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Angry Drinks is a game where the birds turn into drinks and the pigs turned into chips.

Drinks/Bird Drinks[]

  • Raspberry Juice - Weak. (As Red)
  • Water - splashes into 3. (As the Blues)
  • Lemon Juice - speeds up. (As Chuck)
  • Coffee - makes a coffee explosion. (As Bomb)
  • Melted Ice Cream - drops a hard ice cream TNT. (As Matilda)
  • Apple Juice - Boomarangs back. (As Hal)
  • Strawberry Juice - Same as raspberry juice but stronger. (As Terence)
  • Orange Juice - Inflates. (As Bubbles)
  • Peach Juice - Trapping objects in bubbles. (As Stella)
  • Dragonfruit Juice - Loops downward. (As Silver)
  • Mighty Milk - Unknown. (As the Mighty Eagle)

Chips/Pig Chips[]

  • Basic Chip
    • Small Chip
    • Medium Chip
    • Large Chip
  • Corporal Chip
  • Foreman Chip
  • King Chip
  • Fat Chip