Angry Birds Clone Wars is the Angry Birds version of star wars the clone wars


Anakin-Prince Pig/Weapon-Blue Lighsaber (Ability-Swings Lighstaber, Uses Force)

Obi Wan-Blu (Ben is White Bird)/Weapon-Blue Lightsaber (Ability-Swings Lightsaber, Uses Force)

Padme-Female Red Bird/Weapon-Naboo Pistol/Droid Blaster (Ability-Shoots Gun)

Clones-First Blue Bird/Weapon-Heavy Rifle (Ability-Shoots Gun)

Plo Koon-Big Blue Bird/Weapon-Blue Lightsaber (Ability-Swings Lightsaber, Uses Force)

Shak Tii-Jewel/Weapon-Blue Lightsaber (Ability-Swings Lightsaber, Uses Force)

Kit Fisto-Green Bird/Weapon-Green Lightsaber (Ability-Swings Lightsaber, Uses Force)

Yoda-Small Orange Bird/Weapon-Green Lightsaber (Ability-Swings Lightsaber, Uses Force)

Mace Windu-Purple Bird/Weapon-Purple Lightsaber (Ability-Swings Lighsaber, Uses Force)

Commander Gree-Belt Bird/Weapon-Rapid Fire Blaster (Ability-Shoots Gun)


Count Dooku-Helmet Pig/Weapon-Red Lightsaber (curved handle) (Ability-Swings Lightsaber, Uses Electric Force)

General Grevious-Nigel/Weapons-Lightsabers, Electro Staff, Pistol (Ability-Swings Lightsabers/Electro Staff at Propelor Speed, Shoots Gun)

Assaj Ventress-Queen Pig/Weapons-Dual Red Lightsabers (Curved Handles) (Ability, Swings Lightsabers, Uses Force Choke)

Lord Sideous-Old Pig (Ability, Electric Force)


Toydarian Moon

Malevilance Saga

Lair of Grevious



Reeshi Moon

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