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Angry Birds Webtoons is my plush series. I am going to air it on Youtube as soon as I start my channel. (I'm serious, I am posting this on Youtube. I just don't have a channel yet). It follows the many adventures of the Birds and Pigs.

Main Characters[]

Red Bird - the leader of the Flock, he is a headstrong, smart, and humorous cardinal. He is in all the episodes.

Red's Personal Info:

Real Name: Redford Jackson II

Age: 18

Species: Northern Cardinal

Family: Giant Red Bird (brother), Female Red Bird (girlfriend, wife in future episode), Redford Jackson I (father), Brad Jolie (father in-law in future episode)

Best Friends: Yellow Bird, Black Bird, Green Bird

Blue Bird - the youngest and most cheerful member of the Flock, he loves chocolate milk and bungee jumping. He is in all the episodes.

Blue's Personal Info:

Real Name: Jacob Griffin

Age: 12

Species: Blue Jay

Family: Jim Griffin (father)

Best Friends: White Bird, Orange Bird

Yellow Bird - the fastest member of the Flock, he is a valuable addition to the team. Known for having a ripped-up BAND-AID on his head, it is said he got that in a severe accident trying to retrieve the eggs.

Yellow's Personal Info:

Real Name: Chuck Jones

Age: 17

Species: Canary

Family: Patrick Jones (father)

Best Friends: Red Bird, Black Bird

Black Bird - the most powerful member on the team, he has the power to explode. He doesn't always seem to have the ability to control his explosions, though....

Black's Personal Info:

Real Name: Robert "Bob" Oppenhiemer

Age: 21

Species: Crow

Family: Franklin Oppenhiemer (father)

Best Friends: Red Bird, Yellow Bird, Green Bird

White Bird - White Bird has always seemed to love eating. Maybe that's why he poops all the time!

White's Personal Info:

Real Name: Mark Owens

Age: 19

Species: Chicken

Family: Logan Owens (father), Female White Bird (girlfriend, wife in future episode)

Best Friends: Blue Bird, Giant Red Bird

Green Bird - the most grouchy and agitating member, Green Bird has one great ability: to come back like a boomerang.

Green's Personal Info:

Real Name: Albert "Boomerang" Wayne

Age: 17

Species: Toucan

Family: David Wayne (father)

Best Friends: Black Bird, Red Bird

Giant Red Bird - the largest and oldest member of the group, Giant Red Bird is also one of the grossest. He burps in your face and poops in your cereal (Long story, don't ask).

Giant Red's Personal Info:

Real Name: Terence Jackson

Age: 30

Species: Northern Cardinal

Family: Red Bird (brother), Female Red Bird (sister in-law in future episode), Redius Jackson I (father), Brad Jolie (father in-law in future episode)

Orange Bird - the candy-loving member of the group. When he puffs up, he can get as big as Giant Red Bird!

Orange's Personal Info:

Real Name: Brandon Jenkins

Age: 14

Species: Oriole

Family: Eugene Jenkins (father)

Pink Bird - the prettiest bird in the Flock, she is also the only female bird in the Flock! (other than Scarlett, even though she is an unofficial member.) She loves blowing bubbles and hanging out with her boyfriend, Robert Oppenhiemer (aka Black Bird)

Pink's Personal Info:

Real Name: Stella Prescott/Oppenhiemer/Queen Stella (future episode, evil future episode)

Age: 20

Species: Bird of Paradise

Family: Daniel Prescott (father), Robert Oppenhiemer (boyfriend, husband in future episode), King Pig (husband in evil future episode)

Best Friends: Female Red Bird

Mighty Eagle - the Supreme Leader of the Flock (Red Bird being second in command), he gives Red Bird orders to pass on to the Birds. He is unknown to the Birds except to Red Bird and Blue Bird, who visits him regularly.

Mighty's Personal Info:

Real Name: Eagul Mightius

Age: 49

Species: Bald Eagle

Family: Unknown

Female Red Bird - the other female bird in the Flock, she is Red Bird's girlfriend and later wife. She joins the Flock in the 6th episode.

Female Red's Personal Info:

Real Name: Scarlett Jolie/Jackson (future episode)

Age: 20

Species Northern Cardinal

Family: Red Bird (boyfriend, husband in future episode), Giant Red Bird (brother in-law in future episode), Brad Jolie (father), Redius Jackson I (father in-law in future episode)

Best Friends: Pink Bird

King Pig - the king of the pigs.

King Pig's Personal Info:

Real Name: Hambone Baconswine II

Age: 35

Family: Hambone Baconswine I (father), Pink Bird (wife in evil future episode)

Chef Pig - the pigs' chef.

Chef Pig's Personal Info:

Real Name: Gordon Hamsay

Age: 40

Family: Unknown

General Stache - King Pig's right hand.

General Stache's Personal Info:

Real Name: Robert Le' Stache (note: he is not from France, his dad is)

Age: 38

Family: Unknown