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Angry Birds vs Angry Pigs[]

Angry Birds vs Angry Pigs is an upcoming game in the Angry Birds series. In the game the player chooses to play as the birds or the pigs. The birds are the same as usual flinging birds at pigs and the pigs is to build structures and not get defeted by the birds. Angry Birds vs Angry Pigs is the presequel to Angry Birds: The Wrath of King Pig.

China people

New updated poster with Pink Bird and Large Pig teeth corrected.


  • Red Bird- Screams.
  • Zombie Red Bird- Screams
  • Blue Bird- Splits into Three.
  • Chicken- Sligthly stronger than Red Bird
  • Yellow Bird- Speed Boost
  • Lavender Bird- Inflates then explodes.
  • Pelican- Spins franticly.
  • Black Bird- Acts as an bomb.
  • Teal Bird- Spreads water everywhere.
  • White Bird- Drops egg a bomb.
  • Mud Bird- Shoots mud.
  • Flamingo- Acts as an wreaking ball.
  • Charcoal Bird- Burns through objects.
  • Crate Bird- Shoots 4 Fireworks towards his sides.
  • Bird Da Vinci- Shoots paint balls.
  • Gray Bird (penguin)- Act as and ice ball.
  • Scarlet Bird- Speeds up.
  • Puffin- Flies
  • Boomerang Bird- Acts as an boomerang
  • Porcu-bird-Shoots 1 spike in 15 directions.(spike deals low damage)
  • Crow- Swoops down from the sky.
  • Midnight Bird-Kills all the pigs faster.
  • Orange Bird-Expands to huge size two seconds after impact.
  • Metal Bird- Extremely strong.
  • Big Brother Bird- A lot stronger than the Red Bird.
  • Dancing Bird - Summons Backup Birds and a little stronger than Big Brother Bird.
  • Swooping Condor- Just like the crow only stronger.
  • Armor bird- A lot stronger than Big Brother bird
  • Hawk- Extremely Strong.
  • Gold Bird- Shoots Extremely powerful rays.
  • Hard Bird - Gets a shovel and digs blocks.
  • Godzilla Bomber
  • Nyan Cat - Meows then chomps the whole structure.
  • Weegee Bird - Beats an entire episode of the game. unlocked when you beat world 1 trough 3

(you may add or remove your birds to this list, must be in strength order and strength order is also when they are unlocked)


  • Small Pig- Weakest of all Pigs.
  • Medium Pig- Stronger than the Small Pig.
  • Large Pig- Stronger than the Medium Pig.
  • Helmet Pig- Sligthly stronger than the Large Pig.
  • Mustache Pig- Just like the Helmet Pig except with a mustache.
  • Postman Pig- As strong as a small pig unlocked when there is a update, disapears when there is no update.
  • Miner Pig- A purchase, makes some Small, Medium and Large pigs get mining hats.
  • Construction Pig- Same as Miner Pig except construction hats.
  • Chef Pig- Same as Constrution and Miner Pig except with chef hat.
  • Silver Pig- Nearly the same size as Mustache Pig, and also nearly the same strength as Giant Pig, and makes Small, Medium, Large and Helmet pigs get cowboy hats which make them a little bit stronger.
  • Giant Pig- Bigger than the King Pig but sligthly weaker.
  • King Pig- Strongest Pig.


1.Attack! 2-25

2.No eggs for you. 3-24

3.Angry animals. 3-26

4.Hogs for dinner. 3-17

5.Fried chicken. 4-18

6.Open warfar! 4-22

7.Angry Birds vs Angry Pigs: The final battle!!! 4-24


The basic stroyline pigs take eggs birds try to get eggs back.


Bird ending[]

King Pig is defeated and the birds take back their eggs and live happily ever after, until the pigs come back and winks.

Pig ending[]

After constant attacks the birds retreat. King Pig waits for his eggs to arrive but nothing comes several small pigs lost all of the eggs.

Unlockable Birds[]

360px-Angry Birds Original Sketches (5)

The 4 unlockable birds and 3 unknown birds