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For the prequel to this game, see Angry Birds Ultimate

Angry Birds Ultimate 2 is a sequel to Angry Birds Ultimate and it was created by Rovio Entertainment, Chimera Entertainment, Combined Entertainment, Nevrade Entertainment and AngerTech INC. Some birds were removed and some new birds were added too. The game is much harder compared to its prequel, even for experts! The beta will be released on Android, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


It was one year after the events of the prequel, and everyone was living in peace. The eggs were saved and the birds and pigs were happy. though the birds did not know that their adventure was not over...

On Danger District, Blaser was working on protecting and securing the eggsteroid, making sure that no pesky piggies would steal it. He practiced for quite a while until Icebomb asked him if he wanted him to help patrol Cold Cuts. Blaser agreed. On the way, they saw a portal. Blaser said that it was probably the birds' portal, but no! It was multicolored like a rainbow. They both ignored it and they continued.


This is like any classic Angry Birds slingshot game. The game still has cards like the prequel, but the cards need to reload, instead of using the usual Destruct-o-Meter format. To reload cards, you need to defeat pigs and destroy structures. The harder the pigs/structures, the quicker the cards will reload. All cards remain unloaded at the beginning except for the first three. Like the previous game, birds are unlocked at certain levels. Usually, levels where birds are unlocked are generally harder than any regular level. Birdies and strikes have been added from Angry Birds 2. If one bird is used to destroy a fortress, it is called a strike (similarly to bowling). If two birds are used, then that's called a birdie (spare). (More Coming Soon)

Birds and Allies

Main article: Angry Birds Ultimate 2/Birds and Allies

Pigs and Enemies

Pig Ability Description

Minion Pig

Oinks and does practically nothing. Comes in just three sizes and they aren't trouble unless there are lots of them. All this tells is that the Corporal is doing a bad job! Minion Madness!

Curly tail, round body and likes to snort, these green guys are the common of the crew. They are citizens of Pig City and serve the infamous and greedy King Smoothcheeks. Minion Pigs are the most cheerful cannon fodders you'll ever meet! Despite serving a king with demanding intentions, the pigs don't even hate the birds! They're just doing all they can to serve their boss with a big childish and snobby face. But remember one thing even though they're nice; there are MILLIONS and BILLIONS of them.


Bubble Helmet Pig

These pigs have a bubble helmet which helps them to breathe in space. Once it's popped, the pigs freeze into an icy blue color, making them perfect for delicious frozen pork! Flawlessly Floating!

How did the pigs figure out that bubbles were a way to survive the outer space? Well, the pigs had a problem with freezing in space, and Foreman Pig tried solving the problem with his different ideas, but failed, pretty much like all of the time. Meanwhile, Corporal Pig was cleaning the ship sloppily, the spaceship they were living on tilted and the bubbles from the soapy water had come out. Then, a pig was playing with one, until he somehow got trapped in it and freely floated into space unharmed! Foreman Pig found this a great idea(in his opinion, obviously) and decided to use this as their permanent strategy in space. The only problem is that, bubbles just float indefinitely, and in space, no one can hear you oink...



Similar to the Bubble Pig, but with a more durable helmet. He also floats around in space, and when his helmet breaks, he freezes. But... hold on... I don't think he can survive with a crack in his helmet... Astroganoff!

Of course, Hogstronaut may not be professional, but he still loves to go to space, and was recruited for no reason! The only thing he really knows is how to float around in space and bounce everywhere. That's the main reason why so many are missing and corporal pig has to hire new ones. Also, he can control gravity on Earth... and yeah, that's one thing that makes him not so bad. Maybe he just doesn't use it well, which is why they never tell him to go on structures in Earth. Hogstronaut does anyway...


Material Name Description
Glass Glass Pretty much any bird can shatter this weak material into pieces, but the ideal birds to use against glass are Icebomb and The Blues.
Wood Wood Wood is a material with average strength that most birds can destroy It is also flammable, so it is ideal to use Blaser to break it or burn it.
Stone Stone Stone is a durable material that is hard to peck into, unless you use birds like Bomb or Terence. If you don't have a bird strong enough, just break other materials first.
TNTCL2000 TNT It's packed with an explosive surprise so it will KABOOM when pecked, doing some great damage!
Ice but placeholder

(Credit to Gemini526 for the artwork)

Ice Ice has a similar durability to glass and it immediately melts when it touches fire, but the fire may also burn out quickly. Ice can be created when Icebomb explodes.


Birdiform Ability Use on Classes


Does nothing. Why? Ask him. Blaser Anger, duh.

Detective Blaser

Detective Blaser can use his short-ranged fire to immediately fend off spirits on the first tap, and on the second one, he drinks some tea to heal himself and decrease reload time. Blaser Fire and Anger


Picture Name Description Crafting Found In
FireCrystalCL2000 Fiery Crystals They're hot crystals that you don't want to touch. These crystals gave Blaser the fire abilities being in presence of them for so long. It is a basic resource, so it has no crafting recipe. Danger District and other fire hot biomes.
Icy Gems You should snow that they're exactly like the fiery crystals... just cold. Nice! I cold stop making more bad puns too.. It is a basic resource, so it has no crafting recipe. Cold Cuts and other ice cold biomes.


Name Location Number of Levels Birds/Allies Unlocked Special Features
Space Patrollers! Danger District/Cold Cuts 20 Blaser (At the start), Icebomb (Level 1-5), Hoatzin (Level 1-12) There is no gravity and pigs will freeze if not in an atmosphere/gravity.
Pigtropolis Bird York City 30 Combo (2-1), Daev (2-7), Janet (2-13), The Blues (2-19), Violet (2-24) Random pigs will enter the stage every 3 turns.


Cutscenes usually appear before every important event such as an unlocking of a bird, entering a section of a chapter, a boss fight or an indicator of when things are going to get a bit tricky. There's also a cutscene upon starting the game.

Chapter 1: Space Patrollers!

  • It was a year after the birds have defeated the cows for once and for all. All were in peace. Even the birds and pigs have agreed to be in peace. It was happily ever after, but was it? The adventure wasn't over...
  • Danger District, 202X
  • *Camera zooms onto Blaser*
  • Blaser: You'd better be careful! Ya don't mess around with me or the eggsteroid! *Kicks cardboard pig in the face*
  • Blaser: HAAYA! Stay away! Your teeth AREN'T for the eggsteroid.
  • Icebomb: Okay, okay, Blaser, you've been practicing the entire morning... for once you're not being too lazy...
  • Blaser: How do you know what time even is it in space?
  • Icebomb: Nevermind! The pigs have decided to be peaceful with us... so why are you practicing.
  • Blaser: I don't know... they may probably strike back!
  • Icebomb: Okay, well, since you're so worried, you want to patrol Cold Cuts with me? We can take the SpaceJet Plum made!
  • Blaser: Cool! What'cha waiting for?
  • *The two get into the jet*
  • Blaser: Ya ready to start this thang?
  • Icebomb: As always!
  • Blaser: Well, then... LET'SA DO THIS!
  • Blaser: Cold Cuts is just 10 minutes away, according to the jet's calculations!
  • Minion Pig 1: Heh! NOT SO FAST! Fast... hehe.
  • Blaser: One, why do you have a ship like us, pigs don't have ships, and two, I thought you guys agreed to not fight birds again...
  • Minion Pig 2: Wait, we agreed to that?
  • Minion Pig 1: It was just a 1-day agreement! Now SCRAM!
  • Icebomb: You scram!
  • Blaser: *Whispering to Icebomb* I told you that planning would come helpful.
  • Icebomb: Oh well... here we go again.

On level 1-5, the birds reach Cold Cuts and have spotted something mysterious...

  • Blaser: Phew! What a fight that was!
  • Icebomb: Yeah, but... look! A portal!
  • Blaser: It's probably the birds' portal, Icebomb. Nothing too exciting.
  • Icebomb: *Swings him around* It's multicolored!
  • Blaser: So, what? Maybe it's Dave's painting portal!
  • Icebomb: But it can't be that big, for pig's sake!
  • Blaser: Whatever, we've got bigger fish to fry... now let's go, after patrollling, I wish to get some tea on Bird York. It's the best in town!
  • Icebomb: I agree, but...
  • Hogstronaut: Yeah!
  • Icebomb and Blaser: *Looks at Hogstronaut*
  • Hogstronaut: What's wrong? I mean... GET'EM, COMRADES!
  • Blaser: Let's do this!

After that level, you get something special, what is it though...?

  • Blaser: Huh, what a fight!
  • Icebomb: Don't start a firestorm... we still have more to go, Blaser.
  • Blaser: Oh, right. Sorry.
  • Icebomb: *Sighs*
  • Blaser: *Trips over something* Ouch!
  • Icebomb: What the...
  • Blaser: What do you mean "What the...?"
  • Icebomb: It's the map from before... but it looks different.
  • Blaser: Yeah... looks like our surroundings.
  • Icebomb: The multicolored portal, the map... all these things are adding up.
  • Blaser: But what does it all mean...
  • Icebomb: It means... our adventure is not done yet.
  • Blaser: W-what adventure?
  • Icebomb: After we defeated King Cow, when we went back... there was just something that this isn't telling us.
  • Blaser: Alrighty, Icebomb, that was NOT a good conspiracy theory. I'm not surfing YolkTube for more Angry Birds conspiracy theories. They're just not good anymore.
  • Icebomb: *Sighs* Let's for more pigs to patrol.

On level 1-12, you hear a familiar sounding flocker in the distance, no fool.

  • Blaser: Are'nt we done yet? I'm as thirsty as heck.
  • Icebomb: Don't be such a laze-blaze. Let's look for some more piggies to pop.
  • Blaser: *Sighs*
  • *Blaser and Icebomb take a look around*
  • Icebomb: Blaser, you see something?
  • Blaser: No, just a boring key covered in rust from Mars...
  • *A familiar ca-caw is heard in the distance*
  • Blaser: Yo, Ice! You hear that?
  • Icebomb: Sounds like a bird in need of help!
  • Blaser: Yeah! We need to find him...
  • *They see a skunk bird in the distance being carried away by pigs*
  • Hoatzin: You no-good porkers! Let me out!
  • Bubble Pig 1: No way Jose!
  • Bubble Pig 2: Yeah!
  • *The pigs grab into their packet of space food and it's empty*
  • Bubble Pig 1: Out of food again... Minion Pig #72, go to the ship and get me food.
  • Bubble Pig 2: Don't call me that! And next time, you're getting food! *Walks in a sulking manner to the ship*
  • Bubble Pig 1: And don't you try to do anything sneaky there... cause I'm clever, see! *Takes a nap*
  • Blaser: Oh zippity doo dah, they got Hoatzin!
  • Icebomb: Hmmm... oh! Blaser, do you still have the key?
  • Blaser: Bruh... I don't.
  • Icebomb: Wha?!
  • Blaser: I threw it that way. Sorry, I thought it was useless!
  • Icebomb: Nyaaah... nevermind, I'll get it, you stay here and make sure this pig is still asleep and the other pig takes forever to get space food.
  • Blaser: Got it! *Drinks tea and zooms off*
  • *Level 1-S1, 1-S2 and 1-S3 are unlocked*
  • After finishing the special levels, the two just have to get Hoatzin out.
  • Blaser: Psst... Icebomb!
  • Icebomb: Hey, Blaser! You did make the other pig take forever to get food, right?
  • Blaser: Yup! I hid them on the dark side of Cold Cuts! He'll never find it.
  • Icebomb: Really? You aren't that lazy after all, ey?
  • Blaser: Only pigs say that! I've just drank some tea earlier.
  • Icebomb: Oh. What about the other pig?
  • Blaser: I was just about to feed him a sleeping tea but you came back too quickly!
  • Icebomb: Nevermind. Looks like we'll have to be quiet...
  • *The two tip-toe quietly to the cage, making sure the pig doesn't wake up*
  • Hoatzin: *In a whisper* Icebomb! Blaser! Haven't seen you for quite a while.
  • Blaser: Nice too see you okay too, bud.
  • Hoatzin: That's some cooky definition of okay you've got there.
  • Icebomb: Don't worry, Hoatzin. We've got the key!
  • Hoatzin: Yes! Now just slowly put it in, make no noise.
  • Blaser: *Inserts key* Why don't they just use a cred-
  • Icebomb: Blaser, this is no time for a stupid question!
  • Blaser: Okay, okay. *Unlocks cage*
  • Hoatzin: Good, now let's get out.
  • Bubble Pig 1: *Nearly wakes* Wha...?
  • Hoatzin: Uh.
  • Icebomb: Oh.
  • Bubble Pig 1: Hey! *Calls other pigs in* Grab the skunkbird specimen and his feathered friends.
  • Blaser: We're doomed, lemme tell y'all that.
  • Icebomb: No, WE ARE NOT!

You finally defeat the pigs and unlock Hoatzin, someone watches in the distance... up to challenge the trio.

  • Bubble Pig 1: Oof.
  • Hoatzin: Thanks, guys! Now our trio is whole!
  • Blaser: Yup. Nice to have ya back.
  • Icebomb: Let's go...
  • *A figure watches in the distance*
  • Scratch: Ohohoh... they're up for one big surprise... *Laughs maniacally*
  • *On the next level, something different happens...*
  • Icebomb: Did you guys see a figure watching us just now?
  • Blaser: Nope.
  • Hoatzin: Nuh-uh.
  • Icebomb: I'm pretty sure I saw something watching us.
  • Blaser: I dunno cause I didn't see whatcha saw.
  • Icebomb: Uhh... nevermind.
  • Hoatzin: Ya know, getting trapped in a cage really is boring. Thanks for helping me out!
  • Icebomb: No prob-
  • *The sound of footsteps are heard*
  • Icebomb: Did you hear that?
  • Hoatzin and Blaser: Yeah.
  • *It is heard yet again*
  • Blaser: There it is again!
  • *Three silhouettes are seen behind the Trio, Hoatzin slowly turns around*
  • Hoatzin: G...g...guys?
  • Blaser: Huh? *Looks behind him*
  • *The silhouettes are revealed to be hyena pigs*
  • Hyena Pig 1: Hehe... three lone birds wandering in the dark...
  • Blaser: *Sighs* A portal, the map and now, HYENA PIGS IN SPACE?! What's next, the alternate universes fall apart into chaos?
  • Hoatzin: Maybe?
  • Hyena Pig 2: Wait 'til we tell boss!
  • Icebomb: Whoever your boss is, he won't destroy us!
  • Hyena Pig 3: Oh, but he will, and he wants answers!
  • Blaser: Can we just fight? Like, seriously...

You encounter Scratch, the mid-boss of the chapter.

  • Hoatzin: That's the last of them pigs.
  • Blaser: Man! The hyena pigs are a lot of work!
  • Icebomb: Agreed. Come on! We haven't all day for uttering.
  • Blaser: That's some fancy la-
  • Hoatzin: Shh! My suspicions are beginning to rise! Look!
  • *The same silhouette as before is seen again*
  • Icebomb: It's the same silhouette I saw before, guys.
  • Blaser: Maybe he'll give us answers, who knows?
  • Hoatzin: Maybe he's the leader of the hyena pigs and will throw more of them at us to hunt us down.
  • Icebomb: Hey there! Could you give us some answers?
  • ???: I recognise that voice... is that...
  • Icebomb: Scratch? Son?
  • Scratch: *Comes out of shadow* Father...
  • Icebomb: I haven't seen you for so long.
  • Scratch: Dad... I'm sorry... if I have to do this.
  • Blaser: Do what?
  • Scratch: I must stop you in your path *Sheds a tear*... even if it's not... not what I want.
  • Hoatzin: Oh no.

On the final stage, you get out of Cold Cuts... but something else lies ahead.

  • Blaser: What a huge wave of pigs! Now, can we... pretty please get to New Pork City to rest?!
  • Icebomb: I guess almost all pigs are gone. *Sighs* Your promise has been fulfilled.
  • Hoatzin: Hey, look, there's a portal to Earth over there!
  • Blaser: What convenience!
  • Icebomb: Let's go, then.
  • *Bumping sounds are heard, approaching the three are a shuttle-like silhouette*
  • Hoatzin: A space shuttle?
  • Blaser: Hang on, that looks familiar...
  • *The silhouette reveals itself to be the similar space shuttle from before*
  • Icebomb: What a bummer!
  • Bubble Pig 1: Bummer's right! Hwahaha...
  • Blaser: Nice space shuttle, though.
  • Hoatzin: *Whispering* Blaser, pigs are not to be complemented!
  • Blaser: *Whispers as well* Well, we could've gotten something out of it!
  • Bubble Pig 1: Whatever you're whispering about, I don't care!
  • Icebomb: Okay... let's get to the point. What are you here for?
  • Bubble Pig 1: You really thought you could get away with it? Take all of our food and put it on the other side of the moon?! We lost one comrade and the entirety of our food thanks to you!
  • Blaser: Wait, did he get popped?
  • Bubble Pig 1: No, he's busy eating the space food on Cold Cuts... but whatever! Now I shall avenge him and all your acts of foolishness "patrolling" space.
  • Hoatzin: Bueno... muy bueno...
  • Bubble Pig 1: How, you ask? With my great army of space adventurers! Besides, I am their captain!
  • Blaser: And you're the captain?! I thought this couldn't get any worse.
  • Bubble Pig 1: It could if I tell you about the many features this thing has. It has abilities to lob asteroids, and has a forcefield. Now, try to beat that!
  • Blaser: It has gotten worse.
  • Icebomb: It will get better from here. Birds, attack!

Upon defeating Bubble Pig and his space shuttle, what could possibly be next...?

  • Bubble Pig: Drat!
  • Icebomb: Good work, birds!
  • Bubble Pig: Alas, my shuttle had some limitations that... hindered it's performance.
  • Blaser: Yeah...
  • Hoatzin: Some BIG limitations.
  • Bubble Pig: Well, I'll be back, and the next time, you'll be fried chickens! Eheheh!
  • Icebomb: We get it, we get it!
  • Bubble Pig: See you later, alligators! *Flees*
  • Icebomb: Anyway, you want to go to New Pork City for some nice tea?
  • Blaser: Ah, yes, I've been dying for some tea!
  • Hoatzin: What are you waiting for? Are we going or not?
  • Icebomb: Let's go.
  • *The trio are seen going through the wormhole*

Chapter 2: Pigtropolis

  • *A view of the neon, well-lit island is seen from above*
  • New Pork City, 202X
  • *A bunch of pigs are seen fighting with two silhouetted people, a human and a chicken*
  • Minion Pig 1: Charge!
  • ???: Incoming!
  • Minion Pig 2: Now, remember, as the corporal said - don't get po - *Ironically gets electrocuted by the human*
  • ???: Daev, help me take care of the pigs flooding in from that way, I'll secure this part.
  • ???: Squawawk?
  • *Pigs start flooding in behind the chicken*
  • ???: Oh, come on! We did go over this... right, let's try Plan B. We can't afford any mistakes, not this time.
  • ???: Sowwy!
  • Minion Pig 3: Fools! *Dons a helmet*
  • *Screen is faced towards the portal, where Icebomb, Blaser and Hoatzin fly out of*
  • ???: Squawk?
  • ???: Not now, Daev, I will not tolerate your ignorance! *Prepares shockwave*
  • ???: SQUAWK! *Points wing towards wormhole*
  • ???: Daev, I'm trying to concentrate, and... *Turns around* what in the world is that?!
  • *The three land in the middle of the battlefield*
  • Hoatzin: We gotta do that again sometime!
  • Blaser: Now, the tea shop should be somewhere near....
  • ???: *Defends them* I've gotcha!
  • Icebomb: You ignoramus! We can defend ourselves!
  • ???: Very well. Help me to clear this flood of pigs. The always say... *Unleashes shockwave* five is always better than two!
  • Blaser: When did they say...
  • ???: Come, I haven't got all night!
  • *The level starts*

After Level 2-1, you get another cutscene, and figure out your work with the mysterious duo is not quite finished.

  • ???: And that's the last of them!
  • ???: Squawk squawk!
  • Icebomb: We have to do this again sometime!
  • Blaser: I hope there's not gonna be a sometime!
  • Hoatzin: Why not? That was fun!
  • Blaser: *Falls flat to floor* My dry beak demands tea.
  • ???: Anyway, I shan't beat around the bush and introduce myself. My name is Combo.
  • Icebomb: Oh, you're that human. I'm Icebomb, the fire bird is Blaser and the skunk is Hoatzin.
  • Combo: Great to meet you, but what do you mean by "that human"?
  • Blaser: Well, you and your friends saved Piggy Island! Multiple times.
  • Combo: Actually, we tried once, but we couldn't. Bomb kicked us out for messing the entire plan, and now, we're outcasts.
  • Hoatzin: Why don't you ask Red so you can rejoin the flock?
  • Combo: I can't. He's dead...
  • Icebomb: Impossible! I saw Red just yesterday.
  • Combo: Funny... he died one year ago.
  • Icebomb: Could be another Red...
  • Combo: Oh, I was just going to introduce you to *Turns to Daev who is currently being captured by the pigs* DAEV!
  • Icebomb: We need to save him!
  • Blaser: *Starts to run but falls flat whilst fire goes off* RIP, my stamina.
  • Hoatzin: *Drags Blaser by the crest feathers* Go, go, go!

After Level 2-7, you get this cutscene, where you unlock Daev.

  • Daev: Squawk!
  • Hoatzin: What is he trying to say?
  • Combo: I think he wants to thank you all for what you've done.
  • Icebomb: Oh, and how on EARTH do you know that?!
  • Combo: Err... I don't know, a sixth sense?
  • Blaser: *Is extremely worn out, crawling to the group slowly* I... need... TEA!
  • Combo: Not to worry, we'll bring you guys to our hideout.
  • Blaser: Do... they... have... tea?!
  • Combo: Yeah, they do! Daev, can you lead us the way?
  • Daev: *Flies along the streets* Squawk!
  • Combo: Follow him!
  • Hoatzin: How do you know if he knows the way?
  • Combo: He just does.
  • Blaser: Help... DRAG!
  • Hoatzin: *Sighs* Alright, Blaser. *Drags him while following the rest*
  • Blaser: Thank...s!

One hour later...

  • Daev: Squawk!
  • Combo: This is it, fellas.
  • *A cabin is shown in front of them*

(More to be added)


Boss Abilities Description Location


Stage 1: Has a 50% chance to dodge bird attacks by backflipping. And is also strong to use a headbutt after three turns. Using Icebomb or Hoatzin to explode on him will slow down his attacks and decrease the chance of him dodging.

Stage 2: Recruits 3 to 4 hyena pigs that run after nearby birds. His chance to dodge has also increased by 25% and is speedier. He has a chance to spin while dodging, knocking off incoming birds.

Scarred Sabotager!

Scratch is Icey's brother and doppelganger... but they don't have good blood. Instead, he's pretty much Icey's arch nemesis. He doesn't have any ice abilities but is a tactical fighter (the scar probably shows that) who commands an army of hyena pigs. Weird how he can open his eye even though it has a scar. (Add here, Icey)

Space Patrollers!


Boss Abilities Description Location
(Coming Soon)

Space Shuttle Porkerprise

Stage 1: Summons in two hogstronauts or bubble pigs every two turns. He is immune to attacks and will try to lob asteroids at birds. He has the possibility to bump into an asteroid, thus making it weaker and easier to attack.

Stage 2: Has a chance to get a weak, protective forcefield around it, repelling birds. If damaged enough, it will be disabled and you can attack it. It also has a chance to shoot missiles at random areas which immediately obliterate birds that get attacked.

Stage 3: Flies past the slingshot, destroying birds touching it and then go into the background and will shoot missiles that home onto birds, not being attackable. It will go back into the stage after it has attacked. When the ship is nearly fully damged, it will use nearly all of it's attacks, missing on wherever the bird is.

The Space Shuttle Porkerprise rolled out on September 17, 2020, it failed according to P.I.S.A. (Piggy Island Space Agency), and failed on the same date. Later on the same year at an unknown date, Corporal Pig asked Foreman Pig to restore it, he didn't want to as he said that he was on a break... that is, for the entire month. So Corporal Pig did so himself. Using the original blueprint and stealing some stuff from Professor's Pig's lab for some tiny extra features. Apart from it going backwards and falling back to earth from the gravity enabler, e.t.c., it operates quite decently... compared to all the other things that Pigs create... Space Patrollers!

Planned Characters



Unlike normal games, the soundtrack will be created with an orchestra.

No. Title Plays Leitmotif(s)
0 Never Gonna Give You Up (DAEV Remix) Unknown DAEV-A TIME!!!
1 A New Adventure Emerges Introduction sequence A New Adventure Emerges
2 Start Menu Creating a new save file A New Adventure Emerges
3 No One Can Hear You Oink Viewing the Space Patrollers' section on map No One Can Hear You Oink
4 Interstellar Pillars Playing a Space Patrollers' level Interstellar Pillars
5 Cutscene Music When a cutscene plays. Duh... Cutscene Music
6 Glacial Playing a Space Patrollers' level reaching Cold Cuts onwards Interstellar Pillars
7 Spicey Salvo When fighting Scratch on multiple occasions as the miniboss. Spicey Salvo
8 Shuttle Up! When fighting the final boss of Space Patrollers (Currently, I am thinking of one) Interstellar Pillars


  • Birdiforms were only added as an April Fools' feature at first (Because of "Red"), but it was kept and more birdiforms were added. Detective Blaser was the first.
  • Detective Blaser holds a cup with a coffee bean on it, however, Rovio had stated it was tea and Blaser was too lazy so he just used a coffee cup.
  • The characters in the chapter, Pigtropolis act slightly different to their normal form.
    • Daev's personality (which will be revealed soon) is slightly different from in other games as he acts somewhat normally, but still crazy, just to fit within the game.
      • However, he screams before starting to do something crazy.
    • Combo's armor is based off Papyrus' armor from Undertale.
      • He also has also has words in the Standard Galactic Alphabet on his chestplate.
        • The Galactic Alphabet spells out the word "Potato".
    • After the chapter, it is stated that they come from the 404 Universe. Otherwise known as the "Montserrat Universe".


Trailer 1: The End?

  • Red: Thanks for coming to see our show
  • Stella: Sad to tell you we got to go
  • *Static with Blaser appears*
  • Mallard: Grab your hat and head for the door
  • Sunstone and Shade: In case you didn't notice, there ain't any more!
  • The Legion: If you like our show tell ev'ryone but
  • Warpath: If you think it stinks, keep your big mouth shut!
  • *Static with Icebomb appears*
  • Icey: *In low volume before it stops glitching* Dad! *Hugs him*
  • Gelatin clones: We're glad you came but we have to shout...
  • Willow: Adios
  • Cerdan: Au revoir
  • Desean: Wiedersehen
  • *Static with Hoatzin appears*
  • Most ABU birds: Ta-ta-ta
  • Deadly: Goodbye
  • Most girl birds in ABU: get lost
  • Combo: Get out! It's over. *Walks out*
  • *Combo's suit starts glitching into the one in ABU 2 and suddenly stops glitching*
  • Combo: *Turns head to camera* ...or is it?
  • Angry Birds Ultimate 2
  • *Daev dances to "Never Gonna Give You Up"*
  • Coming Soon
  • ...In an unknown time.

Trailer 2: Beyond A Game

  • *Rovio Entertainment, Combined Entertainment, Nevrade Entertainment, Chimera Entertainment and AngerTech INC.'s intros play at the same time*
  • Icebomb: Look, a multicolored portal!
  • When Thoughts...
  • Icebomb: The multicolored portal, the map... all these things are adding up.
  • Blaser: But what does it all mean...
  • Universes...
  • Combo: You're not Blaser.
  • Blaser: What?
  • Combo: You're someone who resembles him, but you're not him.
  • And Timelines...
  • Janet: There's something different about this...
  • Violet: Usually, there'd be more weaklings here.
  • *A bunch of events start playing*
  • Daev *Screeches*
  • Hoatzin: Please... stop screaming...
  • *A montage of gameplay from ABU2 starts playing*
  • Angry Birds Ultimate 2
  • Coming in 203 .̷͖̦̤̮̂


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