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ABW Map V0.5

The current map, added in V0.5.0

For Orangebird763's version, now merged with this game, see The World of Angry Birds.

ABW Beta logo

The beta logo

Angry Birds World is a game that does not make you fling birds, but you can still do it. (This is similar to Club Penguin, but it is with Angry Birds instead. So it is not Club Penguin).

Angry Birds World Logo

The new logo.


Original Game[]


  1. Beta Release: Game released
  2. Beta: Map added
  3. Beta 2: Coffee Area comes along with Tiny Shop destruction


  1. Release (V1): Coffee Shop (inside of Coffee Area) completed by Pigs along with release of Bird Fling game and new logo comes, ending beta testing.
  2. V2: Player cards arrive and "Pre-ordered" items are used.
  3. V0.2.1: Announced to appear in Angry Birds Extreme, Versions changed from V2 to V0.2.1
  4. V0.2.2: New catalog announced for October.
  5. V0.3.0: Hog 'o' Ween party
  6. V0.4.0: Freeze Party (no new items, Freeze Cave added)
  7. V0.4.1: Hog o Freeze party (Hog 'o' Ween and Freeze party)
  8. V0.4.2: Making everyone think it's a new update.
  9. V0.5.0: Added Puffle Birds, messages appear when you login, catalog updated, Tiny Shop changed to Shop, Added Water Area
  10. V1.0.0: Message says APRIL FOOLS! all over the screen.
  11. V0.5.1: Sign added, Place Editor message now works, 2 new messages, messages don't need a new version to be added, Sign picture on screen and can be clicked on to show map, April Fools message removed, messages don't appear when you login.
  12. V0.5.2: The World of Angry Birds is now merged with this game. The merged game still has the name "Angry Birds World."

Angry Birds Extreme[]

Note: These are not the ABE versions, they are the ABW versions.


  1. V0.0.0: Angry Birds World added to Angry Birds Extreme with things in Beta 2
  2. V0.1.0: Attacking the Pigs added, Login removed
  3. V0.1.1: Game cannot be played if entering Tiny Shop
  4. V0.1.2: Removed Tiny Shop from map
  5. V0.2.0: Removed Tiny Shop, Coffee Shop cannot be visited because of the place being changed
  6. V0.3.0: You can now use multiplayer as normal. Using Player Cards crashes game, like with the Tiny Shop.
  7. V0.3.1: Player Cards removed
  8. V0.4.0: Bad Piggy appears in a random place, you can get coins, Coffee Shop Removed, You can login again.
  9. V0.4.1: Coins can be added or taken from ABW game
  10. V0.4.2: Whack a Pig added
  11. V0.4.3: Gold Colour added, but you can't get it yet
  12. V0.5.0: Coffee Shop added again with Three Holes, Gold Puffle Bird added, Extreme games added

Angry Birds World Place Editor[]

  1. Just here for me to use later

Angry Birds World Testing[]

  1. V0.4.3 Test 1: Added Water Area (cannot be found on map)
  2. V0.4.3 Test 2: Possible to get to Water Area (still not on map), Puffle Birds test (one can be found in water area)
  3. V0.5.0 (V0.4.3) Test 3: Catalog Removed
  4. V0.5.0 Test 4: Catalog added again with blank pages
  5. V0.5.0 Test 5: September 2013 Catalog
  6. V0.5.0 Test 6: Tiny Shop Removed
  7. V0.5.0 Test 7: Shop added to replace Tiny Shop
  8. V0.5.0 Test 8: Secret area added in Shop (You can find the Tiny Shop in the secret area!)
  9. V0.5.0 Test 9: When you play, message appears about the new test, but you still can't use it
  10. V0.5.0 Test 10: You can get a Puffle Bird, Puffle Birds all look like Red Bird Body items, and no one knows why.
  11. V0.5.0 Test 11: Trying to fix the Puffle Birds made it worse, now it looks like the black bird body used in the May catalog for a bird body (the black picture of a bird)
  12. V0.5.0 Test 12: Fixed puffle birds by putting them back to how they were on V0.4.3 Test 2, V0.4.3 becomes V0.5.0
  13. V0.5.0 Release Test: Message added about the test versions of ABW
  14. V0.5.1 Test 1: Message about Place Editor changed and it actually takes you to the test.
  15. V0.5.1 Test 2: Sign added in Water Area with messages, messages don't appear when you login
  16. V0.5.1 Test 3: 2 messages added, one about ABE and one about messages not needing a new version to be added
  17. V0.5.1 Release Test: Sign in corner of the screen, clicking on it acts as the sign in the Water Area
  18. V1.0.0 Release Test: Added to make people think it's an update. (April Fools 2013) I added this just as another April Fool's 2013 thing. The test makes the sign say APRIL FOOLS!. (Note: This was released before the sign was added, but the test came after V0.5.1 Release Test)
  19. V0.6.0 Test 1: Sign menu removed, because it's being changed
  20. V0.6.0 Test 2: When using sign, a list of versions appear. (V0.4.3 Test 1 to V0.6.0 Test 1)
  21. V0.6.0 Test 3: Clicking on a version restarts the game.
  22. V0.6.0 Test 4: Beta Release version added to version list, and when clicked on, game version is changed to Beta 2.
  23. V0.6.0 Test 4: Beta Release version removed from list, clicking on a version takes you back to it, new sign message saying that when released, all the versions will be normal and will also work.
  24. V0.6.0 Test 5: The game can be downloaded, but the "download" button ingame is buggy and when used, a message says "Sorry, you can't do this yet. For now, this bird picture! (Red Bird photo)", meaning that the game cannot be downloaded.
  25. V0.6.0 Test 6: When using the "download" button, the game screen is covered with the word "Downloading...". 5 minutes later, it will say, "failed to download :("
  26. V0.6.0 Test 7: The download button now says it will download the full game, but actually downloads something that won't work. When opening the downloaded game, it says "I crashed and I don't care! >:) not really it's very very sad.", meaning that a new game crash message was added.
  27. V0.6.0 Test 8: Crash message test in normal version of testing. Download is replaced with "Crash your game to test stuff!"
  28. V0.6.0 Test 9: Versions V0.6.0 Test 2-8 can now be used.
  29. V0.6.0 Test 10 (That pointless update just for the downloaded version): When using the downloaded version, it updates and now works, but without old versions.

Angry Birds Extreme Testing[]

  1. V0.4.4 Test 1: Coffee Shop Added again
  2. V0.4.4 Test 2: Gold Puffle Bird Added, it's possible to use items without player cards
  3. V0.5.0 (V0.4.4) Release Test: Extreme games added
  4. V0.5.1 Test 1: Added Water Area
  5. V0.5.1 Test 2: Map removed because of it not working
  6. V0.5.1 Test 3: Map picture on the corner of the screen showing where you are
  7. V0.6.0 (V0.5.1) Test 4: Clicking on the map picture makes it bigger
  8. V0.6.0 Test 5: Added going to the old versions, but you can go to V0.4.4 Test 1 to V0.6.0 Test 4.
  9. V0.6.0 Test 6: The real version test had a useless update, so why not this version?

Angry Birds World Place Editor Testing[]

  1. V0.0.0 Test 0: Test for this thing added, but the test can't be used yet
  2. V0.0.0 Test 1: Place editor added. You can make your own place.
  3. V0.0.0 Test 2: Send as Idea button added, doesn't do anything
  4. V0.0.0 Test 3: You can get a picture of the place you made.
  5. V0.0.0 Test 4: You can print a picture.


These are the messages seen on the sign in the Water Area.

V0.5.0 Messages[]

  1. Angry Birds World Test (V0.5.1: Angry Birds World Place Editor Test)
  2. Angry Birds World Testing Versions

V0.5.1 Messages[]

  1. Angry Birds Extreme
  2. Messages don't need a new version to be added.
  3. V1.0.0 tests

V0.6.0 Messages[]

  1. When changing to an old version in the release of this version, it will say all versions released, not test versions.


Past Parties[]

  1. Hog 'o' Ween (Halloween 2012)
  2. Freeze Party (Christmas 2012)
  3. Funny Bird Party (April Fool's Day 2013) (Ha! There was never an April Fool's party! But we did bring the Hog 'o' Freeze party for a week!)

Future Parties[]

  1. None

Current Party[]

  • None

Angry Birds Extreme Version[]

There is an exclusive version for SpongeTechX's Angry Birds Extreme.


  1. You don't need to log in.
  2. A game called "Attacking the Pigs" is exclusive for the game.
  3. The Tiny Shop cannot be visited.
  4. The Coffee Shop's "Three Holes" design is how the Coffee Shop is supposed to look.
  5. Player Cards ARE NOT seen in-game.
  6. You can earn coins SEPERATLY in the game, though there is the option of connecting to the original Angry Birds World, and your extra coins are added to the main ABW game. Progress in games may also be moved.
  7. In V0.5.0 you can give a gold colour to your bird by finding the hidden Golden Puffle Bird (Note: Only the Gold Colour can be moved to the original. Gold Puffle will come to original in a future update)
  8. You can find a Bad Piggy sitting somewhere and if you help him, he gives you 2,000 coins and a free Bad Piggy Body.
  9. In V0.5.0, an ultra-hard, or Extreme, version of games can be played.
  10. Play the game "Whack a Pig"


See Angry Birds World/AB Extreme Version Gallery.


Note: There are not many places, because it is new


  • Coffee Area
  • Tiny Shop


  • Coffee Shop 

Party Rooms

  • Freeze Cave



  • Bird Fling 2


  • Bird Fling/Bird Fling 2

Poster Gallery[]

Catalog Gallery[]

Angry Birds World/Catalogs

Map Gallery[]

Places Gallery[]

Angry Birds World/Places

Examples Gallery[]

Games Gallery[]

Other Gallery[]

Places Info[]

Coffee Area[]

This is the main area. You log in, and you start here. Does your Bird want to sit outside with it's Coffee? Look for the Coffee Area! Sit away from the Slingshot with some Coffee! Wait...just sit there. Something bad is going on inside the Coffee Shop.

Tiny Shop[]

We have no official shop, but we have THIS! Buy items for your Bird and see your Bird go around wearing it's item! Before you would "pre-order" it. Now, there are player cards and you can use your preordered items!

Coffee Shop[]

Pigs have taken over the Coffee Shop! Use the Slingshot and be ready to hurt Pigs!

Games Info[]

Bird Fling[]

Hit Pigs! Save the Coffee Shop! EARN COINS!

Where to Play[]

Coffee Shop

How to Play[]

Like the original Angry Birds, you must pull back your Birds and hit Pigs. There is no score appearing at the top of the screen. There are 9 levels. Complete 3 to earn a Star. Each Star gives you 50 coins. If you finish the WHOLE game, you earn 3 bonus levels to use the Mighty Eagle instead of your Bird You will get feathers instead of stars. You can get a Mighty Eagle Feather Pin if you complete all 3 levels. After THAT, you can earn Red Bird Pins. 1 Pin=350, 2 Pins=400, 3 Pins=450 and a free Red Bird Pin. THEN, you earn FOUR levels. You earn photos of injured Pigs. 1 Photo=500, 2 Photos=550, 3 Photos=600, 4 Photos=650 and a free Pig Photo Background. Two last bonus levels will get you 500 Coins, then 1,000 Coins.

Bonuses (To Do)[]

  1. Getting 3 Pigs in a row, and continuing to get them in a row (If you do this for ALL levels, you earn an extra 300 Coins)
  2. Completing Original Levels
  3. Completing Mighty Eagle Bonus Levels
  4. Completing Red Bird Pin Bonus Levels
  5. Completing Injured Pig Photo Bonus Levels
  6. Completing Final Bonus Levels

Bonuses (To Earn)[]

  1. 150 Coins
  2. 300 Coins
  3. Mighty Eagle Feather Pin
  4. 450 Coins
  5. Red Bird Pin
  6. 650 Coins
  7. Injured Pigs Background
  8. 500 Coins
  9. 1,000 Coins
  10. 3,300 Coins (If completing ALL Bonuses (To Do))

Bird Fling 2: Angry Attack[]

The Pigs have returned! Stop them from ruining Angry Birds World!

Where to Play[]

Coffee Area/Tiny Shop

How to Play[]

By playing this, you have fully completed the first version. This time, the Bird has powers and can earn powers as going through the game

Wait...I remember...[]

...World of Angry Birds: MMORPG

Red Bird Powers[]

  1. Earned at beginning - Quiet Screams (Screams quietly, just to annoy Pigs.)
  2. Earned after completing the 5th Level - Original Noises (Acts as normal)
  3. Earned after killing a Large Pig with no power - Great Noises (Breaks glass, cracks it)
  4. Earned after killing the first boss - Super Loud Attacks (Red Bird can now BREAK glass the second he starts screaming!)
  5. Earned after getting Total Destruction (Cleared level, completely) with the Red Birds - Ear Killer (The Pigs lose their ears)
  6. Earned after killing the second boss - Tooth Hurter (The Pigs lose their teeth)
  7. Earned after First Use of the Mighty Eagle - Eye Exploder (Screams so loud, the Pigs will have no eyes and instead, a hole that is black)
  8. Given to Members - Pig Banger (Pigs can explode!)

Blue Bird Powers[]

  1. Earned at beginning - Jump 3 (Jumps on the attacked Pig 3 times)
  2. Earned after completing the 5th Level - Split into 3 (Acts as normal)
  3. Earned after killing a Medium Pig with no power - Split into 5 (Read the name)
  4. Earned after killing the first boss - Split into 10 and Jump 5 (Read the name and jumps 5 times)
  5. Earned after getting Total Destruction with the Blue Birds - Surprising 17 (Split to 17)
  6. Earned after killing the second boss - Unbelievable 26 (Split to 26)
  7. Earned after Second Use of the Mighty Eagle - Lifeless Minute (The amazed Pigs freeze for a minute)
  8. Given to Members - Lifeless Explosion (Again, they freeze, but this time, they explode shortly after)

Yellow Bird Powers[]

  1. Earned at beginning - Extra Speed (Gets a tiny bit of speed)
  2. Earned after completing the 5th Level - Speeds (Acts as normal)
  3. Earned after killing a Large Pig with no power - Super Speed (Goes faster than normal)
  4. Earned after killing the first boss - Great Speed (Goes super-fast)
  5. Earned after getting Total Destruction with the Yellow Birds - Yellow Thing (Flys so he is just some yellow triangle)
  6. Earned after killing the second boss - Straight Yellow (Goes straight through the level)
  7. Earned after Third Use of the Mighty Eagle - Pinball (Jumps off ANYTHING untill he falls through THE ground)
  8. Given to Members - KA-BOOM! (Goes so fast...he explodes)

Pig Powers[]

  1. Small Pig - Jumps on Birds
  2. Medium Pig - Rushes forward and goes back
  3. Large Pig - Jumps in the air and makes a small explosion after landing
  4. Helmet Pig 1 - Throws his helmet and collects it again
  5. Helmet Pig 2 - Uses his helmet as a boomerang
  6. Mustache Pig - Gets angry, turns red, and lands on any Bird, or at least where it was when he got angry
  7. Fake Mustache Pig - Throws his mustache, and it explodes
  8. King Pig - He can grow giant and jump, creating an earthquake
  9. Fat Pig - Eats Birds
  10. Little Fat Pig - Throws anything he sees, even Pigs and Birds!


  • This is quite similar to Club Penguin, because you would be a bird that can go to places and wear stuff (stuff from other birds...) and have pets, but, read this trivia part again and find the words Be a Bird, it's useful.
  • Pets in this game are Puffle Birds, but not puffles. But they are puffles with bird faces, making them Birds.