AB - OHIS Sequel Teaser

A teaser.

This game is also known as Angry Birds: Our Home Is Sinking! The Sequel, Angry Birds: Our Home Is Sinking! 2, Angry Birds Sea, or Angry Birds Ocean. It was released on October 19th, 2012.


The Birds are at home, but Pigs have stolen their Eggs from underwater! This made the island completely sink (after a hole was cut underneath the island to earn the prize) and it's impossible to live. Will the birds get the eggs and live to see their next day?


  • Red Bird
  • Blue Bird
  • Yellow Bird
  • Bomb Bird
  • White Bird
  • Green Bird
  • Big Bro Bird
  • Orange Bird
  • Ice Bird
  • Mighty Shark


  • All


  1. Trial (This was for the beta version)
  2. Home-time (Coming Soon)
  3. Ice-Bird (Coming Soon)
  4. Challenge (Buyable)
  5. Like Angry Birds on Facebook! (Episode page Coming Soon)
  6. Follow Angry Birds on Twitter! (Episode page Coming Soon)
  7. More Rovio Games (Website, not an episode)

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