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Angry Birds Wind is the 7th Angry Birds game where you play the White, Orange and Boomerang birds along with other birds although the last cutscene features a masked Red Bird, a helmeted Blue Bird, a purple red-glassed Yellow Bird, a fiery Black Bird, a green Big Brother Bird, and a cyan extraterrestrial bird which were revealed to be the birds from Angry Birds Space. It is windy on each episode and the birds get affected by the wind when launched. Wow!


Midnight Bird - screams "Tweet-tweet!" when clicked. Main Bird

Infinite Splitting Bird - splits into 3 birds which then split and goes on and on and on and on and on when clicked

Sun Bird - launches solar power when clicked

Black Goggle Bird - explodes in larger radius than 2 Black Birds when clicked

White Bird - drops an egg bomb when clicked

Boomerang Bird - reverses its movement when clicked

Big Cactus Brother Bird - shoots 2 Cactus thorns x(number of taps) when clicked

Orange Bird - inflates when clicked


Small Pig

Medium Pig

Large Pig

Helmet Pig

Moustache Pig

King Pig

Fat Pig

Red Pig

Big Pig

Pig Big

Blower Pig

Rocket Pig

Tornado Pig


  1. Midnight Wind (Midnight Bird)
  2. Split Mania (Infinite Splitting Bird)
  3. Solar Wind Bird (Sun Bird)
  4. Bomb Over There (Black Goggle Bird)
  5. Egg Bomb (White Bird)
  6. Wind Blowing Backwards (Boomerang Bird)
  7. Cactie Fury (Big Cactus Brother Bird)
  8. Blown Balloon (Orange Bird)
  9. Welcome Back (Red Bird, Blue Bird, Yellow Bird, Black Bird, Big Brother Bird, Ice Bird)
  10. Golden Portals
  11. Cheat Portal (when you finish Welcome Back all with 3 stars, you'll get this)


Click here to see the Golden Portals

Click here to see which cheats you can do on Cheat Portal

Click here to see codes to unlock different birds


When you identify and comment a code for a bird, you receive the bird depending on what the code is.

When you identify and comment the code for an extra episode, you receive the episode "Too Much Wind".

When you identify and comment the code to get the Cheat Portal without doing the main task, you receive the Cheat Portal.