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Catalogs in Angry Birds World.

Catalog Info[]

Every catalog has 4 secrets (2 secrets, secret page, secret in secret page). Every 2 months, (excluding the May catalog) there is a new catalog. Items in a previous catalog goes into the Going Items catalog. If you fail to get an item, it will come in a future catalog. Secrets can only be brought with Star Coins.

May 2012 - October 2012 Catalog[]

October 2012 - January 2013 Catalog Announcements[]

Halloween 2012 Goodies Catalog (Angry Birds Extreme Version)[]

These items are seen in what WOULD be the tiny shop. It's a pole with this catalog stuck on it. These items can be passed through to the original Angry Birds World, but non-members can only send through items from Page 1.

Week and Day memberships can be brought from Angry Birds Extreme and are sent to the original after you recieve your membership. These memberships appear on the original game if you get them from Angry Birds Extreme and it expires. Note: 10 Week membership is exclusive to Angry Birds Extreme and cannot be brought from original, even after expiring.

Halloween 2012 Goodies Catalog (Normal Version)[]

September 2013 Catalog[]

This catalog was added in V0.5.0 Test 3