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If you click on the Purple Portal in the original game, you will see this menu!



  1. Pig Bang
  2. NASA Space Station
  3. Cold Cuts
  4. Fry Me To The Moon
  5. Coming Soon
  6. Facebook
  7. Twitter
  8. Renren


Pig Bang[]

Pig Bang is from the Original Angry Birds Space with 33 Levels!

NASA Space Station[]

Originaly, this would ask you about learning about Space, but here you get 3 levels.

Coming Soon[]

This looks like it will be Fry Me To The Moon...and first...1 level.


Play some Angry Birds Space levels in the Angry Birds Friends arena! (Note: It will be very high up! These birds are not scared of high places) Or, choose to play Angry Birds Friends!


Play some Twitter-based levels in Space! Or, go to Angry Birds Twitter!


Play some Renren-based levels in Space! Or, go to Angry Birds Renren!


The Pigs are in space! Follow them through Space to get the Eggs back!



  • Rovio has made people exited. There WILL be a new planet. What could it be?
  • Soon after the New Menu, chinese appeared on it! You click "Translate" and you can change the menu language! Soon, the Original Menu will change.