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This is the second game about world traveling birds. You may be looking for the original version.


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Angry Birds World Tour

Release Date

July 31st, 2013


iOS, Android, Amazon, PC


Rytech, Inc.


Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Telepod

Number Of Episodes

54 (counting Bonus Episodes)

Previous Game

Angry Birds Kids Next Door

Next Game

Bad Piggies: Time Travel

This is an all-new game by Rytech.


The Birds are guarding the eggs, when suddenly, something makes them fall asleep. The Pigs then steal the eggs and head to the first location, Greenland.

New Elements[]

After you beat each episode, King Pig leaves clues as to where to go next. When you advance to a new continent, he says, "I am not on this continent anymore. Come to -name of continent- if you want more!". Also, like in Angry Birds World, in Hollywood (Pig's on Stars in Angry Birds World), the level backgrounds are movie sets.


  • Red Bird (1-1)
  • Blue Bird (1-10)
  • Yellow Bird (1-16)
  • Black Bird (2-5)
  • White Bird (2-19)
  • Green Bird (3-5)
  • Terence (4-10)
  • Orange Bird (5-2)
  • Pink Bird (6-4)
  • Ice Bird (1-5)
  • Blu (10-1)
  • Jewel (10-2)
  • Mighty Eagle (if paid)
  • (New!) Hockey Bird- shoots a hockey puck at the pigs (2-1)
  • (New!) Sun Bird - melts pigs with intense heat (4-1)
  • (New!) Alien Bird- fires a massive energy weapon (5-1)
  • (New!) James Bond Bird- shoots the pigs with a pistol (16-1)
  • Grey Bird
  • Squeaky Toy Bird
  • Purple Bird


Season 1: North America

1. Greenland

2. Canada

3. New York

4. Florida

5. Area 51

6. Hollywood

7. Mexico City

8. Panama

Season 2: South America

1. Venezuela

2. Rio de Janerio

3. Buenos Aires

4. Santiago

5. Atacama Desert

6. Falkland Islands

Season 3: Europe

1. Dublin

2. London

3. Helsinki 

4. Paris

5. Berlin

6. Rome

7. Athens

8. Istanbul

Season 4: Africa

1. Cairo

2. Sahara Desert

3. Libya

4. South Africa

5. Madagascar

Season 5: Asia

1. Arabia

2. Moscow

3. The Himalayas

4. New Dehli

5. Beijing

6. Tokyo

7. Vietnam

Season 6: Pacific Islands

1. Australia

2. New Zealand

3. Midway Island

4. Polynesia

5. Hawaii

Season 7: Antarctica

1. South Georgia

2. Antarctic Peninsula

3. Weddel Sea

4. South Pole

Season 8: Back To Piggy Island

1. Gulf of Swine

2. The Hamalayas

3. Kalahami Desert

4. Lake Supigior

5. Pig City

Bonus Episodes[]

Bonus episodes cost $0.99 each, except for The Olympics, which comes with Athens.

  1. North Pole
  2. The Olympics
  3. Earth's Moon
  4. Washington, DC
  5. Bay of Pigs
  6. Great Lakes
  7. Gobi Desert


  • Anti-Freeze- This power-up can only be used on Ice Bird. When used, it melts the pigs instead of freezing them.
  • Teleporter- This power-up allows you to teleport wherever you want.
  • Super Seeds- This power-up makes your bird super-sized.
  • Atomic Bomb Bird- This power-up turns any bird into an Atomic Bomb Bird! It will destroy anything within range.
  • (NEW!) Monsoon - when the screen is tapped, a giant rainstorm appears! It floods everything! Any pigs lucky enough to survive can easily be killed.