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this is a game like "Club Penguin" but with birds.each player has a can edit your bird (or pig if you want) and buy clothes to it.there's many different places on the island,and they are also include mini-games,official characters,interactive things and more.on the mini games,you can earn feather coins.with your coins,you can buy things.each player got his own house,and he can design it in his own style.


angry birds levels[]

  • Heikki&Lotus F1 levels (The Race Stadium)
  • Piglantis levels (The Traveling Island)
  • Volcano levels (The Volcano)
  • Surf&Turf 1st theme (Normal Beach)
  • Pigini Beach levels (Pigini Beach)
  • Cheetos levels (The Forest)
  • Surf&Turf 2nd&3rd theme (The Forest)
  • Sakura Ninja&Cherry Blossom levels (The Chinese Quarter)
  • Year Of The Dragon&Mooncake Festival (The Chinese Quarter)
  • Telepizza levels (The City)
  • Coca-Cola levels (The City)
  • Mc'Donalds levels (The City)
  • Danger Above 2nd theme (The City)
  • Pig Bang&Danger Zone levels (Space)

​other mini-games[]

  • Fishing (The Village)
  • The Race (The Race Stadium)
  • Lava Jumps (The Volcano)
  • Cooking With Matilda (The Flock Nest)
  • Water Ski (Normal Beach)
  • Mighty Mania (The Mountains)
  • Cliff Climbing (The Mountains)
  • Bubble Hops (The Hills)
  • Cooking With Teh Pigz (Piggy Castle)
  • Bad Piggies Demo (Piggy Castle)
  • Astro-Birds (Space)

Player's House[]

Player's Window[]


The Village[]

Coming Soon!

The Secret Base[]

The Race Stadium[]

Coming Soon!

The Sea[]

Coming Soon!

The Traveling Island[]

Coming Soon!

The Volcano[]

Coming Soon!

The Flock Nest[]

Coming Soon!

The Sewer[]

Coming Soon!

Normal Beach[]

Pigini Beach[]

The Forest[]

the mountains[]

The Hills[]

Piggy Castle[]

The Chinese Quarter[]

Coming Soon!

The City[]

Coming Soon!


Others Features[]

Feather Coin[]

Feather coin sizes

in different sizes.

the feather coin is gold with a printing of a golden feather. in that picture,you can see the feather coin

Messege Box[]

you can get postcards and mails from you friends.

The Map[]

you can teleport to any mainscreen on every place.