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Angry Birds Worlds is the second Angry Birds game (the first being Space) to have the birds in new outfits. The pigs are also updated in the form of Seboan System villains. There are currently five episodes- Goboan System, Pig Islands, L'pork's Mountains, Verrarius, The Final Battle.

The Birds[]

Baby Bird (red bird)- Makes a crying sound.

Zuber Bird (blue bird)- Splits into five tiny zubers that do the most damage on ice.

Zicovus Bird (yellow bird)- Same power as the Lazer Bird, uses nose to smash stuff.

Jek Bird (black bird)- Explodes, sending shards of metal out that can only kill Goblin Pigs and break ice.

Dwarf Bird (white bird)- Drops a heavy damage axe, but bird itself is weak.

Myano Bird (green bird)- Uses a saxophone to inflict medium damage. Also boomerangs.

King Sam Bird (big brother bird)- Same size as Baby Bird, but much stronger. Can very easily break through baby food.

Plujij Bird (orange bird)- Expands to giant size, one side has spikes that do medium damage.

Elven Bird- Shoots very heavy damage arrows, and can take many bricks before turning into a corpse.

Ardoniel (mighty dragon)- Same function as Mighty Dragon, except is summoned with The Lord of the Rings.

World Pigs[]

Goblin Pig (small pig)- Weakest pig, effected best by Jek Bird's metal.

Dark Dragon Pig (medium pig)- Slightly more powerful, Zuber Birds do not effect at all.

Vilendil Pig (large pig)- More powerful than both Dark Dragon Pig and Helmet Dark Dragon Pig.

Helmet Dark Dragon Pig (helmet pig)- More powerful than Dark Dragon Pig, but slightly less than Vilendil Pig.

Imuris Pig (mustache pig)- About two Helmets more powerful than Vilendil Pig, usually has a forcefield.

Rider Pig (king pig)- Nine of them, boss fights that ride on horses. Only effected by Jek, King Sam, Plujij, and Elf birds.

Vorl Pig- Only effected by Combo birds but not including Baby, Zuber, or Myano birds. Very hard to beat, can destroy Ardoniel.

Arkor-Kolas Pig- Impossible to pop, in levels must get down to half damage to defeat. Only three-bird combos can lower its damage tiny bits. Also flies.

Bird Combos[]

In levels with 6+ birds, you can click the yellow button with a C on it to choose birds for your combos. Vorl Pig and Arkor-Kolas Pig can only be fought with combos. They are a new feature added for Angry Birds Worlds, and are not found in any other game, however in the Mighty Eagle Trailer the Red, Blue, and Yellow birds are in a combo.