This game is the 5th enstalment of Angry Birds. It was released on Thursday June 28, 2012. A new bird called The Tiger Bird was announced on June 1, 2012 and made its first apperance in the game. The Tiger Birdd has to save the Flock from the zoo after being captured, Just like Angry Birds Rio. THe Pigs do not apprear until the 3rd episode of the game. when the game was released it had all three Episodes on it and a 4th one saying "Coming soon" on it.


The Birds are staring at there eggs when suddenly they see a man with a "gun". The Birds Scream when they see him, then they get shot and got knocked out. They Wake up and find themselves in a Zoo!. They ask for help but none of the animals understood them. They got mad. The Pigs were watching the birds get locked up in the habitate and then they went for the eggs. A new bird was watching the Zoo keepers Capture the Birds and he Swooped out and Knockd out the keepers. The new Bird was revealed as "The Tiger Bird". The Tiger Bird took the keepers to a supply closet, Tied up the Zoo keepers he knocked out, Duct Taped there mouthes shut so they couldent yel for help, an d locked the closet door. Then he went off to save the Flock


Tiger Bird 1-1

Red Bird Rescued at 1-10

Blue Birds Rescued at 1-17

Yellow Bird Rescued at 2-5

Black Bird Rescued at 2-14

White Bird Rescued at 3-13

Boomerang Bird Rescued at 3-21

Big Brother Bird Rescued at Episode 2 4-4

Orange Bird Rescued at 4-20

Brown Bird Rescued at 5-5

Purple Bird Rescued at 5-17

Ice Bird- Announced to return, but hasent been in the game yet- probalby episode 4 or 5


(the pigs dont apper till episode 3)








Episode 1- The Rescue Party

Epside 2- The Return of help

Episode 3- the Pigs Strike Back

Episode 4- The Egg-nappers (coming soon- set to be released on July 2, 2012)

Episode 5- Not announced

Note: other animals do make Cameos but are not playable, the zoo keepers are not seen after the Tiger Bird Tied Them up and Gagged them With Duct Tape.

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