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Angry Birds World is an MMORPG game where people create their own birds which can chat with other real birds from all around the world. The game is one of GoldGames biggest projects, so check this page every day for all new features.

Update Log[]

Alpha 1.0.0[]

The game is roughly made, not released to the public. The game only includes one room: the Town.

Alpha 1.0.1[]

The game is updated with a new game that can currently only be found in the town: Whack a Pig.

Alpha 1.0.2[]

A boss level is added to Whack a Pig. Another game is added to the town which is called Bird-Man.

Alpha 1.0.3[]

The game is released to the public for an unknown reason. The catalog Bird Fashions is added. Also, players can now earn Bird Coins to spend in the catalog from the games Whack a Pig and Bird-Man.



to be added


Whack a Pig[]

Whack a Pig is a short but fun game, where you use a mallet to hit pigs in the head at a Whack a Mole like game. Minion Pigs take one hit, Coporal Pig takes 3 hits, and Foreman Pig takes 5 hits. And when you find King Pig, whack him as much as you can for a bonus at the end of any game of Whack a Pig. The game currently has 5 levels. The first level only includes Minion Pigs, the second level has a lot more Minion Pigs, the third level introduces Coporal Pig, the fourth level introduces Foreman Pig, and the fifth level introduces King Pig. The game is a short but fun spin off of a classic that anyone would like. With the new update, if you get a perfect score on every level, you can unlock a bonus boss level which features Fat Pig. He takes 500 hits, and he also summons other pigs too. After defeating Fat Pig, you have completed the game for now.


Bird-Man is a game based off of Pac-Man. You start off with Red Bird, and can unlock more birds later. The game is the same as the game Bird-Man.


Bird Fashions