defeat him, hit the rope (Takes 2 hits) or the block above it. Dope on a Rope!

One time, Corporal Pig used ropes to get the eggs. Thanks to the birds, Corporal Pig's plan failed. Looking at the plan, Ropig thought that this idea was good, so he practiced day by day swinging on ropes until this ultimate event. Although he still might be dumb; his rope is gonna make a difference. It will...

Catapult Piggie Catapult Pig (0Credit to DavetheFave11 for the picture) Catapult Pig flings himself towards birds. It can be a regular Minion or a Helmeted one. However, there is a rare chance that the Catapult Pig can be an Hothead Pig or a Rocket Pig. It regenerates every 2 turns UNLESS the catapult is broken. Flingin' Piggy!

These oinksters got tired of the birds knocking and destroying their towers, so after years and years of training with Corporal Pig, they finally have a chance to take revenge against the Birdbrained Flocksters...maybe.

IllusionierPigCL2000 Piggy-llusionist Piggy-llusionist makes three copies of himself and only one of them is the actual piggy-llusionist. Upon defeating him, the illusions will disappear. Piggy Tricky

The Piggy-llusionist has been studying the art of magical illusions over the years and has learned a way to make copies of himself to overwhelm the birds. Although the Piggy-llusionist uses his tricks for fighting purposes, he used it in the King's Theater too! It confused most of the pigs quite a lot!

BombshellHelmetPig Bombshell Soldier Pig Like the Soldier Pig, the Bombshell Soldier Pig has a hat that is hard to break, but upon breaking it, he explodes. This can be used as an advantage to the birds, however, this is one tough hog! Explosive Helmet!

The Pig-Hazard Helmet is a test when Corporal Pig was doing some training. He thought that putting a Bomb-Helmet on a pig would be a great idea as the birds would "blow away" as the helmet is broken...well, too bad Foreman Pig's structures could not withstand an explosion so...yeah, you know what happened the last time Bombshell Soldier Pig went into battle with the birdies.

CrocoPigCL2000-0 Crocodile Pig This dangerous piggy bites birds out of the water and other liquids. Born to bite!

All pigs are always ready to fight but this one really does fight! He can go through any liquid! Well...not lava even though he has fake crocodile teeth. Our "ferocious" friend is always the one who bites it like a boss.

BoarCL2000 Boar Boars have a 1 out of 8 chance of attacking your birds with their really big tusks with some slight knockback. Gone Wild!

These boars really mean business. Those wild hogs are fierce but their IQs are equal to that of a raisin. These work for their boss, the Big Boy Boar. The equivalent to that of the Corporal Pig just without the loud yelling. Even though they may be wild or dumb, they are the older version of your basic piggy today! Maybe not as wild but still dumb.

WildfirePigCL2000 Wildfire Pig Wildfire Pig explodes when popped like how Hothead Pig does. However, his explosion is way more powerful and he lobs fireballs of anger. Anger Danger!

Wildfire Pig is Hothead Pig's brother. He is three times as furious and fiery. He can even get so angry that he can produce a fireball from his anger. He has a big dislike for The Blues and he will try to chase them away. The main reason why he could be angry because they stomped on all the flowers in his garden five years ago.

Pirate Pig-0 Pirate Pig (Credit to DavetheFave11 for Pirate Pig.) Pirate Pigs wield a fish bone, nothing to worry about, right? Well, it inflicts poison when he swings it that can do a number of damage on your birds. Nasty! Plundering Porker!

These pigs are a bad bunch. They plunder treasures for their Captain, Goldsnout. Mostly gold and diamonds. They love sailing the seas and feeling the breeze but it's no time for relaxing when their Captain is around! These pigs are just so dumb that they can't even understand the alphabet! (Because they assume that there are 7 C's)

Fat Pig Toons (No Clothes) EGP6 Big Bork (Credit to ExcitedGreenPig6 for Big Bork.) When Big Bork is hit by a bird, the bird has a 25% chance to bounce off. A strategy is to hit the structure he's on from the bottom so that he take fall damage. Not a piece of cake!

Big Bork is one of the biggest slobs in Piggy Island besides King Pig and he just eats everything! He even ate Noise once! Big Bork lives on a planet called Utopia which is his dream planet and it is made out of donuts, cookies, waffles, popcorn, and other sweets! He's going on a seafood diet, he sees food-he eats it.

AcidicPigCL2000-0 Acidic Pig Dissolves any weak birds and blocks that touch it, can only be defeated by strong birds and falling off ledges, and when it's defeated, it will turn into acid. Too Sick!

Acidic Pig is a really sick pig, seriously! But how did he become acidic? He wandered into Professor Pig's lab, drank a potion that he thought was fruit punch. After that he blacked out for a while, luckily, he survived, but when he woke up, he was slightly sickly, but he noticed that he had a power to melt down things. Sick, right?!

AssistantChefCL2000-0 Chef Apprentice Chef Apprentice throws cupcakes at your birds that slow them down and makes it harder for them to use their abilities. Cooking Catastrophe!

This pig is an assistant of Chef Pig, and he loves to cook! It will always be cookin' in the kitchen when there's no work. He is still a novice chef and there is a 99.99999 percent chance that the oven will blow up, but if that improves his cooking, then, he'll just keep on cooking it to perfection!(by that, I mean until it explodes)

PartyPigCL2000-0 Party Pooper Pig When a bird is nearby, there is a 3/10 chance that he will shake everything in a certain radius about. Just Party!

This pig will always wreck a party no matter what type of party it is! He just wants to party all day and all night long without even caring about what in the world is happening. He will go into a rampage if someone tries to break his party fun. Seriously, don't mess with him!

ConstructionPigCL2000 Construction Pig Construction Pig throws screwdrivers at your birds which can do some knockback due to the fact its metal. If it doesn't work, then screw it!

These pigsters work for Foreman Pig to construct, repair and mess up. They spend most of their time exploding an extremely well-constructed structure, having a lunch of grass sandwiches, and throwing their screwdrivers. They found out that a screwdriver made great weapons, with them and their screwdrivers, the birds will have a bad time.

PigTowerCL2000 Pig Tower Pig Tower are Minion Pigs stacked up and can be pushed off the other. There can be at the very least 2 pigs in the tower, they can be stacked in various ways such as triangles or e.t.c. Stacked Snouters!

Those minions are stacked up to make a (well, not very) sturdy tower, trained by Corporal Pig. Those swines can make towers of any kind! Circles, triangles - you name it, they make it. They use their Pig Towers to protect other pigs using firm foundations, but, it seems that it ain't working well so far...

GoldenSoldierPigCL2000 Golden Soldier Pig Golden Soldier Pig acts very similar to the original Soldier Pig. Except that he has double the health thanks to his special golden helmet. They only appear in Castle Gale or very hard levels. Knight in Very Shining Armor!

Those shiny soldiers are the soldiers of Princess Gale. Gale just loves gold, so, pigs have forged helmets out of gold not only to impress Gale, but to help to win fights against their enemies, like Stella, her friends, other birds and the soldiers of King Smoothcheeks. Despite those golden helmets, they are still as dumb as they can!

Miner Pig-0 Miner Pig Miner Pig Will Throw Gems At You. There Is A 70% Chance That He Will Knock Your Birds Back

If You Defeat Miner Pig You Earn Every 50 Gems

Mine And Swine

Just Like Construction Pig They Work For Foreman Pig, They All Mine Gems And Other Crazy Stuff! They Mine Stone For Buildings, Construction That's The Reason Why The Birds Will Have A Hard Time Pecking Through Stone, With Their Trusty Pickaxes They Can Mine Stone All Day! (Unless They Break), The Birds Will Need Bomb And Silver To Peck Through This Massive Rock!

NinjaPigCL2000 Ninja Pig Switches place with other pigs when he is in danger and has a 40% chance to throw three shurikens at your birds. Swine of the Shadow!

This pig is always doing some type of martial art! Including Swine-kwondo, and his specialty, the pork-chop. He does it at night, and he even does it even during lunch! He works for his master, Samurai Pig. He won't let anyone pass him and his shurikens!

BruteAltColorCL2000-0 Brute Brute smashes the ground every three turns causing a shockwave that stuns shot birds nearby. Pig Ape!

This pig is always acting like a monkey. He will just do crazy stuff and will smash everything in his way!

PigletAltCL2000 Picopiglet Those guys are total cutie-pies, right? Yeah, I mean, to pigs. Picopiglets will jump onto the nearest bird and bite them, clinging onto them and pulling them down. To get them off a bird's plumage, use the bird's powerup. Tiny Trouble!

Those piglets just love playing in the field and causing lots of trouble. Especially if there's lots of them. Like lots and lots of them. Corporal Pig thought it was a good idea to have them as what he calls "junior soldiers", because of their ability to cling onto others. Though, they clung onto Corporal Pig instead...

Glue Pig Glue Pig Glue Pig splats glue every 3 turns, it makes birds stuck and it slows them down. It can also make structures more stable and not collapse so easily. Use Chuck to move speed through it Glue much fun!

Glue pig is always in a sticky situation and for some reason, he's always stuck to stuff! He found that tube of sticky glue in an old closet, it's meant to be for repairing stuff, but for him, it's a battle weapon. He loved this tube of glue ever since!

Baseball pig Baseball pig (Credit to IceBird2019 for Baseball Pig.) Baseball pig swings a baseball at your birds, sometimes, he could swing a bird. But if you use angle on him you can use his baseball to hit him. Hog Batter!

He is a baseball star! He can swing almost anything with his baseball bat! That includes apples, cabbages, dynamites, Christmas ornaments, gems from Garretto, Foreman Pig, and of course, baseballs. Talk about that. Baseball Pig says that baseball is the best sport above the rest!

GhostPigResCL2000 Ghost Pig Ghost Pig cannot be knocked over or moved, and he is able to fly. He will also revive after two turns. Ham of Horror!

Ghost Pig may be just a soul flying around, but he has big potential as a ghost. As a night-time job, he wears a bed sheet, only so that you can at least see him. He thinks that his job is pretty cool. Too bad everyone doesn't believe him because they can see right through him. People think that he can fly through walls, but he's put on a bit of weight recently, so he can't.

ZombiePigToons Zombie Pig (Credit to DavetheFave11 for Zombie Pig.) This spooky pig rises from a grave as a 50% chance every turn, if he dies, then Zombie Pig can rise from his grave again after three turns. Undead Bacon!

This rotten pig loves to eat bird brains, Zombie Pigs may be dead, but they are still dumb. Death is not the end of him yet, he just likes to sleep underground and pop out and scare birds of their feathers! They love going to the club at night and dance the thriller. Spooky!

MummyPigv3CL2000 Mummy Pig Mummy Pig throws toilet paper every two turns. The toilet paper will entangle the bird making it hard for them to move. Like Zombie Pig, he revives after three turns. Hog of the Sands!

Mummy Pig loves to take a good walk in the desert. Wait, what? Who would walk IN THE DESERT?! Well, Mummy Pig would. But he would never wander pharaoh-way from his pyramid. He buys the best kind of toilet paper that he can find in town. It's just a matter of time now, him...the birds...and his toilet paper.

CountPigulaCL2000 Count Pigula Every 2 turns, he will turn into a bat, making him able to dodge objects easily, after 3 turns, he will turn back into himself, and he is vulnerable to bird attacks. Hampire!

Count Pigula is the host of a mansion. The blues went to the mansion when they were looking for shelter, and they met him. Count Pigula tried to tell the blues he was a vampire...but they thought he was a rock star. By the way, Count Pigula only really earned the title "count" because he is good at mathematics.

Ducky Tube Ducky Tube Pig This piggy uses his ducky tube to safely stay afloat on water, pecking his ducky tube will make him sink. Swine Swimmer!

As a newbie swimmer, he goes to the Piggy Swimming Pool every Thursday, and he has a ducky tube. Most pigs like to laugh at him since he's still using a ducky tube at this age, so what? He has the right to do whatever he wants! Besides, his ducky tube is like a friend to him.

SharkPigCL2000 Shark Pig Shark Pigs swim around in water waiting for a bird and then pulls it down into the water. Finned Fool!

Shark Pig is no shark, he just wears a shark fin hat to scare the birds and also other pigs away. Especially those who are just swimming in their pool and relaxing, and suddenly, a shark fin appears and they get out of the swimming pool like Chuck running to get his phone if he forgot it.

SpacePigCL2000 Hogstronaut Hogstronaut is like a strong helmet pig and he can float as well in gravity. He can breathe in space without needing a bubble helmet. Pig in Space!

Hogstronaut loves to rocket to the outer space and works with his team to find life in space. It is said that he works in P.I.S.A. (Piggy Island Space Agency) and he found out that there is life on a planet called Piggy Planet with sufficient life on this planet and birds and pigs are already living there! Though, apart from that, how can this dude breathe in space when his helmet is cracked?

Mimpig Mimpig After two turns, Mimpig will imitate a pig that you've already encountered. Once you defeat it, it will turn back to Mimpig. You need to do this three times in order to defeat him or push him over a ledge. Technically a Copy Cat...or Pig.

Mimpig has a really cool imitating ability. How'd he get them, you ask? Well long time ago, when he was a little piglet, his parents were deciding on a name for him. But then a tornado struck and the piglet went flying around with other objects and suddenly came back looking weird...with an ability to imitate things. So they called him...Mimpig.

CANDY PIG Candy Pig Candy Pig Will Shoot Candies At Your Birds, Use Bubbles for Candy Pig Because once he starts shooting candies Bubbles will eat the incoming candy, Candy Will Make Bubbles Stronger To Defeat Candy Pig,Chuck Is Also Great For Candy Pig Because Once He Got Hit by Candy He Will Have More Speed Because of Sugar Rush.

Sweet Pork! This Pig Is Addicted to Candy! LUNCH BREAKFAST DINNER HE EATS CANDY!!!!! But Once He Had Sugar Rush He Was Dizzy, Crazy Making Him Throw His Delicious Candy Because it was too dangerous for him but it looks like when he was addicted to candy he bought a googolplex of candy!

Dr pig Dr. Pig Dr. Pig

Can Heal Pigs In 2 Turns. Which Makes Knocking Pigs Out Harder.

To Make It Stop. You Have To Defeat Dr. Pig

Healthy Pork!(Coming Soon.)
WarPigletCL2000 Piglet of War The Piglet of War's ability is to load up his bazooka for ten seconds and shoot out a piglet that deals damage and bounces off a bird. He also uses his helmet to protect him. Bazooka Boomer!

This piglet apparrently found a war helmet and A FREAKING BAZOOKA in one of Corporal Pig's closets!!! He told his friends about it, but he had no ammo, so he used them as ammo! As you can see, yeah... this is what happens when you cross a cute tiny piglet with bazooka loving soldier.

HockeyPig1CL2000 Ice Hockey Pig There are two types of Hockey Pigs. One blue and one red. The hockey pigs on the blue side will hit a puck that some damage and bounces off the birds. While the red ones hit a puck that immediately knocks out a bird. Porks and Pucks!

The Ice Hockey Pigs always practice hard for their duels. The blue side usually seems to win because of their hero, Hockey Star Pig. However, one day, the Red side bring out Goliath Pig and knocked out Hockey Star. Goliath then hit the puck in the goal over and over again, making them win a lot of points. Matilda(wearing a pig disguise) starts to get angry and then joins the game. And the Blue Hockey Pigs got back on track again!

FrostfulPigCL2000 Frosthead Pig When popped, this pig explodes with ice! Freezing everything near him, including birds, which make them freeze and drop like an ice block. Icebomb is resistant to this effect. Cold Cuts!

Frosthead pig is a chilly (and jolly) pig with a good attitude. When Frosthead Pig is walking along his village, he says hello to every pig he sees. He's nice to everyone, even some birds. Frosthead Pig may cold on the outside but he's a warm hearted pig on the inside.

SkeletonPigCL2000 Skeleton Pig Skeleton Pigs act very similar like Zombie Pigs as they revive after three turns. They also throw bones at birds. Skull Swine!

Skeleton Pig is a pig that's full of bones. He doesn't like to talk a lot and loves to sleep all of the time in his grave instead of working his fingers to the bone. Maybe that's where you get the phrase "lazy-bones" from. Despite me making those jokes most of the time, he doesn't like jokes because he's strict and has absolutely no sense of humor.

Sketch-1566061148602 Drone Pig (Credit to Yoshipea for the picture) Drone Pig has the ability to fly in place, if he sees a bird near him, he will alarm other pigs, making them two times stronger. However, you can disable his jetback using Circuit Breaker's explosion. Fearful Flier!

Drone Pig is a trained flier who stays away from other birds, despite that, he actually hates flying. The type of jetpack that he uses is a prototype Drone-Pak which is a special type of jetpack that could fly as fast as Chuck! However, Drone-paks usually take up a lot of space, and cannot be stored easily. Also, he's the only pig in town that's blue, oh, besides Frosthead Pig.

Sketch-1566061761146 Hacker Pig (Credit to Yoshipea for the picture) Hacker Pig uses a remote to create a shockwave, any robotic birds caught in it will be disabled, like Computerbirdy. Even items on birds can be disabled, like Lago's laser-vision glasses. Hacking Hog!

Hacker Pig is a tech enthusiast that loves hacking. From hacking a simple game just to defeat every enemy easily, to completely disabling the system of a robotic birda Hacker Pig acts very serious and will not hesitate on being the first pig to be popped, or the last pig standing. Hacker Pig is not scared of incoming birds, he may sweat, but he doesn't care. All he cares is his favorite quote...

"I... am... a... HACKER!"

SpidowCL2000 Spidow Spidow is a really nice pig. He wouldn't even hurt a fly. Just... don't make any eye contact with him or else he'll greet you with a beam of destruction. If a projectile tries to hit him, he will teleport away. Into Darkness!

Spidows are a species of pigs from underground and usually like the dark a lot. They are really friendly, but please do not look them into eyes. When they see another species like a bird stare at them, they start to get really shy and sensitive, and just unleash a beam of destruction! Despite being friendly, some Spidows wear protective armor and wield weapons as their king commands.

Pig Trades

You can trade with pigs using the materials you've collected or you can use snoutlings. And you can only do this in Pig City. You can trade them for other resources, ingredients, foodstuffs or even birdiforms! You can only do this with a Pig Costume.

Pig Name Trades
MinionPigToons Minion Pig (Lumberjack) 5 Wood = 10 paper

3 Red Berries = 5 Wood


Cows replace pigs in the Milky Way. They act very much the same but slightly stronger.

Cow Name Ability Scrapbook Description
Cowlooking Minion Cow Those evil looking cows act very much like minion pigs, they have a bit more health, making them more stronger. Savage Steak!

Those cows were the creators of the islands, and they worshipped a squid-like god. They did everything their leader, the King Cow says. They were defeated a long time ago. But Piggy used the Diamond Turtle to revive them again. They've set chaos upon the island then, it was stopped, but now they're back for revenge...

CowSoldier Cow Soldier These Cows have intimidating armor, making them twice as strong as a Minion Cow. They are trained to use weapons too. Helmeted Herd!

These Cows were hand-picked by one of the Cow Generals to become trained soldiers. They were trained in many forms of hand to hand combat and melee weapons. It's too bad they don't have any hands.

CowElderCL2000 Elder Cow Being more menacing and bigger than a regular Cow, he has way more health and can dodge bird hits 40% of the time. Making it harder for you to defeat him. Uncalm Cattle!

The elders are the ravages of the cow tribe when the cows created the islands, the Elder Cows usually had to put pieces of rock together to create them, due to their immense strength. The elders are usually involved in ritual situations, such as worshipping the squid-god. Because of their immense strength, they can make Terence looks like he's useless and no one's even HERD of him!

Event Enemies

Event Enemies are enemies that usually only appear or have their debut during an event.

Image Name Ability Scrapbook Description
PhantomCL2000 Phantom Zaps nearby birds, putting them in deep sleep as they do in Animal Jam. This will make the birds unable to attack and drop to the ground. Monster of the Night Skies!
Phantom falling Falling Phantom Falling Phantoms will fall randomly out of the sky and will explode when it touches an object (like a bird, material, e.t.c.). Only one falling phantom can come out of the sky at a time. (Coming soon)

Boss Rush

In Boss Rush, you can defeat every boss in one land. If you defeat every boss, you get The Golden Egg.

/*Mid Bosses*/ 

Pig Name Ability Description Location
El Porkador-0 El Porkador Stage 1: He rolls around the stage, and throws pigs at your birds. His big lumps of fat has a possibility of knocking your birds back! Watch out!

Stage 2: He will now bounce around the stage, making it harder for a bird to hit him, this also causes a shockwave that will blow the birds away!

Fighter for Ham!

El porkador is wingman's arch nemesis, and he really hates him! So not only did he just want to fight Terence but also the whole flock! (By the way, he is just Big Bork in disguise)

RobotildaCL2000-0 Robo-tilda Stage 1: She will shoot fireballs out of her beak at the bird its aimed for. She may be a bit rusty, but she has a chance of absorbing 25-50% damage dealt.

Stage 2: She will take a random part of the structure and she will throw it,

Robotic Trouble!

Robo-tilda is a robot version of matilda some birds got confused, when they saw robo-tilda, but Matilda knew about this. The project was invented as a way to distract the birds and get the birds' eggs, while the pigs capture Matilda as they try to make sure

Pig City
91720157912 Hogzilla Stage 1: He will smash around, stomping and making earthquakes. The earthquakea will cause birds near it get knockbacked.

Stage 2: He will roar and make a bunch of stuff topple, his roar can also make birds get scared and drop to the ground.

Deep Sea Swine!

Hogzilla is from the deep sea where Piglantis is! When he saw the birds attacking, he went and went to start fighting! He roams around Piggy Island and tears everything in his way. He's not a big baddie, but beware not to get stepped on though.

Gold Sand Beach
EvilShadowABUCL2000 Evil Shadow Stage 1: He Throws Blocks On The Aimed Bird

Stage 2: He Throws Super Fast Bullets At Shot birds

Shadows Of The Echo??? Diamond Beach
Gabiinfo Gabi Stage 1: She throws marmosets that cling to your birds, and if they land on the ground, becomes a marmoset in the level.

Stage 2: At this stage, he bounces high around the stage, dodging bird attacks and spitting poison that hurts your birds.

Cute, but poisonous!

(Coming Soon)

Fun Forest
BlackonCL2000 Blackon (Coming Soon) Insane's the Middle Name

(Coming Soon)

(Coming Soon)

Mighty Characters

Mighty Character Name Ability
Mighty Eagle Summoned by a sardine can. Mighty swoops in to defeat all the pigs in the level, destroying most of the blocks in the process.
DeadlyABUCL2000 Deadly Summoned by a swordfish. Deadly booms in from the sky and crushes everything to pieces while getting his lunch. Deadly is much more bigger and deadlier (Get it? No? Nevermind.)

than the Mighty Eagle and he is harder to get.


Pig Name Ability Description Location
ABToonsHambo Hambo Because this is the first boss, it only has two stages and it is considered a miniboss.

Stage 1: Has a 50% chance to dodge bird attacks by rolling. And is also strong to punch after three turns.

Stage 2: Recruits more allies, and drains bird health to heal himself.

Undisputed Army Ham!

Hambo is a determined hog who would do anything to impress his leader, Corporal Pig. Unless he was misguided to accidentally bring back an egg-shaped stone.

CorporalPigTrainingCL2000 Corporal Pig

Stage 1: Everything that lands on his helmet. (Egg Bombs, Poppy, Tony) Will do 50% less damage. Hits a bird with his stick evert three rounds.

Stage 2: Recruits more allies(Helmet Soldiers mostly), and drains bird health to heal his allies.

Stage 3: Makes all pigs stronger and attack every 3 turns. Has a 75% chance to knock out birds that land on his helmet.

Just a Pig in General...

A slight amount of dumbness, yelling always in the pigs' faces, thick as two rashers of bacon, that's Corporal Pig. The leader of the pig army can always be counted get things wrong.

Swine Vines
HogtopusCL2000 Hogtopus

Stage 1: Holds any bird with his octopus arm and throws it at the next bird launched. Happens 50% of the time. Summons in Merpigs and Piglet Squids.

Stage 2: Recruits more allies(Merpigs, Piglet Squids and Merpigs with Tridents mostly), And can hold more than one bird.

Stage 3: Changes the weather to thunder and can now summon water currents that damage birds that are underwater.

Egght Tentacles!

Hogtopus is a deep sea monster that has a love for eating eggs. Even the mere sight of an egg and he would grab it as fast as he can with his tentacles. Hogtopus has a talent of juggling things, even with whatever he has; mere stones, birds or sometimes merpigs. He is also the boss of Pig Sea and can be found in his cave whenever the Merpigs need to call him in.

South Beach
No Image Available Big Boy Boar and his Tribe

Stage 1: Smashes a bird that comes after him with his staff after 2 turns. Summons in Boars.

Stage 2: Swings his staff instead of throwing it after 3 turns to kill birds from many sides. He also has a 20% chance to use his tusks to push away stinging birds.

Stage 3: Changes the weather to blizzard and can now heal boars every 4 turns and recover any that died the last 4 turns.

Ice Ice Piggy!

Big Boy Boar is a hog that ain't lettin anybird pass his territory. He has gathered all his boar tribes to help out King Pig so that they can keep his forbidden ice treasure. Big Boar Boy also has the magical powers of ice using a special staff...

Pork-th Pole
ChefPigToons Chef Pig

Stage 1: Slaps birds that come near him with a saucepan and also summons assistant chef pigs to help him.

Stage 2: He will now lob cakes to damage your birds and then will try to hurt your birds with fire using his saucepan.

Stage 3: Uses a pig plot potion on birds that come near and can summon more assistant chef pigs.

Pop the Cook!

Chef Pig is the Pig City's caterer and chef. He cooks for posh swine and the King with whatever he can find, mainly grass, however, the King has very high expectations and he wants to eat the flock's eggs very badly. Chef Pig gets so fed-up that he secretly wants to take over King Pig's place and rule the city with an iron spatula.

Pig City
FOREMAN PIG ANGRY copy Foreman Pig

Stage 1: Lobs three dynamites at birds every 2 turns and also summons minion pig troops of different kinds, like Construction Pigs, Catapult Pigs, and Ropigs.

Stage 2: Rebuilds any weakspot of the structure after 4 turns with stronger materials. And also fires TNT instead of dynamites.

Stage 3: Hops in to machinery and will launch way more tnt around him and now will launch pigs too.

Bossy Foreman!

Foreman Pig is the bossiest hog in the herd with a rule-book as big as his 'tache. Don't ask questions, just do as he grunts.He loves handing out orders, as far as it's his way or no way. The foreman hates shoddy workmanship which is funny as most of his porky contraptions fail almost completely. Of course, he never takes the blame, if one of his gizmos go haywire, it isn't his fault that he designed it badly, but it was the porker's fault that he doesn't follow the instructions.

Pig City
20130404-kingpig King Pig

Stage 1: Every 3 turns, he will use balloons to fly up, and stomp the bird who tries to attack him and summons in 5 random types of pigs. Also, he has a 75% chance to make birds bounce off him, so you must hit him from the top.

Stage 2: King Pig will now vaccum in any nearby bird every 5 turns and shoot them out to other birds on the next turn. And he will also try to throw bombs at nearby birds

Stage 3: Now flies on his balloon at all times and now summons in way more pigs and heals them. Making him almost impossible to kill at this stage.

Royal Fool!

King Pig is the greedy and slobby king of the Pig City. He demands the flock's eggs and he demands them now! King Pig is one of those slobs of Pig King History, he hates exercise, King Pig is behind in the line of royal slobs, that he can't even be bothered to walk and his long-suffering minions have to carry him on the shoulders. If he doesn't get what he wants, the silly sausage flies into a temper tantrum. Especially the flock's eggs, funny enough, he hasn't tasted a single egg, and his egg stash is completely empty.

Pig City
Captian Goldsnout PIg (BOSS) Captain Goldsnout

Stage 1: Every 3 turns, he will knock out birds with gunshots and summons in matey pigs too. He drops snoutlings when damaged.

Stage 2: At this stage, Captain Goldsnout will now heal pigs with golden nuggets and he will use a cannon to damage your birds.

Stage 3: Can now summon in ghosts pigs that will try to haunt you and now he heals and increases attack damage of pigs.


Captain Goldsnout is a greedy pig. He uses his pirates to help him in attempt of finding treasure. Goldsnout haves it all for himself and always forces his mates to "wash the deck". Every time a bird comes, he always calls in his mates to chase them away, so he isn't so good on the "social side" of things. His only friend is basically just treasure and he will do everything to get it!

Gold Sand Beach
Pepillo Nigel Stage 1: Nigel flies around the stage and stands on some cages. He flings marmosets that can cling on to walls and birds.

Stage 2: Nigel will start picking up cages and throwing them at your birds, capturing them. To free them, just hit the cage that the bird is in.

Stage 3: He will fly up higher and then fling in three marmosets at a time.

(coming soon) Rio


The Trio Stage 1: Iggy comes in with his ship, he will throw random things (wood, other pigs that he summon) He summons minion pigs and ropigs. He has a 20% chance to trip and fall, making him vulnerable.

Stage 2: Iggy's ship sinks and Piggy comes in with his ship, he throws explosive potions (that make birds explode), weak potions (that weaken birds' abilities). He summons in acidic pigs, zombie pigs and rarely even brutes. He heals pigs with potions too.

Stage 3: And another one crumbles to dust. Next in the line is Zach, he will spawn in soldier pigs, bombshell pigs, hothead pigs and catapult pigs. He fires two cannons at the birds and he throws TNT at strong birds. This is the hardest phase.

Triple Pig Danger!

The Trio are an elite pig squad that like to ride ships, Iggy is the first of the three, he lacks intelligence hence the plaster and he can't even count from one to ten! He probably hit his head hence the plaster. Piggy is the opposite, he's the smartest of them and he speaks science in everything, he knows a lot of chemistry too. And the last of them all is Zach, he has average knowledge and he knows how to handle birds at all times! With them all, these three are an unstoppable trio...well, maybe.

Lily Lagoon
NiliCL2000 Nili

Stage 1: Jumps around and will be quick on her feet as she will try dodge any bird that tries to aim for her, use a bird that can shoot projectiles.

Stage 2: Nili will now summon in Soldier Pigs and Ropigs and heals them. After three turns, she will provide a health forcefield for a random pig so that when the pig is provoked, he will regain health instead of lose it.

Stage 3: Nili now can jump higher and she will even summon in Wildfire Pigs. She can even bonk a bird to deal damage.

Tactical Fighter!

Nili is a smart, loyal, quick thinkin' and hotheaded pig of a kind. She's a strong warrior, not a weak worrier. She is the second commander of Riba's clan, and she has a Crush on Riba, which she wants to keep a secret. She can be ruthless and she wants to try and become a better person. She's that kind of martial artist that won't even try to back away!

Fun Forest
ABPOPGale Gale

Stage 1: Sits on her throne and asks Hamsome Pig to protect her by summoning pig towers and ropigs. Hamsome Pig will also use a cannon to shoot out bowling balls that deal a bit of knockback.

Stage 2: Gale starts to take action and summons in golden helmet pigs every 3 turns. With this, Hamsome Pig's cannon is also upgraded to shoot gold paint balls that turn birds into pure gold.

Stage 3: Gale turns into Queen Gale and uses revolving dark spheres to protect her and shoot the birds. They regenerate every 3 turns and along with that, a diamond homing missile that completely defeats your birds. (More Coming Soon)

Princess of Pigs

Beautiful, clever and charismatic, this bad princess won't let anyone go easily, especially her henchmen. Actually, Gale isn't really a princess-she just thinks that she's one! Gale used to be friends with Stella, but one day, she found a crown and ended up blinded by pride, vanity and power. Gale's now interested in finding the mysterious and mystical Golden Egg, even though it means having a fork in the relationship between Gale and Stella. She also has a son...

Castle Gale
RibaABUCL2000 Riba Phase 1: Riba jumps and swings his lightsaber to slice incoming birds. He can swing in any direction

Phase 2: His lightsaber changes color depending on his elemental power (it's orange when he has fire powers) and shoots sword beams and energy balls at the birds

Out for Revenge!

Riba was once a friendly free-spirit pig who was friends with Reece but then, by the piggy law, Riba switched sides and turned against Reece. King Pig was using Riba as a tool. Now he needs to put matter in his own hands.

Riba's Lair
Riba2 Omega Riba Stage 1: Tries to shower bubbles of lava on random spots.

Stage 2: Jumps everywhere, causing a fire shockwave. He will now also create random portals from different worlds, summoning different types of pigs.

Stage 3: Turns Cobalt Plateaus into a hellish world and he will now use walls of fire that you have to try to avoid.

Stage 4: Shoots beams of fire that will deplete your birds' health and swings his lightsaber, while dashing around.

Stage 5: Uses all the attacks from before, making him almost unstoppable.

Cause to Corrupt! As Riba drunk a magic potion to gain maximum power against those birds, Riba stole the souls of the Unique Flock. Omega Riba is a manifestation of Riba's own personality. Who knows if it's true power awakens again!

Birds, keep on fighting!

Return to the Plateaus
King Cow New King Cow (Combo You Can Add Ability I Got Nothing..) Milky Situation!!(Coming Soon) Snouter Space
Phantom king King Phantom (Coming Soon!) Save jamaa!

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