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Angry Birds vs. Zombies

Release Date



E10+ For Cartoon Violence


PS3 PS4 PSVita Xbox 360 Xbox One

Angry Birds vs. Zombies is a Angry Birds, and Plants vs. Zombies combined.


Zomboss and King Pig have just teamed up, and created a device that will turn any dead things into Zombies! They then start converting fallen pigs into Zom-Pigs! Meanwhile, the Birds hear about this and recruit Crazy Dave and the Plants to stop Zomboss and King Pig from making anymore zombies!


The Player progresses through 10 worlds of Zombie Mayhem, each one loaded with Plants to plant and Zombies to squash. Every 5th level, (example: 1-5) The Player will slingshot Birds across an ever-expanding map to defeat Zom-Pigs. Every 10th level, a boss is fought.


World 1: First Dig (Difficulty: Easy)

World 2: When Night Falls... (Difficulty: Easy-Medium)

World 3: Pool Party! (Difficulty: Medium)

World 4: Fog Faith (Difficulty: Medium)

World 5: Up on The Roof (Difficulty: Medium-Hard)

World 6: Rooftop Shenanigans (Difficulty: Hard)

World 7: Graveyard Disaster (Difficulty: Hard)

World 8: The Under-World (Difficulty: Very Hard)

World 9: The Sky (Difficulty: Very Hard)

World 10: Lair of Zomboss (Difficulty: Extremely Hard)


World 1[]

Peashooter - Shoots Peas at the Enemy

Sunflower - Produces Additional Sun

Wall-Nut - Blocks off Zombies and Protects Other Plants

Cherry Bomb - Blows up all Zombies in a 3x3 Area

Shovel - Lets you dig up a Plant

Potato Mine - Explodes on Contact but Takes Time to arm Itself

Ice Pea - Shoots Peas That Damage and Slow Zombies

Chomper - Devours a Zombie Whole but is Vulnerable While Chewing

Repeater - Fires 2 Peas at a Time

Note - I Wonder What it Says...

World 2[]

Puff-Shroom - Shoots Short-Ranged Spores at the Enemy

Sun-Shroom - Gives Small Sun at First and Normal Sun Later

Fume-Shroom - Shoots Fumes That Cut Throw Certain Objects

Grave Buster - Destroys 1 Grave

Suburban Almanac - Tells you About Birds, Plants and Zombies

Hypno-Shroom - Makes a Zombie Fight for you

Scardy-Shroom - Long Ranged Shooter That Hides When Zombies Come Close

Ice-Shroom - Freezes all Zombies Onscreen

Doom-Shroom - Destroys Massive Amounts of Zombies Leaving a Crater in Its Wake

Note - I Wonder What it Says...

World 3[]

Lily Pad - Lets you Plant Non-Aquatic Plants on it

Squash - Squashes Zombies

Tangle Kelp - Pulls 1 Zombie Underwater

Threepeater - Shoots Peas in 3 Lanes

Car Keys - Allows Access to Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies

Jalapeño - Ignites a Whole row of Zombies

Spikeweed - Pops Tires and Hurts any Zombies That Step on it

Torchwood - Peas That Pass Through it Turn Into Fireballs

Tall-Nut - Heavy-Duty Nut That Can't be Vaulted or Jumped Over

Note - I Wonder What it Says...

World 4[]

Sea-Shroom - Short-Ranged Shooter That can be Planted in Water

Plantern - Lights up 3x3 Area, Allowing you to see Through fog

Cactus - Shoots Spikes That can pop Balloons

Blover - Blows Away all Flying Zombies and fog

Crazy Dave's Magic Taco - What Will you do With a Taco?

Split Pea - Shoots 1 pea Forward and 2 Backward

Starfruit - Shoots Stars in 5 Directions

Pumpkin - Protects Plants Within Its Shell

Magnet-Shroom - Steals Metal Objects From Zombies

Note - I Wonder What it Says...

World 5[]

Cabbage-Pult - Throws Cabbages Over Obstacles at the Enemy

Flower Pot - Allows you to Plant on Tiles Without Dirt

Kernel-Pult - Lobs Kernels and Butter at the Enemy

Coffee Bean - Plant on a Mushroom to Wake it up

Watering Can - Allows Access to Zen Garden

Garlic - Makes Zombies Switch Lanes

Umbrella Leaf - Protects Nearby Plants From Bungees and Projectiles

Marigold - Gives You Silver and Gold Coins

Melon-Pult - Hurls Melons at Groups of Zombies

Note - I Wonder What it Says...

World 6[]

Star-Sheild - Deflects Stars Thrown By Ninja Zombies

Aquatic Basin - Allows you to Plant Aquatic Plants on Land

Pult-Shroom - Lobs Spores at the Enemy

Bonk Choy - Punches Zombies From the Front and Behind

Bacon - What Will you do With Bacon?

Banana Launcher - Shoots Bananas at Any Tile

Power Lily - Produces 1 Plant Food

Ice Cayenne - Freezes a Whole row of Zombies

Apple Bomb - Destroys Zombies in a 4x4 Area

Note - I Wonder What it Says...

World 7[]

Spike-Nut - Same as Tall-Nut but Grows Spikes When Damaged to Defend Itself

Invisi-Flower - A Sun Producing Plant That Zombies Can't Attack

Flower-Stand - Plant Things on top of it to Damage Flying Zombies

Bloomerang - Shoots Boomerangs That hit 3 Targets Twice

Mini Games Mode - Allows Access to Mini Games Mode

Fire-Shroom - Burns all Zombies Onscreen

Pea-Nut - Half Defensive Plant, Half Offensive Plant

Zombie Trapper - Zombies That Walk in it are Trapped

Grave Eliminator - Destroys 3 Graves

Note - I Wonder What it Says...

World 8[]

Lamp - Lights up the row it is Planted in

Stun-Mine - Zombies That Encounter it are Stunned for a Short Time

Lightning Reed - Zaps Multible Zombies per Strike

Torch - Lights up Entire Board Until it Burns out


World 1[]


Flag Zombie

Conehead Zombie

Pole Vaulting Zombie

Buckethead Zombie

Basic ZomPig

Mutant Zombie (Boss)

World 2[]

Newspaper Zombie

Screen Door Zombie

Football Zombie

Dancing Zombie

Backup Dancer

Large ZomPig

King Pig (First Time) (Boss)

World 3[]

Ducky Tube Zombie

Snorkel Zombie


Zombie Bobsled Team

Dolphin Rider Zombie

Helmet ZomPig

Sea Monster Zombie (Boss)

World 4[]

Jack-in-the-Box Zombie

Balloon Zombie

Digger Zombie

Pogo Zombie

Zombie Yeti

Metal Helmet ZomPig

King Pig (Second Time) (Boss)

World 5[]

Bungee Zombie

Ladder Zombie

Catapult Zombie



Mustache ZomPig

Dr. Zomboss (First Time) (Boss)

World 6[]

Ninja Zombie

Assistant Ninja

Duck Weed Zombie

Banshie Zombie

Chimney Cleaner Zombie

Strong Mustache ZomPig

King Pig (Third Time) (Boss)

World 7[]

Witch Zombie

Dracula Zombie

Vampire Zombie

Coffin Zombie

Motorcycle Zombie

Fat ZomPig

Space Ogre Zombie (Boss)


  • Lawn Warrior - Complete Adventure Mode
  • Nobel Peas Prize - Obtain The Gold Sunflower Trophy
  • Master of Morticulture - Collect All 97 Plants (Including Plants From The Shop)
  • Smarty Branches - Grow The Tree Of Wisdom To 200 Feet
  • King Of Sling - Complete All Of The Levels In Angry Birds Mode
  • Beyond The Grave - Complete All Of The Levels In Mini-Games Mode
  • Fast Thinker - Complete All Of The Levels In Puzzle Mode
  • True Survivalist - Complete All Of The Levels In Survival Mode
  • China Shop - Get To a Streak of 25 in Vasebreaker Endless
  • Better Off Dead - Get To a Streak of 20 in I,Zombie Endless